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CO2 Rocks and a study that blows away alarm

Here is a dismissal of the findings of models that produce alarming warming scenarios from a doubling of CO2. It is in straightforward language. It will be interesting to see the response of the warmist modellers community.
The Associate of Albedo and OLR Radiation with Variations of Precipitation-Implications for AGW
William M. Gray and Barry Schwartz   03 March 2011
We have analyzed a wide variety of albedo and IR differences which are associated with rainfall variations on many different space and time scales. Our goal is to determine the extent to which we are able to accept or reject the reality of the Global Climate Model (GCM) simulations. The following analysis indicates that the GCM simulation of the influence of a doubling of CO2 give far too much global warming. We anticipate that a doubling of CO2 will act in a way to cause the global hydrologic cycle to increase in strength by approximately 3-4 percent. Our analysis indicates that there will be very little global temperature increase (~0.3C) for a doubling of CO2, certainly not the 2-5C projected by the GCM.

CO2 Rocks
Another important product, this time a book that itemises a few of the many benefits of increasing atmospheric CO2 levels. A pamphlet in PDF form summarising the book was produced by the authors and is available to download here (right click to download, double click to view in your browser).
The book:
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
So wrote Elizabeth Barrett Browning in a romantic poem that perfectly captures the all-encompassing emotion of love. Though Miss Browning surely had humans in mind when she wrote these words, she would not have been far off the mark had she attributed them to plants; for if plants could articulate their feelings, they too would surely recite these same lines ... to carbon dioxide.
Atmospheric carbon dioxide is the elixir of life. It is the primary raw material out of which plants construct their tissues, which in turn are the materials out of which animals construct theirs. This knowledge is so well established, in fact, that we humans – and all the rest of the biosphere – are described in the most basic of terms as carbon-based lifeforms.
Nowadays, however, it seems that all we ever hear about atmospheric CO2 are the presumed negative consequences of its increasing concentration. Time and again, world governments, non-governmental organizations, international agencies, societal think tanks, and even respectable scientific organizations attempting to assess the potential consequences of this phenomenon, have spent multiple millions of dollars writing and promoting large reports about it. Yet, nearly all of these endeavors have failed miserably, by not evaluating, or even acknowledging, the manifold real and measurable benefits of the ongoing rise in the air's CO2 content. As a result, the many important and positive impacts of atmospheric CO2 enrichment remain underappreciated and largely ignored in the debate over what to do, or not do, about anthropogenic CO2 emissions.
The Many Benefits of Atmospheric CO2 Enrichment – A new book written by Drs. C. D. and S. B. Idso and produced by the Science and Public Policy Institute (Vales Lakes Publishing, LLC, Pueblo West, Colorado, USA) – attempts to rectify this imbalance by outlining 55 ways in which the modern rise in atmospheric CO2 is benefiting earth's biosphere, as reported in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. And like love, carbon dioxide's many splendors are seemingly endless. Order your copy now, and enjoy this guide to the wonderful CO2-enriched world of the future, made bright by the amazing molecule that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has had the audacity to so wrongly characterize as a dangerous air pollutant!

So there.
I wish them luck with sales. Their famous web site is of course CO2Science and the subject index takes you to a library's worth of summaries of relevant papers and information on a host of CO2 centric topics including the few benefits listed in the pamphlet. The book itself is fully cross referenced

Audio interview.Power Hour Episode 2: Peak Oil with Michael Lynch, President of Strategic Energy & Economic Research   
The most popular arguments for Peak Oil—do they add up?
What is the future of oil production around the world?
Why people keep confidently predicting “peak oil,” even though such predictions have been failing for decades.
The overlooked role of politics and economics in determining rises and falls in oil production.
And more. An article about the interview can be read at Master Resource here.

The House of Representatives took the first step on Thursday toward reclaiming from Rockefeller's EPA its authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. More here.

The government is the enemy of the people
Daylight robbery probably evolved from William III's window tax. It was introduced because income tax was seen as a bureaucratic intrusion. Today's equivalent, carbon tax in its many forms, emissions strangulation regs, obligatory use of highly expensive leprotic green energy sources such as biofuel and wind energy, fuel taxes etc. is as contentious. There was no justification for window tax, letting in daylight does not generate income. Emitting CO2 does not earn income. The lies and deceit that have been used to justify a huge increase in bureaucracy accompanying economy crippling policy to reduce CO2 emissions at all costs, that is costs to lower and middle classes, profits to the landed, investors and banks have been exposed since their conception and so it continues to this day, the items above being just the current exposé. Aggravated robbery involving use of a deadly weapon or something that appears to be a deadly weapon is another appropriate adjective in that CO2 has been made to look harmful and cash has been demanded. There is not and never has been any justification to penalise CO2 emissions. The people behind the pretexts are uneducated activists and profiteers with low morals. The idea is to deindustrialise and destabilise the nation in preparation for an EC takeover.
Another reason for mentioning these descriptives is because of the recent discovery that Europe and the UK have a total volume of shale gas that is likely to equal or surpass that of the US, which is expected to be sufficient for 100 to 250 years. Even were the eco fascist EU (EC) to ban or make shale gas so expensive as to make recovery prohibitive, it is highly probable that shale gas would be imported. Algeria, as mentioned in a No Hot Air article has an estimated 25 to 25,000 trillion cu ft of shale gas.
What is truly stomach churning is the enthusiasm in the promotion of not just 99.9% useless as for wind energy but actually counterproductive boondoggles associated with the carbon dioxide lies. You can bet your bottom dollar that Lord Oxburgh's carbon capture and storage, (ignoring the cost, a wholly useless and CO2 intensive add-on to gas energy plants in that the energy to drive CCS amounts to around a third of the energy produced so for every 2 plants built a third will be needed) will be legislated as obligatory. Money tricked for the old boys' club as well as vested interests at the expense of the electorate for no good reason.
Even had CO2 been proven harmful the conversion from coal to gas as fuel for energy plants would halve emissions and easily meet the eco fascist EU (EC) targets that enemies of the UK have signed the country up to, so negating any need for other forms of reduction. Expect lies to flow as freely from the wooden top bank clerks Cameron and Huhne as from any of their predecessors. The song has already changed from "save the planet" through "avoid climate change" to "meet EU targets", one wonders what the next change will be, "save the fishes"?.

What else?
I came across an informative article about war criminals and proceedings in the US. Gordon Duff: Are You a War Criminal?

And at the same site, "Of a total of 1,571 terrorist attacks in the E.U. from 2006-2008 only 6 were committed by Islamist terrorists" an article chastising US Congressman Peter King for attempting to inflame religio-racial tensions. (Is he a lizard?)

Talking of criminals, it has never been clearer than now that government and the EC work for banksters (bilderberg group). If they worked for Germans as with the Heath gov't would the UK public still be so "what can I do" ish?
"Together with her eurozone counterparts, Chancellor Merkel agreed to boost the region's bailout fund, the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF), so it can lend the full €440bn (£380bn) that it initially promised." Link

Motl tells us: Holy cow, the president of an official EU's EESC body has declared that the earthquake was a sign from Mother Nature that we need to combat global warming. I want these crooks to be outlawed!
By Staffan Nilsson's reasoning if a suicide bomber wiped out his family he would take it as a sign to grow organic carrots. These low brows get paid vast sums of public money with limitless expenses.

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