clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

Winter for Brown and green

A thought for poor PM. Perhaps he could sue the eu for a return of our contributions. Full membership of the political boondoggle can in no way be claimed to have helped our position and in too many ways can be claimed to have worsened it, not least by increasing the speed of our descent into debt.
Change the name of the green tax on jet fuel to landing tax and double it. That would have the knock on benefit of negating the need for a second airport as the jets would opt to land in Ireland or Europe.
Privatise unemployment benefit management.
Privatise or otherwise undo all the green bureaucracy we are needlessly paying for.
Cancel nuclear energy expansion and expand on coal energy with the same proviso as for the Welsh effort.
Gift the wind farms to India or China (buyer collects). Sue the providers for failing to deliver electricity at promised levels.
Do anything to increase domestic gas and oil production.
Basically undo all the damage the Blair legacy has wrought.
Business does not willingly go abroad or fold. Remove the causes.
At least the next government will then have a fighting chance to improve our lot, something this government has woefully failed to do.
Take at least one step to improve life, nationalise road and rail transport, privatisation failed the public. Add balloon travel to the public's portfolio.
Turn hill farming away from cereals and meat, encourage tree crops if a desire to help stabilise the climate is such a burning issue.

My vision is limited by lack of knowledge. Perhaps some of the obviously educated critics and journalists here could offer something more constructive than my weak effort?

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