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The U.N. is making this stuff up as it goes along

Could also read "UN - we lied about CO2 and its warming product" but that is old news already.
See here:
Global warming rate could be halved by controlling 2 pollutants, U.N. study says
So that would leave 50% to share between solar influence as changes in TSI, UV, other solar emissions, and solar indirect as cloudiness, air clarity, ozone in the troposphere, stratosphere and other IR opaque gases, other dark aerosols, ocean cycles, and for upwards IR, all GHG changes. Bastards.
Orange Punch is less kind:
Oops! Reducing CO2 won’t stop global warming after all, says U.N.
Gee, we thought the science was settled. But now the U.N. says reducing CO2 won’t stop global warming after all.
Who knew?
Obviously, the U.N. didn’t. Through its global warming propaganda arm, the IPCC, the U.N. and alarmists worldwide have been screaming that we must reduce CO2 or else we’ll cook in our shoes. Now, like Emily Litella, they say, “Nevermind.”
Reports the Washington Post on the latest study: “A fairly aggressive strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions under current reduction scenarios ‘does little to mitigate warming over the next 20 to 30 years,’ the study said. With carbon dioxide reductions alone, global temperatures are still projected to rise by more than 2 degrees Celsius by 2050 over pre-industrial levels.” /continues

Booker: Why the £250bn wind power industry could be the greatest scam of our age - and here are the three 'lies' that prove it

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Mar. 3rd 2011

Desertec and Environmentalism's North African Campaign
The world’s largest energy megaproject has begun. Desertec will spend the better part of a trillion dollars on solar energy plants in North Africa, the electricity from which will be transmitted via undersea cables to Europe.
The notion that this project is an eco-fantasy is quickly felled by investigating the heavyweight European businesses involved in the Desertec Industrial Initiative. Broadening the investigation into other media and activist groups involved yields useful insights into environmentalism. For
During the early years of the Climate Change campaign, the Holtzbrincks (a family of impeccable German-aristocratic and Nazi pedigree) purchased Scientific American and Nature magazines. These media outlets profoundly influenced the Climate Change debate. / this extensive critique continues here

Carbon Dioxide and Earth's Future: Pursuing the Prudent Path
Executive Summary
As presently constituted, earth's atmosphere contains just slightly less than 400 ppm of the colorless and odorless gas we call carbon dioxide or CO2. That's only four-hundredths of one percent. Consequently, even if the air's CO2 concentration was tripled, carbon dioxide would still comprise only a little over one tenth of one percent of the air we breathe, which is far less than what wafted through earth's atmosphere eons ago, when the planet was a virtual garden place. Nevertheless, a small increase in this minuscule amount of CO2 is frequently predicted to produce a suite of dire environmental consequences, including dangerous global warming, catastrophic sea level rise, reduced agricultural output, and the destruction of many natural ecosystems, as well as dramatic increases in extreme weather phenomena, such as droughts, floods and hurricanes. /continues

I've many times said that the atmosphere is drying and that alone shoots the "alarming AGW" hypethesis down in flames:
Peer-Reviewed Study Finds That CO2-Induced Warming Causes Atmosphere To Hold Less Water Vapor

Who is running the Western media?
Overall, the claim that the American or British media outlets are free, independent and reliable is an empty claim and there's no proof to demonstrate it. American and British media are funded by their respective governments and controlled by a number of fervent Zionists who seek nothing but the promotion of the interests of Israel in the Middle East.

Solar scrotum: Mystery of Two Suns in Chinese Sky Leaves Scientists Puzzled

"Scientists" throwing each other under a bus: A reply to Michael Mann and Eugene Wahl

Europe, apparently in a hurry to go bankrupt, proposes $375 billion a year to fight global warming
Desperate to keep the funds for the building of the presidential palace and the fools gold project for impossible fusion and other lame duck squandering flowing as the carbon credit fraud source falls down. (Latest on that was Deutsche banksters' 850 mil euro rip off)

One of the best sites for climate science and its faults: Global Warming Science

For less than kind criticism: Real Science

Gaddafi's jet reported flying over Greece on its way to Egypt.

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