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Only a net loss from being owned by the EU

Only a net loss from being owned by the EU

Thursday, June 11, 2009, 09:38 AM GMT [General]

£40 million pounds a day (£14.6 billion pa) gross membership of the EU conglomerate costs us. For what? Who has it made richer? Who is better off because we pretend to be "European"?

Daniel Hannan did a piece a week ago, I think he was overly evasive in his phraseology but the nitty-gritty is the Conservatives want us to continue to hemorrhage cash to a fraud riddled political wind farm:

My personal opinion. Labour is just keeping the seat warm for the next party. If the Conservatives don't guarantee a vote on EU membership, don't vote for them.
All they are offerring at the moment is a vote on the Lisbon treaty.

If you can't bring yourself to show you don't wan't to be ruled by an incompetent  foreign conglomerate via a local sock puppet government ("the Lib/Lab/Con me some more" eurogravy gimme some cartel) by voting for a minor party, show your displeasure by spoiling your ballot.

Annual Costs of EU Membership

The European Union costs us £65 billion (milliard) gross every year.

That's about £1,000 each every year for every man, woman and child in the UK. And it increases every year.

Direct and Indirect Costs of the EU

Estimates of the true cost of the EU are difficult to come by. MPs have called many times for a cost-benefit analysis, to prove or disprove the benefits of membership. Successive Governments, both Labour and Conservative, have refused, on the grounds that the "benefits" are self-evident. In truth they are afraid of what such a study would show. The Bruges Group have finally produced an authoritative study.


The total gross cost to the UK of EU membership in 2008 they estimate at around £65,000,000,000* - including:

  • £28 billion for business to comply with EU regulations,
  • £17 billion of additional food costs resulting from the Common Agricultural Policy
  • £3.3 billion - the value of the catch lost when the Common Fisheries Policy let other countries fish in our territorial waters
  • £14.6 billion gross paid into the EU budget and other EU funds.

It gets worse each year. Used better, this sum could transform the UK - increase pensions, recruit more doctors, nurses, teachers and police, build advanced transport systems and start paying off the national debt.  

*Even allowing for the UK rebate, which the EU wants to stop. Sources: Bruges Group report: "How Much Does the EU Cost Britain?", UK Office of National Statistics, British Government Regulatory Impact Assessments, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organisation, OECD, Eurostat, European Commission.

EU Spending in Britain - Does it Benefit Us?

Continues -

Political wind farm?
Wind farms are a political imposition.
Wind farms are double coverage of a job already done better by existing methods.
Wind farms profit the few at the expense and inconvenience of the many.
Most hate them.
They are mostly dysfunctional.
No cost benefit report has been done.
The more of them there are and the more integrated they become the more expensive their product becomes.
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