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Bank rescue fund inflation & bankster double the money con

The cartel’s IMF knows which way the wind is blowing – against fraudulent fiat currencies such as the euro.

IMF Prepares For “Threat To International Monetary System”
Back in April 2010, before Waddell and Reed sold a few shares of ES, effectively destroying the market on news that Europe was insolvent, we made the following observation: “The IMF has just announced that it is expanding its New Arrangement to Borrow (NAB) multilateral facility from its existing $50 billion by a whopping $500 billion (SDR333.5 billion), to $550 billion.” Little did we know that our conclusion “something big must be coming” would prove spot on just a month later after Greece, then Ireland, then Portgual, and soon Spain, Italy, Belgium, and pretty much all other European countries would topple like dominoes tethered together by a flawed monetary regime. Well, based on news from Dow Jones we can now safely predict the following: “something bigger must be coming.” As if the IMF’s trillions in open lending facilities (many of which have recently been adjusted to uncapped) were not enough, we now learn that the world lender of last resort (which in theory is the Fed, but apparently Bernanke has been getting a little shy lately so is offsetting his direct lending directives to secondary organizations like the IMF, leaving the Fed with only USD liquidity swaps) is about to activate a “Special Funding Pool” – Dow Jones explains: “The International Monetary Fund is expected to soon activate a special funding pool that will boost the fund’s ability to prevent or resolve economic crises, two people familiar with the situation said Thursday. One of the people said the activation of the funding–which can only be made by a special request from the IMF managing director to the board–was in anticipation of an expected wave of new IMF programs, including the possible expansion of the Greek bailout package.” Wonderful. Global financial cataclysm rinse repeat all over again… /continues with “More from Dow Jones”

It is time to petition your MP to withdraw UK participation, especially via the public cash laundry DFID, in the cartel controlled IMF, ditto the ECB, the World Bank, the Bank of of International settlement, the BoE, the Gang Green Environment Fund and all the other scam banks controlled by the Rothschild cartel. We no longer wish to be the confidence tricksters and fraudsters’ mark.

The double the money con
1) Create a fund by printing bonds and give them to the cartel’s ECB who collects interest on them in return for currency creation.
2) Arrange a country to reach insolvency and take money from the fund to pay that country’s creditor bankster.
3) Restore the fund by printing bonds and giving them to the cartel’s ECB who collects interest on them in return for currency creation. Take money from member nations to pay interest for the bonds and to pay off the capital (buy back the bonds).

Paying off banksters with money created by creating bonds against which the currency creating bankster (ECB)  is paid interest is called socialising the debt, that is shafting the EU and UK in the manner that S. Ireland got stuffed but on steroids. Invent money then expect people to work to pay off another country’s debt. What it amounts to is that the debt is paid from the “fund” to the banksters (e.g. the cartel’s Greek central bank) while the (cartel’s ECB) banksters collect interest equivalent to that the Greek gov’t had been paying, and the original sum is still owed to a cartel central bank even though it had been paid off once.
The UK is already the jobless capital of the world due to mismanagement of the economy (responsibility for that was passed to the cartel’s BoE by Brown at the start of his reign) and collusion in propagating the bankster frauds and by aiding artificially “distressed” banksters by successive parties (hence the identification of Blair, Brown, Cameron, Rompuy and the EC as bank clerks).

Demand public verification of the public’s gold reserve remaining after Brown (illegally?) sold half. Then demand it to be put in the custody of a public owned bank with monthly verification that gold plated tungsten isn’t being used to replace the gold (p’raps Brown’s reason for disposing of half of it?).

People say the country couldn’t survive without the income the cartel generates. All the cartel means to the UK is never ending inflation, tax and unemployment increases. Let’s give it a try and see how we get on without the tripartite coalition of EC lackeys, Rothschild and their money and war scams.


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