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CO2 drives warming?????
Temperature cooled - warmed - cooled - warmed - cooling.
CO2 increased - increased - increased - increased - increasing.

Guesstimate of US  temperatures by the USHCN (US Hysterical Historical Climate Network, AGW advocacy org)
Image from

Above is temperatures, all the following are temperature differences from an arbitrary average.

Microwave Sounding Units (satellites)
(comment from
"But something bothered me about the data I was using. MSU data was available for 70.0S to 82.5N. Not only were “temperatures” not being measured everywhere, but they weren’t being measured equally…When you are using tiny temperature changes to campaign for global warming, leaving off 20 degrees of the planet that is cooling is not insignificant.")
Image from

The temperature is not the green spaghetti.

UK's Climate Research Unit (AGW advocacy org) (bunch of old smoothies)
Global - Image from

GISS (AGW advocacy org) guess. Image from

Buggered if I can see an acceleration driven by CO2. When corrected for the urban heat island bias the temperatures are even less alarming - if that is possible.
(Comment from
"In addition, NOAA's adjustment for Urban Heat Island (UHI) over the entire 20th century is an insignificant -0.06°C. Yet papers by McKitrick and Michaels [abstract ( - background (] and by LaDochy et al [abstract (] in late 2007 indicate that NASA and NOAA adjustment methods may exaggerate warming trends by a factor of two. ")
Snow in June. Well, if CO2 has any influence it could be inferred that it is helping to stabilise the climate compared to the early part of last century. But its effect is so small....
To really have an effect on local climate stability we need a lot more trees. And a lot less bureaucratic hypocrisy and interference.

To finish, a token from a non AGW advocacy org UAH (University of Alabama) to redress the balance a little.
Image from

It is impossible to correlate warming with CO2. It is impossible to predict temperature using CO2. It is impossible to predict CO2 variation using human emissions.
The end. (I hope).
.... The whitest summer ever seen, dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb

Congrats to UKIP and anti greens across Europe. Edging the nutters out of the EU "parliament" is one way to get past the madness, but the real answer is for the UK to be outside where we can actually gain some net benefit  from its economic suicidal tendency and susceptibility to fraud, boondoggles and disasters.


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