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Libyagate. New 7.1 quake 7th April

Press TV
Israel, far from being discreet during the destabilisation of the ME and N Africa has fired missiles hitting a car in Sudan’s Port Sudan. Sudan has reserved the right to respond. Link
At least four Palestinians have been wounded after Israeli F-16 warplanes pounded several targets in the southern Gaza Strip. Link

Reaping the rewards
Tunisian Migrants Open Tensions in Europe NYT
France and Italy are at loggerheads over refugees from North Africa’s turmoil, and the migrants are in the middle.
[Sarkozy's re-election chances must be going from zero into negative territory. I wonder how Cameron and Obama's ratings are doing? An influx would severely damage them and the US must take its share of those it has helped cause to flee the war zone.]

Under Con Coughlin’s article “Hiring dogs of war for Libya is a recipe for disaster” aswasizziz wrote:
This is a very disturbing trend that has been going on for years.
Blackwater may have renamed themselves, but are they going to become the NWO enforcers? Wiki
The Daily Mail just happens to have a story about a couple of British ex dogs of war who are also paedophiles. I suppose that qualifies them for UN missions. See below.
UN Child abusers in Haiti and Liberia: BBC,
UN shame over sex scandal, Indy
The international organisation says that almost 200 of its peacekeepers around the world have been disciplined for sex offences – including rape and child abuse – but not one seems to have been prosecuted.

Legacy from all sides:
Libya: unexploded munitions pose major risk for civilians. Alertnet

Aftershock 7.1, off the N.E coast of Japan. A tsunami warning was issued. No injuries reported.
Because the original quake was so strong more aftershocks are anticipated.

Portugal has submitted to a bail-out joining Ireland as a debt slave to the EU’s EC.
Darling’s last act of euroslimery, sparing Osborne the job “… signed the UK up to the new EU stability mechanism aimed at bailing out the weaker brethren in the eurozone. He agreed that the British Government, despite not being in the eurozone, would underwrite 13 per cent of the new fund.” See David Hughes DT
The bill – Ireland 3.8, Portugal 4 bil

Excerpts from live reports
07:06 British war jets bombed a major Libyan oilfield overnight, killing three civilian guards and injuring a number of other workers, according to Tripoli’s deputy foreign minister, Khaled Kaim. He offered no proof.

07:16 The director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, has warned the US that Libyan agents could be preparing retaliatory attacks on American soil.
“We want to make certain that we’ve identified these individuals to ensure no harm comes from them, knowing they may well have been associated with the Gaddafi regime.

07:20 The Libyan crisis has raised doubts about the Coalition’s defence review and could force ministers to reverse cuts including the scrapping of Britain’s Harrier jump jets, a senior military adviser has said, the Telegraph’s James Kirkup writes: (Article)

07:27 Arab states are being urged to train and lead Libya’s rebels, with former British soldiers in line to play a central role, reports the Telegraph’s political correspondent, James Kirkup: (Article)

10:49 An oil industry source in Dubai has told the Associated Press that a Liberian-flagged tanker has left the eastern port of Tobruk, headed either to Singapore or China.

11:05 Two blasts have been heard in Tripoli, shortly after warplanes flew overhead.

11:24 Abdeljalil Mayuf, of the Arabian Gulf Oil Company (AGOCO), said forces loyal to Gaddafi attacked the al-Sarir oilfield, denying a Libyan government charge that it was hit by a British air strike.

11:49 Rebels have now accused NATO forces of attacking their forces near Brega, killing two rebels and wounding 10, although some estimates put the dead at at least five.

13:01 Rebels report five killed by pro-Gaddafi forces’ bombardment of Misrata.

13:24 Ben Farmer, the Telegraph’s man on the ground close to the front line, says “the rebels are furious” about the airstrikes, which he has been told have killed seven people.
“The rebels had captured some armour from the early days of the war and were trying to move it towards the front when the airstrike hit them. The rebels are furious, especially after what happened last week. I’ve been told that seven people are dead.”

14:02 Both rebel fighters and civilians are reportedly fleeing Ajdabiya for Benghazi in their thousands as rumours spread that Gaddafi's forces are mounting a charge on the town.

14:20 NATO has dismissed Libyan claims that Britain struck the oilfield, blaming Gaddafi's forces for the attacks that halted production. The eastern Sarir and Messla fields came under fire just as the rebels had sold their first oil cargo in weeks

18.17 The US Treasury has now frozen $34 billion of Gaddafi's assets. David Cohen, the Treasury's top financial intelligence officer, said:
"That money is frozen, Colonel Gaddafi and his government cannot get access to it, and we are holding it for the Libyan people. One thing that is clear is that we are not going to return these assets to Colonel Gaddafi and the people that are in power in Tripoli"

Al J
1:31am Libyan Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Kaim told the Reuters news agency that a British air strike hit the major Sarir oil field on Wednesday, killing three guards. He said the strike damaged a pipeline connected the field to Hariga port and that it violated international law.

6:17am Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee, reporting from Benghazi,  said that Abdel-Hafidh Ghoga, the Vice-Chairman of the Libyan National Provisional Council, continues to insist that NATO do more.
“He has certainly strengthened his language, and he even went on to call NATO a “burden”, which is an extraordinary thing to say under the current circumstances.”
“There is obviously agreement here among the opposition that if more military gains are to be made, international forces must step up their operations.”
[There is obviously agreement between the coalition and their ground force that it is not about protecting civilians - unless armed insurgents commanded by and with the assistance of trained military are now classed as civilians. Bombing another country is an act of war.]

1:04pm AFP – At least five opposition fighters killed in a NATO air raid in the eastern oil town of Brega.
“It was the planes of NATO. They fired twice at our tank and blew up the tank’s position,” said rebel fighter Ali Sahli.
[BBC says 12.]


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