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What a gas! And there's more. EPA coup progress. CCNet newletters. Enviroclowns

Politicians that claim they were caught unawares by the new source of cheap energy are liars. They all read my blog and have been kept informed of developments virtually as they happened. Seriously, can they please ask their gang-greenous and globalist camp follower advisors to refund their fees and then advise them to go jump off a bridge, the higher the better.

The Natural Gas Debate
Some would say it tip-toes round the uselessness of gang-green "solutions. However some good points are made with regard to how dependent gang-green energy (pretend solutions to the non existent threat of human CO2) is on the gas.
(BTW natural gas is renewable and as drilling finds oil at depths where biomass could not possibly reach, non organic origins of much of the hydrocarbon products is firmly established. Further support for this is found on planets where the atmosphere is significantly methane and biomass is very, very highly unlikely to have been involved in its production.)

Further reading from the same source:
Natural Gas ‘Can Reduce Emissions Significantly’

Nat. Gas Boom Shifts Energy Balance Of Power To US

Natural Gas Glut Will Weaken Russian Grip on Europe

(I ain't read them yet so can't comment)

JS Feb 9
EPA - Jackson's coup bid. Progress report.
Energy & Commerce Hearing: Does the Clean Air Act Authorize EPA to Regulate Greenhouse Gases?

Despite veto threats, critics say Obama would sign two-year delay of EPA regs

Since the 112th Congress was gaveled into session, lawmakers have introduced numerous different pieces of legislation to block the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating greenhouse gas emissions. But they have all been burdened with a threat from President Obama to veto any bill that undermines the EPA’s authority.
As recently as last week, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson reiterated the president’s threat, telling reporters that “Nothing has changed.”
[...] “The administration would love to be forced to postpone implementation for a couple years,” Dan Kish of the Institute for Energy Research told The Daily Caller. “They will feign objections to a delay but that’s the briar patch they want to be thrown in.”
“It gets him [Obama] past the election,” Kish added. (Amanda Carey, The Daily Caller)
How is it the public can vote against something yet a public servant in an office of lower authority than the lawmakers can use subterfuge to circumnavigate the public's wishes? Shouldn't there be a public inquiry into this?

Enviroclowns Masquerading as Climate Scientists Tony Elliot
Anyone who thinks Al Gore is not to blame for the Global Warming/Climate craze because it is the climate scientists who direct this maniacal Political Scheme is totally out of their minds. Al Gore is the individual who gathered these people together for the perpetuation of his dream scheme in the first place.
I disagreed, my response - Al is a traitor and a tool pigeon.
Tony, thanks for your effort. Further research is needed. Scapegoating Al may make some feel good but it is squeezing a blackhead when gangrene has reached above the knees.
Some links that help clarify. In the first link, look for the Rothschild-Weishaupt relationship, the root of all the badness that is happening today. The illuminati merged with freemasons in the late 1700s and its doctrine has been mason doctrine since.
The Club of Rome "think tank", created to find means of implementing eco-fascist global government and population reduction to 500 mil is largely responsible for the agenda of the UN, particularly the radical UNEP and activist IPCC. Strong, Gore, Soros being members. It seems to be at the heart of the CO2 scare scam along with various other Rockefeller (a Rothschild by ancestral marriage) orgs such as CFR, Fabians, Bilderberg etc.
Blair who stabbed the UK in the heart, the knife pushed in to the hilt by Brown is Club of Madrid that was created by CoR. Bilderberg, another Rockefeller org strongly influences EC policy and movement towards federalisation as a step to global gov.
Rompuy is of the Bilderberg group with Blair, Brown, Cameron, Osborne, Bush, Clinton and many others being attendees. The MSM in the US, UK and various other nations is loyal to the Bilderberg group.
All the leading movers and shakers almost without exception look to have ties with masonry. When Rockefeller talks of world gov't by bankers and "elites", the latter refers to royalty whose participation in masonry at a high level is undisputed.

Where-why-how the CO2 scam was developed.
Club of Rome
Rockefeller -
Greed posing as philanthropy
More dirt
The UN and EU agendas are based in Nazi eco fascism. Evidence can be found in various writings here -
At least read these:

After that you will have a little insight into the realities of today's puppet politics and puppet terrorism.

CO2 is harmless to the climate and good for the environment. That is why science after 26 years of research can find no sign of human influence in the climate record. "Lost in the noise" they claim. It simply doesn't exist.
We are in a relatively bloodless (if one ignores DDT and biofuel kills) covert war for control of the globe.

The UK hasn't been totally destroyed yet.

yesterday chose to highlight the bonnie prince's eco-speak propaganda. I find him kind of a fun person as a simple, "bought the package" soul, whom only the fawners and brain-numbed heed. Personally I prefer to not advertise his eco-speak as it only encourages others of the less well informed fraternity to ape. And he does do a good job of managing his estates, a shining example to the surviving 500 million bods should his ilk gain control of the globe.
CCNet  -  10+11 February 2011

The Climate Policy Network

Anger Over Prince Charles's Climate Change Blast

1) Anger Over Prince Charles's Climate Change Blast - PRINCE Charles was accused of endangering his reputation yesterday after claiming climate change sceptics were “playing a reckless game of roulette” with the world’s future. In a speech to Euro MPs and business leaders in Brussels, he lashed out at those urging caution in response to apocalyptic warnings about the effects of global warming. But Dr Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a think-tank concerned about the costs of fashionable green policies, said: “He shouldn’t really take such a strong political position on such a contentious issue that divides public opinion, as polls show. I think he’s really risking his reputation. He’s not really helping the situation,” he said.
... Dr Peiser said the Prince was wrong on the key issue that the West’s economic model was flawed. “More advanced societies in Europe and North America have a much better track record on environmental policies than other parts of the world,” he said. “But also the prescriptions he is promoting, such as biofuels, are part of the problem and have been the cause of food riots around the world.” --Richard Palmer, Royal Correspondent, Daily Express, 10 February 2011

2) The Shame Of Green Britain: The Prince of Wales vs the Children of Wales - THE health and education of children in Wales’ poorest areas is suffering because their families can not afford to heat their homes. Around 26% of all households in Wales are in fuel poverty, having to spend 10% of their income heating their home. Recent Consumer Focus Wales research found more than half the population (54%) are worried about paying for their winter energy bills. --David Williamson, Wales Online, 8 February 2011

3) World Bank Report: Stern's Disaster Claims 'Completely Inconsistent With Empirical Evidence' - Roger Pielke Jr, 9 February 2011

4) Anne Jolis: The Weather Isn't Getting Weirder - Global-warming alarmists insist that economic activity is the problem, when the available evidence show it to be part of the solution. We may not be able to do anything about the weather, extreme or otherwise. But we can make sure we have the resources to deal with it when it comes.- The Wall Street Journal, 10 February 2011

5) Republicans Propose to Reprioritize NASA for Human Space Flight Missions, Drop Climate Change - SpaceRef, 9 February 2011

6) Projected Impact Of Global Warming On Europe Negligible - The Resilient Earth, 9 February 2011

Green Policy In Deep Crisis, UK Government Concedes

Whatever the outcome of the forthcoming election, Britain's extravagant climate policies are unlikely to survive intact. The coming battle over the cost of unilateral CO2 targets and utopian decarbonisation will be overshadowed by the next government's desperate attempt to revive the UK economy, raise its competitiveness and radically reduce the rising debt burden. Conventional climate policies have no future. What is necessary now is the development of alternative approaches that are politically realistic and economically feasible. --Benny Peiser, Public Service, 23 April 2010

1) Green Policy In Deep Crisis, Government Concedes - The British Government says it must address public concerns about onshore wind turbines and tackle negative opinion about climate science. "The Government recognises that the hectoring approach has not worked and a new approach is needed,"
... The recent Ipsos Mori/University of Cardiff survey on public perceptions of climate change found that one third of Britons think the science on climate change has been exaggerated. To policy makers, committed to making this the greenest Government ever, that presents a significant challenge, so the first step we need to take is to understand the reasons behind this view. -- Energy Minister Charles Hendry, Click Green News, 11 February 2011

2) Solar Tariff Review Shocks Green Investors - The surprise decision by the British government to review its subsidy system for solar and green energy projects is causing shock waves among investors in the renewables sector. --Kiel Porter, Financial News, 11 February 2011

3) Holland slashes carbon targets, shuns wind for nuclear - In a radical change of policy, the Netherlands is reducing its targets for renewable energy and slashing the subsidies for wind and solar power. It's also given the green light for the country's first new nuclear power plants for almost 40 years. Why the change? Wind and solar subsidies are too expensive. Holland's policy U-turn means the EU renewable targets aren't set in stone - and there are more cost-effective ways of hitting the targets. --Andrew Orlowski, The Register, 11 February 2011

4) Britain Increasingly Isolated On EU Climate Policy - The UK government's plan to push Europe to deeper cuts on greenhouse gas emissions has been dashed by the EU's energy chief. Günther Oettinger, the EU's energy commissioner, dealt a heavy blow to the hopes of several member states that have been pressing for a target of slashing emissions by 30% by 2020, against the current 20%. --Fiona Harvey, The Guardian, 11 February 2011

5) Peter Foster: China Backs Shale Revolution - Financial Post, 11 February 2011

6) David Whitehouse: No Arctic “Tipping Point” - The Observatory, 10 February 2011

7) And Finally: BBC Shrinks Psycho-Analyse Climate Sceptics - Samizdata, 11 February 2011

Thanks to Dr Peiser and the GWPF

(Does 11022011 have any meaning? Nope)

Celebration time is not yet. Only when the last eco-fascist globalist has been strangled with the entrails of the last eco-lawyer ... We're still waiting for the end of bishops and politicians by that method so don't get anyone's hopes up. When the carbon dioxide scam dies at least the means to subjugate and wreck economies will have been wrested from the EC and the UN mafiarse'oles and the excuse for around 600 quangos will have vaporised. For that we have non aligned scientists that have patiently contested every absurd claim of the activist-alarmist fraternity, its complicit media and puppet politicians. CO2 is harmful. ROTFALMAO.

(Listen, if you wish to invest in green tech I'm patenting the electro-hamster wheel. 100 would be enough to power all of Africa. I just need a few billion to get it into production. Whadd'ya mean piffle??? They bought the windmill sales pitch didn't they?)

Thoughts. A number of JWs sold everything they owned and borrowed money to go on a holiday spree believing the end was the week after next. c. ~1980s. Is that the mindset of the fantasists that head the western puppet gov'ts, that the prophesised destruction of the west by fire, the NWO arising from the ashes is imminent and justification for 12 zeros of debt? If destruction by fire is to happen, the globalists had better get a move on arming Iran and the CIA's terrorist orgs with nukes.
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