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They Really Hate You And Your Descendents. CCNet update

Thanks to Dr Peiser, GWPF for the following:
CCNet – 15 February 2011 The Climate Policy Network

The Shame Of Green Britain
Families Go Without Food To Pay Winter Fuel Bills

1) Green Britain: Families Go Without Food To Pay Winter Fuel Bills -
ONE of the coldest winters in a century saw Welsh people risking their health by switching off heating in the face of rising energy bills, a report has found. The Bevan Foundation report said some families also plunged themselves into debt or went without food in an effort to afford to heat their homes. --Madeleine Brindley, Wales Online, 15 February 2011

2) Green Britain: A Developed Country Where Heating And Food Is On Ration -
Aled Blake, Wales Online, 12 February 2011
Nearly a third of children in Wales live in low-income households. Around 26% of all households in Wales are in fuel poverty, having to spend 10% of their income heating their home. It is feared that many low-income households are forced to choose between heating their home or providing their children with a nourishing meal. --
...We are living in a developed country but people aren’t able to heat their homes properly. The recent Assembly Government study showed 25% of households were in fuel poverty – it is an incredible sum. --Jonathan Edwards, MP

3) Gas Revolution: Europe Could Save €900bn And Still Hit Its CO2 Targets - Europe could save €900bn (£762bn) and still hit its 2050 carbon reduction targets if it built fewer wind farms and more gas plants, a coalition of gas producers including Gazprom, Centrica and Qatar Petroleum has told the European commission. --Tim Webb, The Guardian, 14 February 2011

4) Met Office No Longer Trusted By NI Government? - Autonomous Mind, 14 February 2011

5) Carbon Trading's Credibility Goes Up In Smoke Of Fraud - Financial Times, 15 February 2011

6) Sanity Slowly Returning To Global Warming Policy? -
Somebody should check the water Gunter Oettinger is drinking because it must contain something that restores common sense in critically important public policy discussions. Oettinger is the European Union's energy commissioner and, according to Britain's Guardian newspaper, he has dashed hopes of Big Green environmentalists worldwide with these words: "If we go alone to 30 percent, you will only have a faster process of deindustrialisation in Europe. I think we need industry in Europe, we need industry in the U.K., and industry means CO2 emissions." – The Washington Examiner, 12 February 2011

7) Larrie Goldstein: China Gets A Green Free Pass - Toronto Sun, 14 February 2011

No 6 - Oettinger is making a very slow U turn on pricing energy into industry obliterating, agenda compliant, European civilisation crippling levels. An admission the EC (Bilderberg) energy policy is harmful to health, wealth and happiness. He "predicted that what is left of European industry would flee the continent and move to Asia if" the 30% was applied. Those that have already fled from the ideologically driven regressives are probably overcompensating any accidental emission reductions caused by the devastating financial policy. The energy boondoggles and carbon credits do nothing to reduce emissions fortunately for our grand children, and biofuels cause them to increase.
The article goes on to talk about toxic biofuels "The price of a bushel of corn has doubled in the face of that demand, going from $3.50 a bushel to more than $7 a bushel, which drives up food prices more generally. "The price of corn affects most food products in supermarkets. It is used to feed the cattle, hogs and chickens that fill the meat case, and is the main ingredient in Cap'n Crunch in the cereal aisle and Doritos in the snack aisle. Turned into corn sweetener, it sweetens most soft drinks," the Times reported. There was no indication in the Times story that those same federal officials will do anything about this situation, but at least they recognize the connection between rising food prices and increasing ethanol production."
Corn to fuel kills and ethanol creates more smog forming molecules than the fos fuel it replaces.


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