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20 - 20 vision of AGW

WUWT posted Global warming down under: 10 little facts:
[...] The ten statements below comprise the main arguments that are made in public in justification for the government’s intended new tax on carbon dioxide. Individually and severally these arguments are without merit. That they are intellectually pathetic too is apparent from my brief commentary on each.
1. We must address carbon (sic) pollution (sic) by introducing a carbon (sic) tax.
2. We need to link much more closely with the climate emergency.
3. Putting a price on carbon (sic) will punish the big polluters (sic).
4. Putting a price on carbon (sic) is the right thing to do; it’s in our nation’s interest.
5. Putting a price on carbon (sic) will result in lower carbon dioxide emissions.
6. We must catch up with the rest of the world, who are already taxing carbon dioxide emissions.
7. Australia should show leadership, by setting an example that other countries will follow.
8. We must act, and the earlier we act on climate change the less painful it will be.
9. The cost of action on carbon (sic) pollution (sic) is less than the cost of inaction.
10. There is no do-nothing option in tackling climate change.
The brief commentaries and discussion can be read at WUWT

Meantime, with a more northerly flavour Joe D'Aleo has come up with Ten Major Failures of So-called Consensus Science
The ten issues:
1. Warming is said to be unprecedented and accelerating.
2. Warming is said to be global.
3. Winters would grow increasingly warm
4. The entire Northern Hemisphere would experience less snow and snow cover
5. The arctic oscillation (AO) would become increasingly positive, aiding in the warming
6. Global warming would lead to a permanent or semi-permanent El Nino
7. Atmosphere will warm faster than surface (because that is where the heat trapping gases are).
8. Record highs and heat waves are increasing
9. Sea levels are rising at an increasing, alarming rate
10. Droughts and floods will worsen

See the analysis part 1 and part 2.

The full article introducing Joe's notes can be read at Climate Realists

A MyT blogger recently expressed concern that Greenland was melting faster than the IPCC had estimated in 2007. Another post at WUWT deals exactly with that issue: Why I’m not worried about Greenland’s icecap right now
Excerpt: The melting of the ice sheets of Greenland and West Antarctica is about twice as slow as previously thought. The study, conducted by TU Delft, SRON and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The scientists published their findings in the September issue of Nature Geoscience.
We have concluded that the Greenland and West Antarctica ice caps are melting at approximately half the speed originally predicted.’ The average rise in sea levels as a result of the melting ice caps is also lower.
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