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Libyagate: Gaddafi Buys African Union Peace Plan

DT article here: Libya: Col Gaddafi 'accepts road map to peace'
Government 'rows back on defence cuts to fund conflicts in Libya and Afghanistan' DT
The RAF and Royal Navy are to receive emergency funds from the Treasury to support operations in Libya and Afghanistan after Whitehall chiefs backtracked on the defence budget.
It is estimated that the Treasury will give the Ministry of Defence an extra £100million to keep the forces at strength.
[From the legendary, apparently bottomless "reserve fund"?]

Back at the scene of the crimes
The question is will the puppeteers accept it. Should they, will they then call off their poorly supported rag tag brigade of local and imported extremists, mercenaries, criminals, defected regulars, naive students and citizens, will the extremist factions heed their call or will NATO be obliged to bomb the coalition's ground force?
With regard to mercenaries in the pay of the insurgents, I expect they will melt away as the money runs out. Those paid directly by foreign to Libya interests will likely stay the course.

Libyan Rebels Reject to Ceasefire without Gadhafi Pullback AFP via Naharnet
Libyan rebels said Monday that any ceasefire would require the withdrawal of government troops from the streets and freedom of expression, as African mediators were due in their stronghold.

NATO says Libya airstrikes to continue despite peace plan
"We will continue to put pressure on forces threatening civilians and our operations will continue," a NATO official told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity.
"Our aircraft are still flying and when we see a threat to civilians, we will engage," the official said.
[Yesterday or the day before reporters said Ajdabiye was like a ghost town.]
Looking at a satellite pic of Ajdabiya there are a helluva lot of vehicles in the centre. Doesn't seem to be much going on in the way of shelling or bombing. Looking away from the centre there are very few vehicles to be seen suggesting that reports saying the inhabitants fled are accurate.

Via Google Earth

Libya Rebels had NATO Weapons from Day 1 grtv
Libyan rebels from the Feb. 17 armed coup attempt to overthrow the Libyan government had brand new weapons since the first day of the uprising. These weapons were of non-Libyan origin and had already been secretly imported into Libya in advance of Feb. 17. There are millions of dollars worth of technically advanced light and heavy weaponry.   
It appears that there were secret foreign benefactors giving state-of-the-art weapons to Benghazi terror gangs in the coup attempt, and the video even shows Western trainers showing them how to use the weapons against the Libyan Army. The Benghazi terrorist Libyan rebels from the Feb. 17 uprising appear to be paid mercenaries and Libyan expatriates, mixed in with naive students and Al Qaeda veteran foreign fighters, who each hope that they will come out on top.
Evidence indicates that the rebels are ex-patriate Libyans on CIA and MI6 payrolls who have been sent back and have infiltrated Libya as part of the coup attempt against the Libyan government of Col. Muammar Al Gaddafi.
[The "evidence" presented is unsubstantiated but several times I've seen expressions of surprise by reporters at how well armed the insurgents are, followed by the recent sudden appearance of insurgents' heavy armour that does not appear to be of Libyan origin.
I think the CIA, MI6 and French SS involvement is beyond doubt as is the foreign financial and logistical support of the almost blatantly fabricated uprising that overtook the peaceful protest by the youth of Benghazi.

The probably UN regulation breaking offer by the UK gov't to give the insurgents Libyan lira printed in the UK, the establishment of a central bank and oil company so rapidly after the civil war erupted and Sarkozy and Cameron's enthusiasm point to a coup attempt prearranged and additional to US money, financed by the coalition of central bank run EC countries brought to the party via the CIA. I suspect the Obama puppet was a mushroom till the last possible moment.

It is worth noting that attention is increasingly being directed away from Libya as revelations of deception are uncovered. I'll probably soon have to go to foreign sources for info if the MSM continues its past support of gov't double dealing. "Live reports" days may be numbered.

Where next? Syria has oil. Iran has oil. The other country with a non cartel central bank, Korea is a bit close to and friendly with China, little of consequence in mineral and hydrocarbon deposits so gets a pass for now.

From the live reports:

Al J GMT+2
(Yesterday) 11:34pm Anita reminds us of the contents of the Africa Union roadmap:
1. Ceasefire & protection of civilians.
2. Humanitarian aid for Libyans & foreign workers - especially Africans.
3. Dialogue between the two sides.
4. An inclusive transitional period.
5. Political reforms which "meet the aspirations of the Libyan people".
If Zuma's right, and Gaddafi has accepted these proposals, that could be pretty significant

(Today) 0:37am South African President Jacob Zuma said that the AU would be "making a call to NATO to cease the bombing... and give the ceasefire a chance".

NATO said on Monday it had taken note of reports of an African Union proposal for a ceasefire in Libya and that the military alliance welcomed all efforts to end the violence against civilians.
[So the poorly justified, probably illegal bombing of Libya will continue...]

Rebels claim they have now re-taken control of Ajdabiya, however, it has come at a heavy price as many lives were lost in the city that has borne the brunt of the constantly shifting frontlines.

11:20am Representatives from the African Union have arrived in Benghazi in eastern Libya, with their roadmap to peace. They say Gaddafi has already accepted the proposal.

11:43am Pro-Gaddafi forces have fired grenade rockets into the Libyan city of Misurata on Monday, and bombardment is still continuing - according to a rebel spokesman.

Arab League to Ask U.N. for No-Fly Zone in Gaza, Says Moussa AFP via Naharnet

As the French ban on burqas (the head to toe covering favoured by devoutly superstitious muslims that is in fact a cultural thing) becomes law, trouble is expected. What is the motive? The EC opens the gates and actively encourages and pays immigrants to enter then incites violence.

3:30pm NATO's secretary general says military action alone won't solve the crisis in Libya.
But Anders Fogh Rasmussen said any cease-fire in the north African county must be "credible and verifiable".

3:56pm Franco Frattini, Italian foreign minister, says:
"We need to support countries going toward a more democratic framework. Refusing a paternalistic approach, we have to encourage, to support, to help.
In Libya ... we need to increase miliary pressure while searching for a real ceasefire - not just  It is extremely difficult to envisage a ceasefire enacted after the horrific crimes enacted by Gaddafi ...
The future for Libya should include the removal of Colonel Gaddafi."
[Has he become the leader of the insurgency, or is it what he wants?]

4:21pm Fierce fighting continues in Libya's city of Misurata, 200km east of capital Tripoli.
"Heavy and fierce fighting is now taking place at the eastern entrance to the city and in the centre ... on Tripoli Street," a resident named Abdelsalam, told Reuters by telephone.

5:43pm Mustafa Jabril, TNC spokesman:
    This proposal today was determined more than a month ago, the initiative comes in line with the resolutions of the UN Security Council - including the ceasefire, protection of civilians, and granting the freedom of the Libyan people to determine their future.
    Col Gaddafi during this time [this past month] did not respect these resolutions and continued to bombard civilians from the air and artillery shelling. He laid siege with militia forces and positioned security personnel in plain clothes and snipers on rooftops - which cannot allow the Libyan people to determine their future.
    For more than one month, he has disregarded the UN resolutions.
    You are aware how many deaths and injuries have occured this month. You are also aware how many material assets have been destroyed, how many oil fields wrecked. Therefore, this porposal presented today is outdated.
    We are also aware the demands of our people from day one is that Gaddafi must step down. Therefore, any initiiative which does not include this key popular demand will not be regarded.
    Muammar Gaddafi and his sons should depart immediately [applause].
    If he will, to save himself, otherwise the flood of the Libyan people is heading its way to him [more applause]
    We cannot negotiate the blood of our martyrs. We will die with them or be rewarded with victory.
    I must extend my thanks to the international forces which have saved the lives of civilians.
    Without the air strikes that have destroyed Gaddafi's forces, we would have been history. We hail their efforts and ask for more, in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution, which stipulates that, for the protection of civilians, all necessary measures must be taken in this respect.

5:58pm  Mohamed Ben-Madani, editor of the Maghreb Review, tells Al Jazeera: "What they have done is to give Gaddafi a great propaganda score ... But time is on the side of the national council. Once they get better communication and reorganise their forces, they will win this war."
[Better communication with the bomber command?]

6:51pm Anti-Gaddafi fighters say attacks on the town of Misurata stepped up over the course of the day.
They said it was the first time Gaddafi's troops had used Russian-made Grad rockets - munitions fired in multiple rounds from launchers on the back of trucks - which take their name from the Russian word for "hail".
Mahmoud Amloda, a spokesman for the fighters, told Reuters:
    This is a new escalation and a new level. We do not see any sign of a ceasefire. We do not want war. But what choice do we have? We have to defend ourselves.
    He (Gaddafi) is destroying everything like a madman and causing havoc.

7:00pm Chad denies  that members of its republican guard are fighting in Libya alongside Gaddafi's forces

7:15pm The Rwandan government has frozen Libyan hotel assets, taking custody of Libyan-owned shares in the Laico Hotel in Kigali. Finance Minister John Rwangombwa told Reuters:
"It is true Laico Hotel assets are frozen. But that freezing here means removal of Libyan influence in the management of the hotel and stopping any transfer of resources to the Libyan government or its beneficiaries."

7:55pm The White House says coalition forces "are not letting up" in Libya and, reacting to a ceasefire proposal, said actions by Muammar Gaddafi would "speak louder than words".

8:05pm Libya's Transitional National Council has rejected the African Union's proposal to negotiate a way out from the deepening crisis.
The Benghazi-based committee has made Gaddafi's removal from power a prerequisite for any talks with Tripoli.

8:07pm Al Jazeera's Anita McNaught tells us:
    No-one has told us officially - Gaddafi hasn't told us - that he is playing for time. But that could be his strategy now.
[All of us thought that is what he has been doing since the army was driven back from Benghazi.]

8:48pm State TV says NATO air strikes hit military and civilian sites in Al Jufrah district of central Libya, 460km southeast of Tripoli.

8:55pm Shelling in Misurata continues. A resident named Ghassan tells Reuters by phone:
    Pro-Gaddafi forces are now shelling Al Bira, a rebel-held area near Tripoli Street in the city centre, using heavy artillery.

[via twitter
Near Benghazi saw SUVs with UK plates, communications equipment, driven by men who looked British and military

Via Press TV
Egypt's military rulers have transferred former dictator Hosni Mubarak to the capital Cairo in a bid to probe his involvement in the killing of peaceful protesters.

Egyptian protesters have called for an end to the military rule in the country by continuing their protests in Cairo's Liberation Square.

Troops loyal to Ivory Coast president-elect Alassane Ouattara have detained incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo in the main city of Abidjan, the French ambassador says.

World needs new reserve currency' 
In an interview with Bloomberg on Sunday, Nobel Prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said that a “global system” is needed to replace the dollar as a reserve currency and help avoid a weakening of US credit quality. 
[As much as it needs a chip in the neck! Who would run the world economy then, the IMF, BoE cartel direct or its other front, the Fed? Gold backed or a continuation of fiat currency fraud? ]

Check this out, the reason for manipulation/destabilisation of the world currencies (Iceland, UK, PIIGS) by big money.

With Muscular Moves, Sarkozy Aims To Define An Independent France NPR
[Add Sarkozy's ego the list of reasons for Libya getting blitzed.]

BNP candidate arrested for Koran burning Voice of Russia

Pakistan Tells U.S. It Must Sharply Cut C.I.A. Activities NYT

Dispatch: Obstacles to a Cease-Fire in Libya Sratfor
[In fact both parties could be accused of using civilian areas for cover.]

Algeria worried over al-Qaida elements infiltrating to Libya: report Xinhuanet.
The terror group is preparing to launch a new war in Libya by training recruits from Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Niger and Mali, in mobile training bases.
The same source said foreign military aircrafts have recently carried out air strikes on desert lanes in the Libyan Sahara, 50 km from the border with Algeria. The air strikes were aimed at tracking down terrorists attempting to reach Libya via Niger, the source added

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