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Eco fascist immigration policy. Welcome to the 3rd world

This is posted on the “I am English” web site.
On 23 October 2009, Andrew Neather, a former government advisor to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett amongst others, dropped this revelatory bombshell in The Evening Standard:
“The deliberate policy of ministers from late 2000 until at least february last year… was to open up the uk to mass migration… mass immigration was the way that the government was going to make the uk truly multicultural. The policy was intended… to rub the right’s nose in diversity…
There was a reluctance… In government to discuss what increased immigration would mean, above all, for labour’s core white working-class vote. This shone through even in the published report: the ‘social outcomes’ it talks about are solely those for immigrants…
The results were dramatic. In 1995, 55,000 foreigners were granted the right to settle in the uk. By 2005 that had risen to 179,000… In addition, hundreds of thousands of migrants have come from the new eu member states since 2004, most requiring neither visas nor permission to work or settle… the government had created its longed-for immigration boom”.
You might think, from the astounding revelations Andrew Neather apprises us of above, that he is a whistleblower.
Far from it, as the title of his essay, Don’t Listen to the Whingers – London Needs Immigrants, suggests, he is still four square behind the imposition of the Multicult upon the bewildered and disenfranchised majority.
On 8 December 2006, The Guardian reported a Tony Blair fingerwag at some of the more ultra-religious Islamic groupings, saying:
“Mr Blair warned that public money had been too easily handed out to organisations ‘tightly bonded around religious, racial or ethnic identities’.” The Guardian then quoted the Prime Minister thus:
“Very good intentions got the better of us. We wanted to be hospitable to new groups. We wanted, rightly, to extend a welcome and did so by offering public money to entrench their cultural presence.”
Thus did the greatest traitor this country has ever known explain away forty years of putting the immigrant first and the indigenous poor last.
Thus did he excuse forty years of politically correct, black man good, white man bad Orwellian propaganda.
“We are a nation comfortable with the open world of today,” he said.
Tony B, the rest of the global villagers and those he was criticising here may be comfortable “with the open world of today”. Most of the unfortunates this “open world” brutalises and diminishes are, of course, distinctly uncomfortable with it. And so, because it’s getting to be impossible to maintain the pretence that his immigrant-sucking, one-world policies have proved anything other than catastrophic for the British people, he tried to con the dim into thinking it was all a well-meaning mistake made by the best for the best of well-meaning reasons.
On 9 December 2006, two days after Tony Blair was implicitly critical of the Muslim presence in the UK, The Sun said this:
“A Muslim could one day be Prime Minister, Tony Blair said last night.”
Which might once have been ironically described as having your cake and eating it.
In the time of Tony such slippery, disingenuous behaviour has become the norm.
On 11 July 2007, a headline in The Daily Express reported thus:
The Express continued:
“More than a million immigrants have received British citizenship over the last decade… The total figure of 1,020,510 equates to a passport being issued every five minutes to someone settling in the UK from overseas.”

Emma Caldwell murder suspect, Halil Kandil, to sue police
Sergei Zolotovsky remanded over mother and daughter murders
War Hero, 90, Attacked and Robbed by Black Thug Dies
Woman, 80, died after cyclist mugged her
Christopher Varian stabbed to death – Jonathan Limani accused
Murderer Orlando Sir furious over stereo ban in jail
Youseff Ahmed Wahid arrested for murder of woman in suitcase
Distraught Mum Appeals to Find Albanian Who Killed Her Son
Alphonse Serges Kruizinga accused of bus row murder
Ranjit Nankani, who nearly decapitated young father, jailed for life
Bus driver Raouf Mraidi gets 4 years for death by dangerous driving
Jaswant Dhillon in court over Geeta Aulakh mutilation murder
Murder victim reported Sergei Zolotovsky to police 4 times
Rapist Jakub Tomczak won’t face charges over death
Levi Jacobs gets 8 Years for Third Rape
Mikael Rodriguez, an unsupervised L driver, killed cyclist
Murderers Ibrahim, Iqbal, and Miahs jailed for life
Disabled man scalded to death by Okologume and Nait-Mouloud
Tajinder Jagdev in court on death by dangerous driving charge
Police desperate to trace killers of Shawn Williams
Extradition sought in murder probe of Ayab Khan
French lorry driver, Frederic Morel, walks free after killing Patricia Murphy
Musdafe Jama in court on Milton Keynes murder charge
Takhar and Sanghera convicted of landlord’s murder
Luca Bertolone charged over footballer death
Immigrant parents charged with murder of their 4-month-old baby
Ali Mahmood jailed for fatal laptop robbery in Longsight
No Jail for killer, Mohammad Haghir
Damilola Taylor killer to be freed after less than four years behind bars
Sentences of ‘happy-slap’ killers Elcock and Lyzai ‘not unduly lenient’
British couple gunned down in Pakistan in suspected honour killing
Leon Fyle strangled a transsexual prostitute to death
Martin Newman jailed for cocaine in rum bottle death
Lisa Sharpe dies in ‘hell hospital’ after going in with just a cough!
Sons of man killed by Dr Daniel Ubani must not call him “killer”!
Young Woman Horrifically Gang-Raped by Eastern Europeans
Nathaniel Belgrave bludgeoned 40-year-old then raped her in own home
Stefan Motoaca Dumitru Pleads Guilty to Raping 89-year-old
Bagdziunas, Urbonas and 3 other immigrants arrested for gang rape
Cyril Donovan Brown found guilty of rape and assault
Tourists raped by Dimitris Aspiotis after cops fail to issue warning
Footballer Nathan Ashton charged with Raping 12-Year-Old
Omobolanie Akinloye accused of rape and sexual assault
Asian ‘Punched, Dragged then Raped’ Woman
Mory Conde in court charged with rape and making threats to kill
Policeman Shahzad Malik to face rape trial
Masood Ahmed in court charged with West Byfleet rape
One-legged Mohammed Farah accused of rapes
Rapist Aaron George told Young Woman ‘She Was Asking For it’
Abdul Basir Khalazai charged with rape
Alamgir Kabir charged with the rape of a 14-year-old girl
Asian Rapes 41-year-old in Manchester
Teenager raped by Asian
10 years for rapist cab driver Mohammed Ahmed
Alamgir Kabir charged over rape
Woman raped – Detectives say he is “possibly Asian”
Winston Desantos rapes woman and attacks her friend
Romanian orphan jailed for stranger rape
Rape by Mohammed Shahjahan seen on mobile phone
Sonic the Hedgehog Games Tester Jailed for Rape
Freed Rapist Gheorghe Avadani attacked twice within months of arrival
Rapist Jay Murray back in jail for new sex attack
‘Sadistic sexual terrorist’ jailed for raping children
Rapist Mark Ramdin jailed for ‘utterly terrifying’ attack
Child rapist Robert Coello stamped to death in prison cell
Hunt for Asian after teenager raped at Manchester party
Russian conductor accused of child rape invited to play at the Proms
Terminally ill wheelchair-bound man attacked by black men
Black Tied Up 83-year-old then Punched and Stabbed Her
Teenager fights for life after Attack during GCSE celebrations
Teenager in ‘Serious Condition’ after Stabbing by ‘Mainly Black’ Gang
Black Brutally Attacked Grandmother with Brain Tumour
Knife gang attacked man at party ‘like pack of dogs’ – Clinton Reid charged with attempted murder
Horrific trade in British children for sex WITH ASIAN MEN!!!
Immigrant gangsters forcing young girls to work as prostitutes
9 Asians Groomed 14-Year-Old Child
How predatory gangs forced a public schoolgirl, 14, to become a sex slave
Boy, 14, Brutally Attacked by 9 Asian Men
Smirking Sex Monster Danielus Sil Galis now Behind Bars
Kyalemaninwa and Kitumbula Mazambi defrauded charities of £500,000
Ali Demirci and Metin Bolat get for 24 years for gun and drug crime
Black Speaks to Police over Sex Attack on 9-Year-Old
Man has permanent scars following black gang attack
Hunt for Gypsies after Brutal Baseball Bat Attack on Boy
£30m Turkish heroin smuggler Ali Osman avoids deportation
Anzil Majid Abused Little Boys
Benzo Fury: Polish gang flooding Scotland with lethal legal high
Black footballer, Josh Scott, arrested for glassing girlfriend Amy
Exiled Kazakh banker Mukhtar Ablyazov accused of $2 billion fraud
‘Disgusting’ attack on Widnes woman, 80
Hunt for Asians Who Smashed Woman’s Face
Eliyahu Weinstein defrauded Brits out of millions of pounds
Elderly Couple had Savings Stolen by Asians
71 years’ jail for jewel heist gang led by Aman Kassaye
“F*ck you Haggis-Munching Ginger B*stards I’ll Bomb you White F*ckers!
Blair Witch Attack: Jay Jay Alexander filmed torturing schoolgirls
Pensioner tied-up and tortured with hot iron by burglars
Romanian pickpockets stole 88-year-old woman’s life savings.

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Cops refuse to name Cons on the run ‘because of their right to privacy’!
Pakistan Top Web Searches: “Camel Sex” “Child Sex” “Donkey Sex”
Ad for ‘reliable workers’ banned: It discriminates against the unreliable!
One child in four thinks bacon comes from a sheep!
Overhear a bus passenger with racist views? Dial the terrorist hotline!
The extraordinary sum it can cost to keep a single mum on benefits!
Don’t make schoolgirls wear skirts! It discriminates against transsexuals!
Lifestyle coaches to help four-year-olds play!
Church of England ‘living in the past’ – BBC head of religion Aaqil Ahmed
Rappers threaten to kill mum who didn’t like their music!
Cops Give Tea and Biscuits to Gays who have Sex in Public!
Kriss Donald’s murderers want compensation for being put in solitary!
Gay Campaigner Peter Tatchell says it’s “racist” that the Queen is White!
Pet shop owner who sold goldfish to boy ordered to wear electronic tag!

For more of these 2010 news stories, go here: I Don’t Believe It!.

The agenda of reguritants of the globalist Fabian Society, Blair and Cameron are very similar. Unsurprisingly they are the same as those of the unelected eco fascist European Commission (a Bilderberg committee) that makes the UK laws these days

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