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A Libyan national's take

The West is Doing the Right Thing in Libya Nureddin Sabir Mar-20-2011
Libya’s wellbeing can be safeguarded only by having a democratic, accountable government.
(LONDON) - As a Libyan who has witnessed at first hand how the Gaddafi regime evolved into its present murderous self, I can only welcome the start of this military action.
My only regret is that it did not take place earlier and thereby spare the lives of thousands of innocent civilians murdered by Gaddafi’s hired hands.
I say this as an anti-imperialist, anti-colonialist, progressive pan-Arab nationalist.
A few moments ago France, the United States, Britain and other NATO countries launched air and cruise missile strikes against Libyan dictator Mu’ammar Gaddafi’s military installations, in implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973. / continues at

My comment (unpublished by Salem News so far)
What we have been told is that almost 1 in 5 of the fighters that immigrated to Iraq to fight the UK-US invasion was E. Libyan, that many "rebels" are non Libyan, that the Africa arm of Al Qaeda is aiding the rebels.
The likliest outcome of the war is a partitioned country.
We have been told that Egypt will very likely end up islamic with laws made by reference to sharia. Told that Iran supports the rebels (with arms and personnel?), a country whose gov't has no love for Europe.
"My enemy's enemy is my friend" is stretching it.
The UN sanctioned a no fly zone and protection of citizens. It did not sanction aiding the rebels to advance.
This is one war that Gaddafi's former friend, Sarkozy should have been left to deal with himself.
There are certainly parties interested in Gaddafi's overthrow and not just his many enemies. Banks that hold Libyan funds in Gaddafi's name. Those that wish to regulate the oil supply for themselves rather than have an unpredictable dictator controlling it. Banksters that wish to supplant the state bank with a cartel central bank that controls the economy and lends money to the gov't that it persuades to spend unwisely.
(Rothschilds/U.S. Fund Revolutions in Libya Egypt Bahrain Tunisia Etc To Kill Islamic Banks - )
I hope the killing stops soon. A partition is the likely outcome. Many in west Libya appear content to have Gaddafi in charge, those that don't perhaps can be accommodated in the east. If it goes that way. An unsatisfactory solution for all parties but maybe the most equitable and surely preferable to a long drawn out civil war with non muslim foreign boots on Libyan soil.

A case is made for a ceasefire here:

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