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UK tax rebel. EPA coup news. Shale stuffing. Euthanasia by ethanol

A ray of hope. Refuse to pay tax. It is the only way to reign in the politicians. Without your money they are lost.
Here is a beginning.
Demand a contract from the council before paying council tax. I imagine this could be extended to paying income tax and handing over VAT. But I'm no expert. Here is what happens.
The Cat is Out of the Bag
This article is a continuation of the non-payment of council tax saga... now in its 3rd year.
[...] On the 11th January 2011 in the county court of Birkenhead, in front of witnesses, the court conceded to the right of Roger Hayes to act as ‘third party representative’ for MR ROGER HAYES. In essence the court agreed that they they were two entirely separate entities.  This is an extraordinary development to put it very mildly.
Imagine if you could sue the government for breach of contract. They would have to either say there is no contract or nail themselves to the ground by specifying item by item what the contract is.

War against globalism - the battle against the
From The Hill
Globalist EPA coup attempt update

House GOP spending bill prohibits funding for EPA climate regs
A government spending bill unveiled Friday night by House Republicans would prohibit funding for Environmental Protection Agency climate regulations through September of this year.
The continuing resolution, which would fund the government through the end of the fiscal year, is the latest attempt by Republicans to stop EPA from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. Republicans argue that pending EPA climate rules will destroy the economy and result in significant job losses. GOP lawmakers, including House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton (R-Mich.), have introduced legislation to permanently block the agency's climate authority.
The bill would block funding for all current and pending EPA climate regulations for stationary sources.

EPA's Jackson declines to address impact of House GOP spending bill

White House budget proposal cuts funding for EPA, but GOP wants more

... while globalists bitch Waxman attacks Upton over ‘one-sided’ hearing on enviro rules

(Not that it matters to the power crazed and agenda bent, the global surface air temperature anomaly trend from 1880 through 2000 is statistically indistinguishable from 0 C due to the size of sensor measurement uncertainty. The truth never gets in the way of money driven political confidence tricks. Uncertainty in the Global Average Surface Air Temperature Index: A Representative Lower Limit Patrick Frank.)

From American Spectator
AGs Band Together on Climate, Too
Not only are there 20-something state attorneys general litigating against Obamacare, but now 22 of them have weighed in on a landmark lawsuit in which an electric utility has sought relief from the Supreme Court over eight Northeastern states' attempt to regulate greenhouse gases via a public nuisance lawsuit. And the AGs are backing the utility -- American Electric Power Company -- not their Northeastern colleagues
[...] Should those Northeast lawyers succeed in convincing the Justices that bureaucrats can regulate mammalian exhalants (carbon dioxide) based on a "nuisance," then no one can escape the regulatory whims of government.

GHG Regulation: It's Not About Climate Change
[...] State Air Resources Director Robert Scott testified that the program was never intended to solve the climate change problem. When the program was established, the Legislature intended for it to be revisited to see if it was working, he said.
So there you have it: Even a top state air quality regulator admits that GHG programs do not exist to address global warming. If they do not solve a problem, then there is no reason to have them.

Except Where Climate Change is Concerned
The New York Times, in its report this morning about the massive snowstorm covering much of the U.S., begins with:
A paralyzing 2,000-mile swath of winter at its snowy, icy, messy worst pushed eastward across the United States on Tuesday, disrupting the rhythms of everyday life and punctuating this season's recurring lesson that humankind has no dominion over nature.
I'm sure that last phrase was purely accidental.
Gang-green alert, bum's rush required!
Australia's Gillard with a professed "no carbon tax" policy... She's a globalist. How could she go against orders?
Labor to introduce a carbon tax next year and an ETS in 2015. She didn't. Effectively saying to the electorate - frack you just as with Obama's EPA and the UK's tripartite coalition. The promise of a plum bank job after performing for the banks (now a UK tradition) must be a powerful incentive.

Cameron's teaser. Will he operate? He's a globalist. At best a show will be performed and the jobs moved sideways.
'Bonfire of the quangos' threatens climate change committee ("Bonfire" is code for "incorporation into other depts.")
Only when the 2008 climate change act is repealed will any hope of sanity and hat tipping to honesty return to the presently bankster controlled politics. Only when a firewall is established between banksters and No 10/ the HoP will real government by the elected be possible. Only when people stop using banks will a firewall be possible. Without your money banks are nothing.

Most that pay attention know UK gang-green politics has never been about the climate, it is about increasing political control and decreasing personal rights and freedom, particularly by taxation in order to forestall opposition to federalisation. Every PM since the war has contributed to the move to greater unity with Europe without a mandate. The banksters and their camp follower and globalist ideologue legions of incompetent bureaucrats demoted the federalisation plot to that of a stepping stone to eco-fascist global government. Gods forbid they succeed looking at the death, destruction and misery their wholesale incompetence and deceit has caused to-date. In Dangerous Energy Policies: The Ethanol Fiasco for example, "... a government report showing that corn prices have jumped 89% in the past year" tells a story of misanthropic co-opted ideologues and owned representatives and charities that is repeated continuously. DDT policy was to profit pesticide developers, the UN was the means and all they had to do was lie to enviro numbskulls to get them on board, the UN must have been aware of the mass deaths its policy would cause, probably why it supported the scam. Then came CFCs to profit DuPont and then the permits to emit chemicals that benefitted a host of "in the family" companies like GE, DuPont, BP and Enron, leading to the carbon credit scam that required the co-operation of governments and controlled NGOs like the UN and EC.
To understand the full story you need to know the mindset of the underdeveloped brains that fostered this evil. Strong is seen by many as a leading enviro. The words he purveys are parrot-speak of bankster direction. He is little more than a low level parasite profiteer aiding the Rothschilds in the fulfillment of their eighteen century promise to Weishaupt to communise the world.

Gang-green Stuffing. Notice instead of joy the dismay amongst the parliament community and panic in the EC and UN now shale has unleashed its bounty. This could stuff all of the globalist, federalist and gang-green scum. Not before time, not by the truth reigning supreme but by the gang-greenista's wholesale commitment to reducing CO2 emissions. They either go with the flow (of gas) or admit they have been lying from the get-go.
Gas Revolution: Europe Could Save €900bn And Still Hit Its CO2 Targets Not at all what they want. It totally obviates the criminal level of taxation and freedom diminishing gang-green legislation under the umbrella lie of protecting the grand children from the climate. (Hansen will show his true colours, brain damaged (or bought) globalist, genuine brain damaged and gang-green useful enviro dummkopf or both by his response.)
On saving €900bn, if the boondoggle boom (gang-green energy "solutions") goes belly-up (and it seems possible, Holland slashes carbon targets, shuns wind for nuclear) that number will be multiplied by 4. But the eco-fascist skittles won't give up the command and control attempt without a desperate attempt to frustrate the ball rolling down the alley straight at the centre pin - Shale Gas Faces Difficulties in Europe - "...fierce resistance over environmental concerns in the form of what amounts to moratoriums has surfaced in countries like France and there is pressure to freeze ongoing exploration in countries like the U.K."
This opposition flies in the face of reality, drilling takes 12 to 60 days and land is returned to its previous state when the equipment moves on - "maybe they do things different elsewhere, but here in the UK it is very hard to see what the fuss is about" (quote taken from here).
The reality, a dispassionate view: ‘Sustainability’: Some Free Market Reflections
[...] (1) A “sustainable” energy system, as that term is commonly used, will likely not materialize in our lifetimes;
(2) except for heavily-subsidized wind, solar, and biofuel energy, the current, largely fossil fuel-based energy system is already sustainable;
(3) the “sustainable energy” agenda imperils the improving state of the world and, therefore, is politically unsustainable.

After the CO2 scam has been fully stuffed by its doctrine the next step is to go after Rothschild-Rockefeller-Strong's Agenda 21 and steamroll the UK gov't of the moment to void its participation. "21" is a vital part of Rothschild-Rockefeller 's plan to establish an eco-fascist global government of banksters and "elites".
Agenda 21 – The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century
(CoR, Rockefeller, Maurice Strong's plan for eco fascist global gov't)
Wise Up Journal 
Water Watch Alliance
Maurice Strong – Man Behind Agenda 21- Part 1

The chaotic climate encapsulated:
From the elder Pielke site, New Paper “Random Walk Lengths Of About 30 Years In Global Climate” By Bye Et Al 2011

Jo Nova reports: Time for a new rigorous Association of Scientists
Below is the O so apt resignation of  Steven J. Welcenbach from the American Chemical Society (ACS). In it he describes how the largest scientific society in the world has become a non-scientific activist group bowing to political pressure and ignoring it’s members objections.

Master Resource: Matt Simmons’s Failed ‘Peak Oil’ Price Wager (Julian Simon rides again!) Robert Bradley Jr.
[This is the third and final part in a series on peak-oil theorist/neo-Malthusian Matthew Simmons (1943–2010). Part I by Rob Bradley examined the Simmons's peculiar interpretation of the Club of Rome's 1972 Limits to Growth. Part II by Michael Lynch reviewed the false arguments behind Simmons's peak-oil views.]

Thanks Junk Science for much of the above

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