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CCNet - Dr Jones vs Delingpole, Warmageddon Deferred, etc

CCNet – 11 April 2011

The Climate Policy Network

Climategate University Loses Bid To Stifle Critic

The University of East Anglia of Climategate fame – scene of the embarrassing emails that disgraced the global warming cause – has once again been embarrassed, this time through a failed attempt to silence one of the UK’s most brilliant – and biting – global warming sceptics. In an attempt to curb James Delingpole’s blog posts, the university lodged a complaint with the UK Press Complaints Commission, an independent body. The Commission’s decision, just out, is a crushing repudiation of the university’s attempt to manage dissent that could strike a blow for free speech everywhere. --Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post, 9 April 2011

The Press Complaints Commission was satisfied that readers would be aware of the context of the columnist’s robust views – clearly recognisable as his subjective opinion – that the scientists were “untrustworthy, unreliable and entirely unfit to write the kind of reports on which governments around the world make their economic and environmental decisions”, and that their work was “shoddy” and “mendacious”. In the circumstances, it did not consider that there had been a breach of Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Code. -- UK Press Complaints Commission, 9 April 2011

The study's findings affect both energy transfer and the sequestration and release of CO2, the climate lobby's favorite smoking gun. This bears repeating because, despite many such revelations, climate change catastrophists and ecological prophets of doom continue to base their case on outdated, disproven models. This is just the latest in a number of such findings, highlighting the inadequacy of climate models. -- Doug L Hoffman, The Resilient Earth, 10 April 2011

1) Lawrence Solomon: Climategate University Loses Bid To Stifle Critic - Financial Post, 9 April 2011

2) Climategate: University of East Anglia v The Daily Telegraph - Catalaxyfiles, 9 April 2011

3) Science Mag: Computer Climate Models Use False Assumptions - The Resilient Earth, 10 April 2011

4) Peter Glover: Warmageddon Deferred, Says Joe Public - Energy Tribune, 8 April 2011

5) Peter Foster: Reason Will Prevail On Energy - Financial Post, 8 April 2011

6) James Taranto: The BBC And Salami Climatology - The Wall Street Journal, 9 April 2011

Selection from WUWT

A lot of people were hoping for great things from BEST (an acceptably accurate temp. time series) but in the end they satisfied no-one and "premature delivery" is the least of the issues.

Not Whether, but How to Do The Math

Clarification on BEST submitted to the House

Expect the BEST, plan for the worst

Pielke Sr. on the Muller testimony

Pielke Sr. on sampling error in BEST 2% preliminary results
New Hampshire House Votes to Quit Cap-and-Trade

From air to petrol
The greens worst nightmare? A CO2 to Oil process

Pretty damn awful. The data that supported the massive release of dam water that caused the tragic and extensive flooding in Queensland in January was fixed to pass blame away from bad management and onto unique weather that as it turned out was far from unique.
Model trumps observation – dam operator caught in fabrication

Guardian on the food crisis: nothing to do with global warming

They seek it here, they seek it there, the missing stored heat. Still a fiction created by "wishful thinking" models and lack of data.
ARGO-Era NODC Ocean Heat Content Data (0-700 Meters) Through December 2010

Bombshell conclusion – new peer reviewed analysis: “worldwide-temperature increase has not produced acceleration of global sea level over the past 100 years”

The Earth’s biosphere is booming, data suggests that CO2 is the cause, part 2

Climate Craziness of the Week: IPCC’s Pachauri claims 17cm of sea level rise made the Tsunami worse, but let’s check

Why have the alarmist fraternity have gone silent on Kilimanjaro snow they gleefully informed the world would soon be gone due to human CO2.
Kilimanjaro regaining its snow cap
Has someone been planting trees? Of course it is a clearly due to global warming and entirely consistent with models.

Why is better (they don't log your IP, don't employ Gore etc.)
Open letter to Gorgle

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