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CCNet: Green Climate Politics Turn Into A Toxic Hazard

CCNet – 31 March 2011 The Climate Policy Network

Green Climate Politics Turn Into A Toxic Hazard

A UK poll for this week’s Climate Week found 45% of the younger generation think climate change is man-made, but only 26% of people close to retiring age agree. –The Mirror, 25 March 2011

The public are sick of the climate change debate, and resentful at being constantly blamed every time they drive a car or fly to Majorca.  We don’t believe it, we won’t vote for it, we won’t pay for it. And the sooner the government catches up with the public mood, the better. –Roger Helmer, MEP, Brussels 31 March 2011

Benny Peiser’s talk was the one that intrigued me. He essentially argued that the science is irrelevant – that the public have made their minds up and that they vote out any party that pushes the green line too far. He also noted that they have moved on to other issues, such as the economy. –Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, 30 March 2011

The global warming hysteria is well and truly over. How do we know? Because all the relevant indicators – polls, news coverage, government u-turns and a manifest lack of interest among policy makers – show a steep decline in public concern about climate change. –Benny Peiser, 23 March 2011

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard faces a fight over her plans to tax carbon emissions and mining profits after her Labor party was defeated in elections in New South Wales, the country’s most populous state. “This is doom and gloom for Julia Gillard,” said John Warhurst, a political analyst at Australian National University. –Gemma Daley, Bloomberg, 28 March 2011

While greens spent nearly $100 million over the past two years lobbying to pass their biggest prize of all — cap-and-trade legislation — Senate Democratic leaders probably lost votes during more than a year of negotiations and opted to not even hold a floor debate.  In the coming weeks, House Republicans are planning to hold a vote to halt the Obama administration’s climate agenda. It’s a slam dunk to pass, with the only suspense being how many Democrats will side with Republicans. –Darren Samuelsohn, Politico, 30 March 2011

The greens’ political punch has grown weaker as their issues stay in the headlines, from California’s rolling blackouts a decade ago to last year’s Gulf of Mexico oil spill to more warnings about global warming. None of those have translated into political victories they can claim credit for. “I don’t understand how these guys, the funders, don’t ask for their money back or start suing for political incompetence,” a longtime Democratic strategist said of the Washington-based environmental movement. “You’re judged by how many campaigns you win, lose or come damn close. They haven’t gotten anywhere with that.” –Darren Samuelsohn, Politico, 30 March 2011

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