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Libyagate: Intervention with boots in Misurata?

If the Rothschild family (that includes the Rockefellers) didn’t want war there would be no war.

Where will the EC send its forces to “protect aid”? Misurata is where the insurgents need weapons and reinforcements the most, their escape can only be to a relatively safe refuge that is Benghazi but the road passes through Brega that is held by the army and Ajdabiye (deserted by civilians) that is being shelled and by now bombed to protect the civilians.
China and perhaps Russia are the main stumbling block to the globalist gov’t project. (Oil for China is allowed to break the embargo to keep them neutral maybe?) Libya, Korea, Iran are just minnows. What is disturbing is that the globalists no longer care about rules and don’t care who knows. Cameron and Osborne like the middle management before them are employees, not representatives. They are there to do a job and if they fail, no problem the next bank clerk can pick up where they fell down. The UN is a doormat and an obedient servant to its paymasters.
Even the French are waking up.
The war in Libya was supposed to boost French prestige abroad and restore government popularity at home. Instead, as the bombing continues, opposition on both sides is growing.
Demonstrators in France say they see through France’s noble claims.
“France calls it humanitarian intervention. But it is really imperialism,” believes anti-war protestor Ambre.
In local elections, Nicolas Sarkozy got thumped, his UMP party winning just 19 per cent of the votes. The French President hoped for a ratings lift from the war. He got the opposite.
“Sarkozy has become the most unpopular president in the last 40 years,” informs Pierre Concialdi from Institute for Economic and Social Research.
But the public aren’t listened to – unless they are being killed on the street…

Al J Saturday
8:43am Our correspondent Hoda Abdel-Hamid sent this report from Brega on how poorly trained opposition fighters are struggling to hold their ground, as Gaddafi’s forces continue to have the upper hand on the battlefield.

11:05am The Red Cross says it’s extending it aid activities to western Libya. A ship carrying medical supplies has docked in the besieged town of Misurata and aid workers were on the way to Zawiyah.
[The coalition of bank clerks wouldn't use the Red Cross to smuggle in ammunition and arms - would they?]

11:58am Opposition fighters say they have pushed deeper towards the oil port of Brega. They say they took two prisoners after a clash  with soldiers near Brega’s university.
The eastern Libyan port has changed hands more than five times since the uprising against Gaddafi’s rule began in February.

12:37pm Gaddafi’s forces have shelled the western outskirts of the opposition-held town of Ajdabiya. Reuters correspondent Michael Georgy reported he heard blasts and machinegun fire for around 30 minutes from the western boundary of the town.

Al J is doing a Middle East Live blog here.
CAIRO (Reuters) – An oil tanker carrying 80,000 tonnes of crude from rebel-held east Libya entered Egypt’s Suez Canal on Saturday heading towards the Red Sea, a canal official told Reuters. The Liberia-registered tanker Equator left the rebel-held east Libyan port of Marsa el Hariga on Tuesday. Oil traders say the cargo, which rebels need to finance their uprising against Muammar Gaddafi, is headed for China. Link

To say the Arab League supports the intervention is false as only 9 of 22 Arabs supported the intervention:
The US / Saudi Deal on Libya and Bahrain

Libya, Syria and the Road to World War III – Paul Craig Roberts on The Corbett Report
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts joins The Corbett Report to discuss recent military intervention in Lybia, possible military intervention in Syria, and the long-term Western goal of encirclement of China in a future engagement that will lead to a (nuclear) third world war.

Moussa Koussa given the cold shoulder by rebels DT

Moussa Koussa ‘could leave Britain’ DT
Libyan defector who faces questions over the Lockerbie bombing could be allowed to leave the country, William Hague has said.
[Either that or a "shut the f up about Lockerbie" heart attack or perhaps a bullet from an unknown attacker?]

Ex-Congressman in Libya for talks with Gaddafi
Former Republican Congressman Curt Weldon has arrived in Tripoli to meet and speak with Gaddafi in order to find a way to resolve the ongoing crisis and ask the leader to step-down from office.
Weldon previously met with Gaddafi in 2004, and has described this visit as private, but with the permission of the White House. The visit is a sign America is less sure Gaddafi is willing to step down any time soon, or that NATO efforts will resolve the conflict quickly.
It is expected that the former congressman will ask Gaddafi to call for democratic elections under a temporary government lead by one of his sons. His goal is to allegedly negotiate a political settlement that meets the needs of both sides.
The White House has refused to comment on Weldon’s visit beyond acknowledging it is taking place.

Some comments to DT’s Libya Live: Friday
NATO is starting to lose the plot. This was warned of, that they risk alienating everyone, by targeting everyone. Fidel Castro was bang on the money when he said that NATO would invade Libya.
This is spiralling out of control now and is further proof that the Western elite are terrified that oil and other resources are being taken away from their control.
“Libya: Nato refuses to apologise for rebel deaths during air strikes”
“Look. They’re just Muslims. Killing Muslims Is What We Do.
No we are not going to apologize”.
And where’s the outcry from the EU and the bleeding hearts about Italy refusing entry to thousands of refugees?
The British government armed the Taliban when the Ruskies were in Afghanistan and now they hate our guts. Incompetent, Bliar got us involved in the invasion of Iraq (with the blessing of the Tories) and now they rightly detest us. Cameron has interfered in Libya, has cost the British taxpayer £millions when the country is on it’s knees, is about to help arm the rebels and already there is internal conflict and criticism. There is a pattern here that our politicians seem unable to recognise. They say it is for the protection of the British public, however, with imbecilic politicians like these protecting us, who needs enemies.
Theory – in jest – : NATO pilots probably believed the lie that rebels do not have heavy arms. So, when they saw 20 tanks in the field, NATO pilots attacked them not realising they were part of the ‘allies’.
Where are the new heavy arms coming from?
They just sprouted overnight?
NATO were well aware of the movement of these heavy weapons from the day they left the army bases in Benghazi. They watched them drive the 300km, watched them stop, watched them receive ammunition, watched them deploy around Brega and watched them point their guns/missiles at a civilian populated area.
Unfortunately nobody told the ITNC air-force/NATO planes and if you send a monkey to bomb tanks in Libya they do it.
Another angle about French involvement ‘between a libyan rock and a french hard place…and that France was involved in planning a coup in Libya. Link
This claim echoes the article below,  and how USA got involved for its Africom mission, details of which were in Tony’s posting earlier.
According to right-wing Italian journalist Franco Bechis, (published a couple of weeks ago in a leading Italian newspaper with photos of leaked french secret service papers) ‘plans to spark the Benghazi rebellion were initiated by French intelligence services in November 2010. These revelations which have the blessing of the Italian secret services should be interpreted as the sign of existing rivalries within the European capitalist camp.
Voltaire Network wishes to point out that Paris promptly paired up with London in its scheme to overthrow Colonel Khadafi (Franco-British expeditionary force). This plan was recalibrated in the context of the Arab revolutions and taken over by Washington, which imposed its own objectives (counter-revolution in the Arab world and landing AfriCom on the Black continent). Therefore, the current coalition arises from a diversity of ambitions, which accounts for its internal contradictions. The timeline of events which set the stage for the military intervention against Libya is presented below
‘. full article in link
“14:39 Gaddafi’s troops have fired salvoes of rockets which have forced the rebels in Ajdabiya to retreat to the city centre, apparently leaving the rest of the town undefended.”
Will NATO condemn the ITNC army for using civilians and civilian populated areas as human shields?
Will they attack the Libyan army forces which are either outside the “city centre” or moving towards the city but in the desert?
Its all turning predicted – even in our home port.
So what happens if the Islamic State of Bradford declares independence from the UK and aligns itself with Pakistan – and the minority Christian’s nick a couple of tanks from the Vickers Royal Ordnance Factory in Leeds?
Are we going to start shooting tomahawk missiles at our tanks?

From an Al J commenter:
A letter from an Arab dictator’s son:
“My dear Dad, Berlin is beautiful, I attend lectures at the University but I am a bit embarrassed: I come to lectures in my gilded Ferrari, but all my fellow students and most of the professors come by train. Love. Your son Hassan.”
The reply from his father:
“Dear Hassan, do not blame our family any more! Twenty million US dollars have been just transferred to your account: BUY YOURSELF A TRAIN, TOO. Your Dad.”


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