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Shale Gas and its recovery by fracking

CCNet  - 10 March 2011 The Climate Policy Network

Europe Shale Gas: As Big As North America

The size of European unconventional commercial gas reserves rival that of North America, according to a major new study by IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates (IHS CERA). The study, Breaking with Convention: Prospects for European Unconventional Gas estimates Europe’s total unconventional gas in place could be 173 trillion cubic meters (Tcm), or 6,115 trillion cubic feet (Tcf). --IHC Cambridge Energy Research Associates,  9 March 2011

We need a few confirmed figures from actual producers. Don't worry the figures are coming as I've been saying for two years, and CERA now intimates. Once we do, it's goodbye to spending money on crazy things we have been told to save up for: Coal Carbon Capture and Storage, Off-shore Wind, Nuclear and pipelines like Nabucco. All this £200 BN to keep the lights on rubbish is consigned to the rubbish bin of history. -- Nick Grealy, No Hot Air, 10 March 2011

The technological revolution in unconventional gas has been the single most important energy innovation so far this century. Its tremendous potential has already transformed North America’s energy landscape and may now transform the global gas industry. -- Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer-Prize winner, 9 March 2011

A global gas glut has unhinged the natural gas and crude oil price and according to Deutsche Bank Research, new US gas deposits are calling into question nearly all medium and long-term scenarios which still seemed plausible a few years ago. As a result of the huge deposits, new strategies for the use of excess supply are currently being discussed in the US and if gas exports were possible, this would be another great challenge for all de facto price links to the oil price that are still in place in Europe, and possibly even the final nail in the coffin. FinFacts News, 2 March 2011

As a result of the shale gas revolution, North America has enough recoverable gas to meet current levels of use for more than 100 years.-- Energy Vision 2011: A New Era for Gas

1) Europe Shale Gas: As Big As North America - No Hot Air, 10 March 2011

2) The Unconventional Oil Boom - CNN Money, 9 March 2011

3) Global natural gas markets are changing, report says - PowerGen, 9 March 2011

4) Global gas glut unhinges natural gas and crude oil prices - FinFacts News, 2 March 2011

5) The Shift From Oil to Natural Gas Seems to Be Gaining Momentum - Seeking Alpha, 23 February 2011

6) And Finally: China's Coal Reserves 'Will Make It New Middle East', Says Energy Chief -The Guardian, 8 March 2011

Thanks Dr Peiser GWPF

Dr Peiser's collection of press articles gives a reasonable but limited overview or snapshot of the state of play for shale fos fuels.
For the UK, what the new and plentiful resource will show is that the motives of the UK politicians across parties is not to to provide cheap and economic energy to the nation but just the reverse. There are so many vested interests represented by "the people's representatives", not least  wind energy, solar and banking sectors that once you add in agendas such as closer integration with (greater subjugation to) the EU (EC) and of course globalisation and the fact that lower order MPs are career oriented it is unsurprising to find so little people's representation. The whole gang, all three parties should be dismissed and banned from politics for failure to represent the nation.
Shale gas has the ability to provide cheap energy. How cheap? Well, if the government can keep its thieving hands in its pockets for once, it can reduce fuel bills by up to 30% as a rough guide.
How so? By removing unjustifiable requirements to use crackpot sources such as wind energy and imported gas what is left is realistically reliable and cheap. The only thing standing in front of shale gas exploitation is MPs' massive vested interests and the socialist fantasy currently being inflicted on the population at great cost both to the individual and to business. The EU (EC) and Cameron's gang would prefer shale gas to stay in the ground and for the population to be increasingly burdened so there will be interminable stumbling blocks put in the way of development.

To summarise shale gas' advantages:
It is in the UK, it doesn't have to be imported so is a reliable resource.
It is abundant, fast and easy to recover so it is cheap.
Installation of pipework and fracking the strata deep underground (~2000 ft) takes typically 2 months after which the small area of land involved is returned to its former state such as a farm field or unfarmed countryside. There is very little evidence left that work has been carried out.
Energy plant to use the gas is fast to build (~2 years or so) and for the dunderheads that believe CO2 is harmful, produces half of the emissions of coal.
Used to replace coal gas does away with the need for enviro lunatic ways of meeting the eco fascist EU (EC) carbon dioxide emissions reduction targets such as environmentally harmful curly fluorescent mercury lights and wind energy.

If this coalition of ne'er-do-wells fails to "run for gas" then it is clear they are working for interests other than the UK's and should be tried for treason.
If one more wind turbine is installed they should be tried for treason.

An excellent resource for information on shale gas is No Hot Air

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