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Notable eruptions from 27th May to 2nd June
New Activity/Unrest
: | Karangetang [Api Siau], Siau I | Makian, Halmahera | Slamet, Central Java (Indonesia)
Ongoing Activity: | Bagana, Bougainville | Batu Tara, Komba Island (Indonesia) | Chaitén, Southern Chile | Dukono, Halmahera | Etna, Sicily (Italy) | Kilauea, Hawaii (USA) | Llaima, Central Chile | Nevado del Huila, Colombia | Popocatépetl, México | Rabaul, New Britain | Redoubt, Southwestern Alaska | Sakura-jima, Kyushu | Shiveluch, Central Kamchatka (Russia) | Soufrière Hills, Montserrat | Tungurahua, Ecuador | Ubinas, Perú


The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report does not necessarily include all volcanic activity that occurred on Earth during the week. More than a dozen volcanoes globally have displayed more-or-less continuous eruptive activity for decades or longer, and such routine activity is typically not reported here. Moreover, Earth's sea-floor volcanism is seldom reported even though in theory it represents the single most prolific source of erupted material. The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report summarizes volcanic activity that meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • A volcano observatory raises or lowers the alert level at the volcano.

  • A volcanic ash advisory has been released by a volcanic ash advisory center (VAAC) stating that an ash cloud has been produced from the volcano.

  • A verifiable news report of new activity or a change in activity at the volcano has been issued.

  • Observers have reported a significant change in volcanic activity. Such activity can include, but is not restricted to, pyroclastic flows, lahars, lava flows, dome collapse, or increased unrest.


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