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AGW magic: garbage in gospel out.

[...] Does new research indicate that the likely human effect on climate is less than previously thought?
Given there has been no warming for a decade and cooling now in its 8th year, does this undermine our confidence in computer global models?
What would it cost – in terms of higher prices for goods and slower economic growth to reduce emissions?
Would reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the United States have any effect on global temperatures?

[...] The speakers on the climate showed the models are failing and why (my favorite take-away was Willie Soon’s comment garbage in and gospel out) and the economists painted a very frightening picture of the cap-and tax Waman Markey bill. It is officially called a cap-and –trade to disguise the fact that it is a tax and as Michigan Democrat Dingell noted a “huge tax”. We heard numbers ranging as high as $4,600 per year per family including energy and cost of goods and service that will be forced to rise because of the changes made. Even James Hansen and Ralph Nader oppose cap-and tax as give-aways to special interests without doing any measurable good. At the conference, we heard that the changes even if adopted globally (highly unlikely) would not appreciably reduce carbon emissions nor affect global temperatures in any measurable way.
It would mark the biggest BAILOUT by far. The auto bailout cost 7 billion, the Geitner bailout (so-called stimulus) 787 billion. The Waxman Markey bill will run between $6 and $9.4 trillion and at most produce a cooling of just 0.01ºC.

[...] The alarmists have a $50 Billion advantage over the climate realists with blank checks from huge corporations, environmental groups, activists like George Soros and Maurice Strong and sadly even the government. Most of the groups attending including the C3 charitable organizations such as Icecap struggle with fund raising in this environment.

From "Another Inspiring Heartland Climate Conference" By Joseph D’Aleo

Economist Dr. Gabriel Calzada of King Juan Carlos University in Madrid reviewed the dismal performance of cap-and-trade mandates in Spain, where unemployment has reached a daunting 18 percent, carbon emissions are higher today than before cap-and-trade was installed, and fraud and misrepresentation of emission abatement programs are rampant.

Calzada dismissed claims that such policies have created “green jobs” in the Spanish economy and presented data that showed Spanish businesses have spent billions of dollars on carbon credits and abatement programs, resulting in two jobs being lost in the regular economy or never being created for every one job created in the “green economy.”

God save us from green politicians.
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