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Fracking hell for "greens". Wind down. Mid East and N Africa.

Is it all a scam? 26 years of funding dedicated to biased research can't elicit a human signal from the climate record. How can CO2 STILL be claimed harmful?

No Tricks Zone
Conference: German Alarmists Alarmed Over Waning Alarmism – Growing US Scepticism.

Au herald Sun
Has any government failed at so much so fast?
We’re now familiar with the amazing litany of programs Labor has proposed and then junked in just three years in power.
Count them: FuelWatch, Grocery Watch, free insulation, cash-for-clunkers, solar energy rebates, the green loans scheme, the original mining super profits tax, the green car scheme, an emissions trading scheme by 2011, a takeover of public hospitals if no funding agreement by 2009, and more.
Then there’s the failures: the Building the Education Revolution (BER) rorts, the free computer delays, the superclinic delays and their doctorless-services, the phantom East Timor detention centre, the explosion of boat people arrivals after the “reform” of the Howard government’s laws, Rudd’s dead-on-arrival new Asia forum, “co-operative federalism”, the soccer World Cup bid ... well, I won’t go on.
Name any government that failed so often so fast.

Me, that is in the land of wombats and the world's most venomous snakes. In the UK the dopiest and deadliest animals are found in government. How long before Cameron's tripartite coalition is driven to overtake its fellow globalists in Au?

National Post

Kelly McParland: Ontario quietly reverses field on wind, solar energy
Times of international turmoil are great moments for domestic governments to make important announcements they don’t want to be noticed. Especially if the announcement involves a sudden reversal in policy that could seriously embarrass the government.
So Friday afternoon was an ideal time for Ontario’s Liberal government to take a big chunk of its alternative energy program and chuck it overboard. Attention was riveted on Egypt, where spectacular events were unfolding.  The perfect opportunity for Premier Dalton McGuinty to engineer yet another major reversal, while paying a minimal price among voters.
After years of touting wind projects as a critical piece of the alternative energy puzzle, the government let slip — very quietly — that offshore wind projects are no longer part of the game plan. Turns out there just isn’t enough scientific evidence that offshore wind projects do a lick of good, said Brad Duguid, the energy minister.
"It’s simply a case of recognizing we need to take a closer look at the science on freshwater offshore wind projects,” said Duguid. “Right now there’s only one in the world we’re aware of, in Sweden. There’s a number of issues that need to be looked at before anything could ever be considered for approval."
Gee, now wouldn’t you think the government would have checked out the science before insisting wind power was the way of the future? Evidently not.

National Post
Peter Foster: China backs shale revolution
$5.4B investment in Encana shows importance of ‘unconventional’ gas

Fracking: New drilling method opens vast oil fields in US

Wind turbine costs more than it saves
One of Britain's most visible wind turbines performed so badly last year that the energy is produced was worth less than the value of its public subsidies, it was reported.

NASA is considering giving climate politics science the bird and spending the savings on unrelated space flights. That'll leave the globalists looking elsewhere for funding of their main propaganda arm, perhaps from their own pockets rather than abusing taxpayers with tax money? How about the UK defunding CRU and Brit met and using the savings to return uni support to previous levels with the loose change going to the non bureaucrats in the NHS? Would the "elite" allow Cameron to do it?

Master resource - Matthew Simmons post mortem
I.  ‘Club of Rome’ Epiphany (The strange case of an energy investment banker turned energy alarmist)
II. The End of a Peak Oil Theorist: Matt Simmons in Retrospect (Part II)
Part III will look at Simmons's failed bet with different parties that the average price of oil in 2010 would be $200 per barrel or higher.

Those attempting to deepen poverty and destroy the US and Europe by making cheap fuel inaccessible to business, and by spending the countries wealth on interest to banks by borrowing money to spend on boondoggles such as industrial wind farms, solar energy, short run high speed rail etcetera have met very little criticism from the MSM. Here is another example,Quebec’s "$400-million arena laugh-a-thon" link.
Are we to conclude that the "elite" want us all back in colonial slave status? Their problem isn't with the rich, they are easily indoctrinated into the "club". Nor the poor, they aren't about to rock too many boats struggling to earn a crust. It is the middle classes that are reducing the power and control of nations' economies by draining their wealth, a sort of middle man between the blood supply (the poor ) and the "elite" who believe being the product of "elite" sperm somehow entitles them to a life of ease and luxury at the peasants' expense.
Obama and the Democrats are the "elite's" implementers in the US and the eco-fascist EC and the tripartite socialist UK gov in Europe. Here is the latest on Obama's EPA attempt to wrest legislative power from the lawmakers and become a kind of carbuncle overburden of bureaucracy as with the EU. An appointed rather than elected gov't. The justice system is politically controlled so trusting it for fair decisions is like trusting the banks to regulate themselves.

The EPA action is unjustified, unevidenced, unconstitutional, against public interest and will and requires contorting the rules. Did Jackson take lessons from the EC and the IMF-ECB? Well, they are all globalists so perhaps they have the same demented masters* telling them what to do.

Cooler Heads:
Circumnavigating regulations and public will seems to be the main thrust of the Obama administration. On the oil drilling moratorium "a federal judge in Louisiana this week found the DoI in contempt for its actions in the wake of the BP oil spill. About a month after the BP Deepwater Horizon accident in the Gulf, the DoI issued a moratorium on all drilling. However, a federal court put an injunction on the moratorium, in part because the Obama administration had based its decision on a report that was found to have been improperly doctored by the White House. Immediately after that ruling, the Obama administration issued a second moratorium that was virtually identical to the first. The court found that this second moratorium violated the preliminary injunction, and therefore found the DoI in contempt. As a result of the ruling, the government will have to pay the plaintiff’s legal fees, but it won’t impact the second moratorium, which was lifted on October 22, 2010. Despite the end of the de jure moratorium, the Obama administration has kept in place a de facto moratorium through bureaucratic foot-dragging."
Stop EPA's Energy Tax - Federal Authority: At a contentious hearing on legislation to keep the EPA from regulating carbon dioxide as a pollutant, Republicans rightly called global warming a power-grabbing hoax that is all pain for no gain.

EPA responds to congressional attempts to reel in greenhouse gas regulation
Report Outlines State Strategies to Resist EPA Leviathan

The Hill
Sierra Club launching campaign to defend EPA air rules
[...] Brune said the Sierra Club will be “pushing for the strongest possible rules coming from the EPA.” And the group will be organizing at the local level to push coal power plants to install technology to reduce air emissions.
The group will also be targeting lawmakers who vote for proposals to block EPA rules. “We’re going to make very clear to those who seek to weaken EPA safeguards that there is a price to be played at the ballot,” Brune said.

My comment: What the Sierra Club wants done is what the EC did to Ireland after a referendum went against ratifying the Lisbon Constitution treaty. They asked them to vote again after a massive propaganda campaign and promises that were hollow. Now that republic is paying the price. Voters that put the Republicans back in the game to rein in eco-fascism don't need to be asked twice.
The left of sane globalist influence is repeated in the UK where the 3 main parties are united under the commie socialist banner. There is no opposition. In that regard the US is fortunate.

Now all we need to know is why the US, EU and Israeli admin didn't condemn the corrupt Mubarak dictatorship. Who will the "elites" field to replace him or will they wait till the popular choice is seated and then corrupt him?

The Turkish (religionist wolf in democratic sheepskin disguise) government "Democracy is like a train - you get off when you reach your destination" is fond of internet censorship, press censorship, incremental imposition of religious law and tax at an eye-watering level with its attendant corruption. All in all it looks to be a model for the globalists ambitions. I wonder whether there is globalist handiwork there? Must check the "club" for ancestral links to see if any "elites" were poking around in the Middle East in recent history, if I get time.
The "club"? The cause of most of the strife and misery in the world today and throughout history -
***Astor, Bundy, Collins, DuPont, Freeman, Kennedy, Li (Chinese), Onassis, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Russell,. van Duyn, Merovingian

Carlin who knew what was what, "America is owned by the club and your aren't in it!", concluded violence was the only answer. Egypt and Tunisia proves him correct, the "club's" dictators like Ali take a threat to their existence to pry loose from the seat of power where they treat the country like a limitless cash dispenser and the population as serfs. What will it take to set the UK to rights - or has it reached the stage of apathy and misplaced trust where they are content to let the same subjugation go on happening?

Entertainment Carlin style. Give your eyes a rest.
Dunno what they are all about as I've only listened to one so far.
(Right click, save as) 26mb 42mb 147mb 3mb 14mb

There seems to be a consensus amongst the inbred that 500 mil people is the right number for the planet. I contend zero elites is the right number leaving the population regulating itself. Let's put it to the vote. Surgical birth control for the losers.

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