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A Case Against Precipitous Climate Action

A Case Against Precipitous Climate Action Dr. Richard Lindzen
The notion of a static, unchanging climate is foreign to the history of the earth or any other planet with a fluid envelope. The fact that the developed world went into hysterics over changes in global mean temperature anomaly of a few tenths of a degree will astound future generations. Such hysteria simply represents the scientific illiteracy of much of the public, the susceptibility of the public to the substitution of repetition for truth, and the exploitation of these weaknesses by politicians, environmental promoters, and, after 20 years of media drum beating, many others as well.

John O'Sullivan: British Weather Guru Labels Met Office as Evil Dictator of Science
As more evidence shows the sun drives our climate a leading forecaster labels the cult of man-made global warming “the Mubarak regime of Science.”

Art Horn: Congress to NASA: Study Space, Not Climate
Members of Congress are asking something novel of NASA: to actually study space, not global warming. Representatives Bill Posey (R-FL), Sandy Adams (R-FL), Rob Bishop (R-UT) and others have sent a letter to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (R-KY) and Commerce, Justice, and Science Subcommittee Chairman Frank Wolf (R-VA) asking for NASA to launch their efforts in a new direction — the old one.
[Could this be the intro to Hansen's swan song?]

John Holdren, a thank you letter, excerpt:
"Leadership in professional societies is crucial to many natural resource professionals’ careers and should be encouraged rather than hindered by the federal government. Thank you for recommending the removal of barriers to federal employees serving as officers or on governing boards of such societies. In recent years, some federal agencies have chosen to enforce a policy that prohibits federal employees from serving on the boards of outside organizations under any circumstance, or have created conditions that make it virtually impossible for their employees to
serve. We look forward to changes in these policies in light of your memorandum

Insiders know the tricks to get funding. That is the (only?) reason for seeking to recruit former gov't employees.

John D. Rockefeller regards John Holdren as a Saint

John Holdren criticises US Congress over climate change,

Houghton's IPCC partner in crime so to speak was Bolin. Donna Laframboise has been looking at his scribblings - An IPCC History Lesson.
[...] "As an adviser to the Swedish Prime Minister, therefore, Bolin was asked for his professional opinion. He doesn’t tell us what that opinion was. (In a footnote, though, he refers us to a document that is by no means easy to track down: Swedish Government proposition 1975/76: No. 30 to the Swedish Parliament.)
Back in the 1970s lots of people felt the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources was imminent, especially since the world’s population was increasing. But Sweden, after consulting Bolin, officially expressed a different view. If it had misunderstood Bolin’s position – or had egregiously exaggerated its import – one would think he’d have said so in his book.
Instead, we’re left with the uneasy feeling that a full 13 years before the IPCC was even born its first chairman had already decided that fossil fuels didn’t merely affect the climate, but that the affect was so adverse their use would need to be curtailed

There was a plethora of other moonbats becoming influential around that time (Ehrlich especially), Rockefeller had rounded up the ones that could be useful in the advancement of the Rothschild agenda to fulfill a promise to Weishaupt to create a world communist state, beginning in 1968. The resultant group was called the Club of Rome and to ensure the flow of public funds it was incorrectly called an independent think tank rather than a lobbyist advocacy. By 1975 it was getting into its stride, I would be unsurprised to find close connection between its philosophy the CFR and Bolin's.

In fact CoR has always been a major support vehicle for the Rothschild's globalism affliction. Most if not all of the creations touched by Rockefeller, e.g. CFR, UNEP, Club of Madrid etc. have been specifically focused on achieving Rothschild ambitions. The Rothschild - Rockefeller connection with Nazi environmentalism are found through business support of the Nazi war machine, financial support through banks and employment of former Nazi environmentalists e.g. in the UN and the EC. Further references to such can be found in the extensive library of Environmentalism is Fascism. References to the foundation and philosophy can be found at the Green Agenda site.

Old stick Tickell's Club of Rodents Rome:
"I would like to start this analysis of the Club of Rome by listing some prominent members of the CoR and its two sub-groups, the Clubs of Budapest and Madrid. Personally it isn’t what the CoR is that I find so astonishing; it is WHO the CoR is! This isn’t some quirky little group of green activists or obscure politicians. They are the most senior officials in the United Nations, current and ex-world leaders, and the founders of some of the most influential environmental organisations. When you read their reports in the context of who they are – its gives an entirely new, and frightening, context to their extreme claims."  From The Crown Jewel of Understanding- Agenda 21 and The Club of Rome.

Central world government attempted by open warfare failed but has been resurrected since the 1950s as covert (mainly political-economic but lately energy became a target) warfare via the EC, UN and infiltration and control of governments and key groups by Rothschild camp followers such as Bush, Obama, Cheney, Clintons, Blair, Brown, Cameron, Osborne, Heath, Rompuy, Kinnock, Barrosso, Stern, Oxburgh, Nurse, Rees, May, Klug, Clegg and key members of government as seen in Nigeria, the US (Fed Res - cartel controlled), the UK (BoE - cartel controlled), and almost every nation where there is a cartel controlled central bank running down the economy not least via a fraudulent fiat (debt) currency. Rothschild domination of the UN is not least evident in the UN support for the his GEF bank, EC support for his BIS, WB, CEB and IMF banks and lately in the UK and US with support for his GIB bank.

Events are not going well for the agenda (or are they?): the lowlifes may be winning the battle against democracy and capitalism in the west but the serfs elsewhere are not following the script.
Bahrain "In the statement, the youth group called for authorities to be put on trial for attacks on protesters last week and demanded an elected government. They said the first priority should be the cancellation of citizenship for thousands of foreigners, who were granted Bahraini nationality as part of an effort to change the sectarian balance in the island nation." AP Bahrain protesters seek to overthrow royal family

One wonders whether the Dubai bolt hole for EC-US-UK sponsored tyrants and fraudsters is safe anymore. Beijing or Brazil look the more attractive option at the moment. Libya, a recent "in from the cold" addition to the sponsored tyrannies has seen protests brutally suppressed. From Yemen, Egypt etc. the good news for democracy is that non a pathetic are striving for it with their lives whilst the complacent watch the likes of Cameron and Obama escort it out of the front door.

A dig at wind energy scammers and the brain dead.
Spanish Renewables Moved by Corruption 
During calendar year 2010, the owners of gas-fired power plants were paid 1,008 million euros to compensate for the time they were kept idle. These brand-new plants are needed to ensure security of supply. Spain has built them concurrently with wind farms to provide electricity when there is no wind.
The installed capacity of CCGT (gas plants) in Spain was 2,756 MW in 2002; 12,514 MW in 2005, and 25,000 MW in 2010. This is the part of its green energy policy that the Spanish government doesn’t crow about (here).
So here we are: renewable energies cost the Spanish taxpayers, and soon the consumers (the price of electricity has started to soar in Spain), an additional € 1 billion a year because of the idling of conventional power plants when the wind blows or the sun shines.
Spain finds it difficult to reduce its gaping budget deficit, handicapped as it is by yet another dead-weight of nearly € 7 billion in annual subsidies to renewable energies*. The government has just cut the subsidies to the solar industry by 30% until the next elections (meaning they may reinstate them in 2013) – a small gesture to appease international financial markets.
€ 6,787 million for 2010, including cogeneration and all the perks.
Add to this € 1 billion a year for idling the back-up plants above, that’s close to 8 billion per annum, and growing: in 2013 more windfarms will be built, a lot more. I hope Sarkozy and Merkel realise what they are getting into when they say they will bail out Spain and defend the euro “at all costs”.
The Zapatero government, socialist as it may be, prefers to make cuts in social costs (pensions, civil servants’ salaries, etc.) rather than stop investing in renewable energy.

The Cameron government, socialist as it may be, prefers to make cuts in social costs (pensions, civil servants’ salaries, etc.) rather than stop investing in renewable energy, EC and bank welfare.

Signed off: R.I.P.
Neal Amundson (1916-2011)
Neal Amundson, considered by many the pre-eminent chemical engineer in the history of the United States just passed away after a long and distinguished career that spanned seven decades. He was 95.

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