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MPs meet today - tell them what you want

Do you want the war against Libya to continue? Contact your MP and tell him how to vote.

UK parliament to vote on Libya attacks

British MPs are to be given a vote in the House of Commons on the country's involvement in the Libyan mission, following a debate promised by Prime Minister David Cameron.
With all three major party leaders firmly behind the operation, only a handful of MPs are expected to voice opposition during the vote on Monday, although concerns are likely to be raised about the prospect of Britain eventually being asked to provide ground troops.
On Sunday night, US Defence Secretary Robert Gates said he expected his military leaders to hand over command of the mission to a coalition - probably headed by the UK, France or NATO - within "a matter of days".
Gates told reporters that President Barack Obama felt strongly about limiting the US role in operations, adding: "We will continue to support the coalition, we will be a member of the coalition, we will have a military role in the coalition, but we will not have the pre-eminent role."
Both the UK and US have expressed satisfaction about the progress of operations so far. /continues

AlJazeera Libya live:


NBC's Richard Engel draws a distinction between the Libyan rebels and the protesters in Egypt and wonders whether the transitional national council in Benghazi would be recognised by the rest of the country

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In DT's Libya live comments section (~11:30am):
Write to your MP. Here's what I wrote : -

As one of your constituents I wish to place on record my total disgust with and opposition to the current reckless and ill-considered UK participation in military action against Libya.
It is hard to believe that with the bitter experiences we have had to endure in both Iraq and Afghanistan the UK’s leaders are now prepared to embroil the country in yet another futile and dangerous involvement in the Muslim world. The Libyan situation is a civil war and we should have left well alone.
Our precipitate action is in stark contrast to the inaction and perceived indifference that appears to afflict our politicians when the Zimbabwean regime dispossesses and kills white farmers. And the frankly nauseating selective outrage and policy inconsistency we display by imposing a “No Fly Zone” over Libya while refusing to even consider a similar action against Israel while that country bombs civilians in Gaza is disgraceful.
Further, it is alarming how quickly a “No Fly Zone” has been interpreted as a licence to bomb Libyan ground targets and even a licence to target the Libyan Head of State. Such escalations are in my opinion unjustified and unfounded and should be resisted.
I should be grateful if you would take the above into account in formulating your views as you contribute to debate and policy formulation in the coming weeks.


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