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Dr Roy. What most people don’t realize is that the vast majority of published research on the topic simply assumes that warming is manmade. It in no way “proves” it.
If the science really is that settled, then this challenge should be easy:
Show me one peer-reviewed paper that has ruled out natural, internal climate cycles as the cause of most of the recent warming in the thermometer record.

While we spend eternity waiting for the warmist community to provide empirical evidence to support their alarmism, I for one shall treat their "warming will toast grand kids" and "warming causes cooling" with equal contempt.

The EPA leaders decided to ignore their own staff findings (Scaffetta
here and paper here) that conflicted with their dogmatic belief in human emissions driven warming and coup bid instead preferring modelled scenario based prediction to data sourced prediction, pretty much in line with IPCC advocacy. Models are right, data is wrong. As a perfect example of the deception such a resolve necessarily obliges, lower mid through to upper tropospheric global humidity (RH) has been observed to be falling since 1948. Models require it to be increasing. Models require a "hot spot" at 10km altitude in tropics. It isn't there. Model scenarios and reality parted company in 1995 despite best efforts to make reality fit assumption. 7 years right 16 years wrong.

Belief in the nonsense that human CO2 emissions as a small fraction of natural emissions drive the climate - or even significantly influence it reveals those proselytising and portraying acceptance of the evidence-absent opinion (that is of benefit only to political agendas such as eco fascist
globalism, socialist nanny government regimes, white elephant ornament business and speculator profit) as either thick or profit driven. In the EPA's case it is becoming increasingly plain that they seek to impose draconian regulation regardless of the justification and success will give the EPA greater control of the economy than the house or the senate, effectively a coup. The the EPA, EC, the UN, CFR, UK government (its 3 siamesed main parties) and more are aligned in this use of fanciful climate alarm to take financial power and self determination from the people in order to clear the path for a non accountable global government of bankers and "elites". They are either self serving traitors or agenda driven traitors. Royalty aligning with the traitors means they are no longer a buffer against freedom and national wealth pillaging bureaucrats and bankers. Perhaps the royals, not just in the UK see themselves as the "elite" part of global government, a retro step and most certainly not in any nation's best interest. Retro goes double for religious bureaucracy's participation.

The people behind globalism are ruthless. They seek population reduction by any means, the UN led DDT scandal was probably one such instance where unscrupulous profit (new mosquito poison) and contemptible idealism backed by significant political influence not just by control of the UN enabled it, biofuel is another mechanism that displays the extreme contempt globalism supporters hold human life. The EPA is raising the obligatory level of biofuel content in petrol and diesel. This can only force corn and wheat prices with institutional speculator support making the murderous policy even more effective in raising the death toll, starvation causing inhuman suffering. The people doing this in full knowledge of the consequences deserve the same fate. That includes past and present EC commissioners. The UN fearing funding impacts and even its very existence is desperately trying to step back from its gung-ho support for assassination due to biofuel. It holds guilt for a major proportion of such deaths by its (continuing) dogmatic insistence that CO2 emitted by humans is harmful.

The globalists' objective is a world population of 500 million. Their blindness to simple facts is unbelievable. Major wars, many of which they have been involved in instigating and or financing show that a population rebound always occurs at the termination of hostilities. It is no different to other occurrences of decimation such as Spanish flu or the black death. If they were aware
of this then the DDT scandal must have been for purely financial reasons. This is the true nature of the real cancer in humanity. It consists of a hard core of around 2000 sick minds and many more that either benefit from following the camp or have been co-opted. Blair, Brown, Cameron, Osborne, Tickell, Houghton to name but a few give every appearance of being camp followers or cult-indoctrinated enablers.

Gore recognised that biofuel is a game loser, the UN followed and the EC is seeing the light. The problem is that their main objective, eco fascist world government remains unaltered. The only way of stopping the evil is by separating their access to funding that arrives in globalist control from government gifts to green banks, the UN, the EC, debt currency and commodity manipulation, medical, chemical and charity scams and the big one, the CO2 scam. It is the use of banks and the loyalty of political parties' upper hierarchy to the globalist cause that gets the nation's earned income from people's pockets into globalist control. If you find globalism, euthenasia and mass murder reasonable, vote for any of the three main parties, it doesn't matter which, and use banks.Don't turn valueless paper money into goods with material value, especially avoid physical gold and silver the purchase of which could cause banks that have sold their holdings 2, 3 or more times over to fail. N.M Rothschilds and JPM appear vulnerable.


Sources -
ITN, Treehugger

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