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Libyan landscape. Radiation threat

After the apparently arranged uprisings domino across N. Africa the last one failed and the globalists had to show their hand and rescue the plot at the very last minute. What is ironic is that in the kingdoms and dictatorships of the Arab League unarmed civilians in protests are being killed. These are the states that are friends and partners of the globalists so it is ok for them to kill but for the uncontrollable loose cannon it isn't.
Gaddafi was a bilderberger, I'd love to know what he did to upset the puppeteers. Rompuy was kissing him as recently as December and Sarkozy and Blair were his best friends, Israel and S. Africa closet allies.
Gaddafi stuffed the rebels all the way back to the stronghold HQ in Benghazi. Not what was meant to happen.
What the international community led by the UK and France is doing is waging war on Libyan armed forces to settle an internal conflict on another continent without permission of the African Union. They do have permission of non African Arab League including globalist infiltrated Egypt. Looking beyond Gaddafi it is an internal northeast - northwest conflict (most of the oil is in the NE) with both sides employing a large number of non Libyan combatants.
In my opinion bilderberger Cameron has brought shame on the UK by supporting and cheer-leading this illegal war that would never have happened had Libya not been a major oil country. Sarkozy and Rompuy have shown how genuine and dependable their friendship is by their attack on Gaddafi so soon after enjoying his cuddles.
The latest news is that Gaddafi has opened his arms depots to arm all people and is complaining bitterly about the illegality of the intervention. He has said this an opportunity for him, he will turn the conflict into a worldwide revolution.

African Union demands end to military strikes on Libya, skips Paris meeting March 19
March 19, 2011 (WASHINGTON) – The African Union (AU) on Saturday criticized the launching of military operations by U.S. and European countries on Libya to enforce a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) adopted this week.
[...] The Libyan opposition leadership, Arab League and Arab Gulf states have demanded that the international community intervene militarily by imposing a no-fly zone to prevent Gaddafi from using his air force against civilian population.
The United Arab Emirates and Qatar are reported to dedicate fighter jets in the military operations.
It was only the African Union (AU) that issued a statement earlier this month saying it opposed "any foreign military intervention, whatever its form".
Despite this position, the three African countries sitting on the UNSC voted in favor of the resolution which authorized member states "to take all necessary measures ... to protect civilians".
But an AU panel established to seek a peaceful end to the crisis called today for an "immediate stop" to air strikes stressing that it rejects "any kind of foreign military intervention" in the north African country.
The situation in Libya "demands urgent action so an African solution (can be found) to the very serious crisis which this sister nation is going through", said Mauritanian President Ould Abdel Aziz who is one of the panel members.
A solution must take into account "our desire that Libya’s unity and territorial integrity be respected", he said.
The AU committee on Libya is composed of five African heads of state. But the meeting in the Mauritanian capital was only attended by the presidents of Mauritania, Mali and Congo.
South Africa and Uganda were represented by ministers. The Chairperson of the AU Commission Jean Ping is also believed to be there.
The panel was scheduled to travel to Libya on Sunday but it revealed today that they have been unable to get international permission to fly there.
Ironically South African officials expressed doubt whether the AU panel would be impartial and even questioned wisdom of sitting on it.
"There are concerns here at home about this panel and whether South Africa should be part of it. It’s almost a given what they will say, given their relationship with that man [Gaddafi]," a senior government official told the Mail & Guardian based in South Africa.
The newspaper said that Government officials in Johannesburg are worried that should the panel return with a recommendation to the AU that favors Gaddafi, it will spoil the image president Jacob Zuma wants to portray on the continent — that of himself as a statesman who believes in brokering peaceful solutions that do not merely serve its strongmen.
Western countries and NATO have initially insisted they will not intervene militarily in Libya without approval of regional organizations such as the Arab League and the AU and a UNSC clear mandate.
However, references to AU’s prior consent were later dropped and Western officials only spoke of Arab League decision.
Today an emergency summit of world leaders in Paris called to discuss the implementation of no-fly zone over Libya was skipped by the AU for unknown reasons despite being invited and no African leader was present. /full article
Sudan Tribune

George Jonas: Libya’s tricky dictator bets on luck one more time March 19
Muammar Gaddafi may seem crazy, but he has outsmarted his opponents so often he must feel good about trying it again. He has got away with murder — literally — more often than some people brush their teeth. This time, however, he may have outsmarted himself.
In the past Gaddafi did end runs, not only around his Western opponents, which is no big deal, but his own compatriots and neighbours who have a cultural expectation of resourceful moves and aren’t blindsided so easily. The Colonel gauged his enemies well, knew when to advance, when to play the fool, when to threaten, when to lash out and when to retreat.
The intricate choreography required him not to miss a step. He didn’t — until now.
Whether he did or not on this occasion depends partly on what steps he takes next, and partly on the steps the powers that sponsored the no-fly resolution in the United Nations — France, Britain, the U.S. and Lebanon — take or refrain from taking. If they sit on their laurels, Gaddafi wins. Ironically, if they get carried away, Libya’s strongman could win again, although it may not do him any good.
The ruse is playing dead while delivering the knockout punch.
Essentially, the minute 10 of the UN Council’s 15 members voted for the no-fly resolution (five other members, including Russia, China and Germany abstained) Gaddafi said, OK, fine, I give up. I say uncle. I declare immediate, unilateral ceasefire. Now, can we please all go home?
Not bad, you must admit. Clearly triumphant militarily, with his forces at the gates of the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, having achieved his war objectives and still decisively in power, Gaddafi agrees to seal his victory with an immediate cease fire. A ruse de guerre masquerading as an offer of peace — not bad, if you can get away with it.
If you can, the war is over and you’ve won it. The rebels put down their arms under a promise of amnesty and reconciliation and withdraw from the field you still own; the West relaxes and congratulates itself, refreshments are poured at diplomatic receptions and life goes on as before. You’ll have plenty of time to decide whether, or how much, of your amnesty promise you’re prepared to keep.
Gaddafi has achieved similar outcomes before. A genius wearing a fool’s mask, in 2003 he calculated that letting Western investigators pin the crime of sabotaging Pan Am 103 on his underlings, and then accepting “responsibility” for it in an abstract kind of way, would please everybody.
Jihadists would be pleased because the sky did rain blood, just as the Ayatollah Khomeini promised. Western governments would be pleased because they could engage in clever games of realpolitik without having to make deals with terrorists. The terrorists were going to jail — weren’t they?
[...] With such admirable ruses under his belt, why shouldn’t Gaddafi have confidence in his offer of unilateral cease-fire achieving similar results?
Well, perhaps he has no reason, and the offer will work. Perhaps the West will say, what the heck, he’s stopping the massacre, and that’s all we wanted. If we go in now with force and remove Gaddafi, we will (a) spoil the homegrown purity of the Arab revolution; (b) overextend ourselves, as if we didn’t have enough trouble with Afghanistan; (c) we have already reaped Egypt for democracy, which is more important than Libya, and we should save our military strength for a possible clash with big threats, like the Ayatollahs’ realm in Iran; (d) if fighting to enforce no-fly escalates, as it will, we may overstep legal boundaries; and (e) the Western public has about as much taste for a bowl of Libyan stew as for a dish of bubonic plague.
But if so, why has the Colonel miscalculated, if he did?
Two reasons: One, unluckily for Gaddafi, his ruse may be taken at face value. If Barack Obama and his entourage smell a chance for a cheap victory over a wounded opponent, they won’t be able to resist. By now Obama needs a victory almost as badly as Gaddafi needs to avoid defeat.
The second reason is that Gaddafi is a mass murderer who has been on the rampage for 40 years. It’s possible, just possible, that God is finally getting bored with him. /full article
National Post

The rebels have admitted shooting down their own jet by mistake. It was first said to be a Libyan forces jet shot down by rebels, then a rebel jet shot down by the Libyan army.
More War Propaganda? Downed Plane Presented As Evidence Gaddafi Is Not Observing Ceasefire

The radiation threat to the UK is very, very small. Iodine stops being a threat after 8 days and cesium after 30 years but it will very likely wash out of the air on its journey across the Pacific, US and Atlantic. Very little if any will reach the UK.

Lubos has more info here -
Radiation: Geiger-Müller counter in Tokyo, and if you are paranoid, eat oily fish (e.g. tuna) twice a week and plenty of vitamin rich roughage like wholewheat bread. The more paranoiac can take further precautions of little use detailed here.

Unfortunately for the Japanese the wind turned onshore. Foodstuffs, especially milk has been found above safety levels of contamination in the immediate area. It is ridiculous that when helicopters carrying cooling sea water to the reactors were turned away due to radiation levels the government continued to misinform their people that radiation emissions were harmless. There will be casualties but far, far less than caused by Chernobyl.

Nuclear plant chief weeps as Japanese finally admit that radiation leak is serious enough to kill people
The boss of the company behind the devastated Japanese nuclear reactor today broke down in tears – as his country finally acknowledged the radiation spewing from the over-heating reactors and fuel rods was enough to kill some citizens.

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