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Façade government herding the nation to third world status, CCNet update

A façade government herding the nation to third world status is a burden and surplus to requirements.
Replacing coal with gas would effectively meet the Rothschild-Rockefeller (Enron, DuPont, Obama, Soros, Strong, Gore, Bilderberg-EC, CoR-UN, CFR) concocted CO2 reduction goals - if we are denied a membership referendum and such matters from a financial perspective (EC fines). More important than legalised protection rackets it is cost effective and gas to energy plants can be ready in time to avoid the predicted blackouts in 2015 if those profligate with borrowed public funds, profiteers and cloud cuckoo land ideologues responsible for energy security get their fingers out of the pie in sky and come back to earth - or get out of the way. The coal thus freed can go to China towards settling debt.

Regardless of what scum, ideologues and profiteers do to worsen the UK's distress their command, control and tax to the bone via the CO2 con is doomed to failure and the ornamental wind farm scam is being made to look a even bigger white elephant boondoggle if that is possible. The intent of the progeny of the Sheriff of Nottingham to force the price of fossil fuel via enforced carbon capture (boondoggle CCS' bonus purpose) and swingeing tax to a level that would cause it to be more expensive than wind energy without subsidies is now doomed to failure with the advent of shale and the remarkably rapid development of high tech energy solutions. Too many suspicious people are watching for Cameron's cunning stunt men to float another scam or impose even more outrageous energy penalties. Short of suffering what the EPA is attempting, virtually an eco fascist coup attempt with the US earned income opened to legalised plunder as the prize, bilderberg the EC Cameron some fast changes are needed. Traitors (sell-outs if you prefer) giving away national sovereignty and those with a vested interest in putting the UK into debt slavery (the conservative, labour, green and liberal parties) have to go.

Cheap energy, how can humanity's enemies in UK politics avoid it now?
As well as a transparent spray-on solar energy collector, energy from magnetism and new nuclear whose waste is relatively safe after 50 years compared to uranium waste's 1,000s, mentioned in previous posts, I'm surprised the following new tech hasn't been in the news, it is worthy of massive investment and will reign in globalist oilies' (BP,
Standard etc.) corruption of politics even more than gas is raining on the globalists' EC - UN assault on the middle classes. If Rockefeller or Rothschild don't buy and bury it.

Taking the piss out of bacteria
Joule is applying advanced genome engineering to develop a library of proprietary organisms, each one optimized for productivity according to the desired end product. Because the organisms are engineered to directly synthesize and secrete fuels, we will avoid costly steps such as large-scale biomass production and collection or other downstream refinement. Our technology has already been proven with the direct conversion of CO2 to liquid hydrocarbons and ethanol, avoiding the economic and environmental burden of multi-step, petroleum- or biomass-dependent methods.

Multi-Product Capability
Joule's unique combination of genome and process engineering has enabled a technology platform that is capable of making multiple end products, including liquid hydrocarbons that are fungible with existing diesel fuel and can also be refined to make renewable jet fuel and gasoline. Our products will include ultra clean diesel, ethanol and commodity chemicals, directly targeting multi-billion dollar opportunities in the oil, chemical, consumer and agricultural industries

Home page
here - The Race Is On. The Finish Line? Energy Independence.

Fair weather or foul, industrial wind power is always a loser and that has been known since before its imposition. Denmark sells it cheap across the border and buys it back at top dollar when it is needed, clever Huhne's intended solution to the UK energy calamity-debacle. Here is Canada's experience -
There’s an obvious solution to prevent a repeat of the recent fiasco where Ontario had to pay Quebec and the U.S. almost $1.5 million to take surplus electricity generated by wind turbines on New Year’s Day.
It’s turn off the turbines.
In a logical world, that’s what would have happened when mild temperatures and low power demand — to be expected on a statutory holiday — caused the surplus.
Unfortunately, we’re talking about Premier Dalton McGuinty’s so-called “green” energy policies, where nothing is logical. - ,
The private operators of these turbines have signed long-term contracts to supply this electricity, power which is already heavily subsidized by electricity consumers, since wind energy isn’t financially viable without those subsidies.
This situation is only going to get worse in future, as 5,000 megawatts of wind energy capacity is scheduled to come online in Ontario by 2013. -
full article in the Toronto Sun

A tough economy makes going green an expensive option, one that many governments are beginning to pass on:
via Daily Bayonet

Far from being just an expensive option it is also a criminal option in that it causes wealth to flow to the few to the cost of and with wholly negative benefit to the masses and exists due to lies, greased palms, cupidity and stupidity. Whether fraud or confidence trick, it doesn't matter.

No Hot Air
writes about a visit to the UK shale gas drill site -
After meeting talkers of the global shale industry in Paris earlier this week, time to meet the doers on the ground. I visited Cuadrilla Resources Grange Hill and Preese Hall wells near Blackpool on Saturday 5 February.
It's surprising how many "energy experts" will tell us that shale is slow, unworkable, expensive and bad for the environment.  How many of them leave their offices and actually visit one?
I am not at liberty to answer any questions over numbers except to say that Cuadrilla are "very satisfied' with progress so far.
As to what was was my first visit to a shale well, maybe they do things different elsewhere, but here in the UK it is very hard to see what the fuss is about. - Continues by disproving gang-green, pessimistic and naysayer false negatives

CCNet - relevant news articles – 7 February 2011 The Climate Policy Network

Shale Gas Revolution Changes Everything

EU leaders gave the first tentative indication that the EU could see shale gas - an as-yet fledgling technology to extract gas from shale rock deposits - as a future way to energy security. “In order to further enhance its security of supply, Europe’s potential for sustainable extraction and use of conventional and unconventional (shale gas and oil shale) fossil fuel resources should be assessed,” they agreed. –New Europe, 6 February 2011

Shale Gas Revolution Changes Everything - Shale gas is quite simply changing the whole energy paradigm in real time. The unlocking of source rock, has altered the future history of mankind. The world has discovered and unlocked its newest true world changing source of stored energy. The new technology will change the basic political power structures that exist today. -- Jack H. Barnes, Business Insider, 6 February 2011

Deregulation + Free Markets = Energy Security - The shale gas revolution has been a surprise, in a sector where surprises are still permitted. Nobody "planned" it. There's a lesson here for every kind of reformer: Often the only plan needed is a plan to remove obstacles to innovation. The organized interests whose world is being knocked for a loop by shale gas surely aren't happy about it. The quality on display here is freedom to innovate, also known as freedom to disrupt the rich and powerful who would prefer not to be disrupted.   -- Holman W Jenkins, The Wall Street Journal, 5 February 2011

No Wonder U.S. Republicans Promise To Cut Energy R&D By $5 Billion  - Science Insider, 3 February 2011

Shale Gas Dispute Shakes EU Energy Summit - Spiegel Online, 4 February 2011
According to information seen by SPIEGEL ONLINE, Brussels has put the exploration of new shale gas deposits on the agenda shortly before the EU summit meeting. But the drilling methods are risky - and controversial. Several countries have protested vehemently. The government in Warsaw is supporting the drilling of unconventional gas resources in Poland with a vengeance. It hopes that increased drilling in Poland will make it more independent from the energy hegemony of Russia. According to diplomatic circles, France and Germany are supporting the Polish advance.  --Stefan Schultz, Spiegel Online, 4 February 2011

UK Parliamentary Committee to hold first evidence session of Shale Gas inquiry - Energy and Climate Change Committee, 4 February 2011

6) L
ack of Wind Raises Fears for Future of Green Britain - The Times, 2 February 2011

UK Treasury Set To Kill Off Green Investment Bank - Treasury officials are set to kill off the Government's dream of creating a 'green bank' to help fund billions of pounds of investment in wind farms and nuclear power stations. -- Tom McGhie, Mail on Sunday 6 February 2011

Matt Ridley: How To Unlearn Pessimism - The Rational Optimist, 7 February 2011

Thanks to Dr Peiser,

Corrupt government and corrupt currency enables parasitical endeavours
For those genuinely suckered by con-men with the promise of a milder climate due to human emissions, genuinely suckered by the "too good to be true" industrial wind energy propaganda, genuinely too dull witted or apathetic to find out the facts, that have permitted our descendents' wealth to be squandered by the bent and the old boys' club, thanks for the lesson. You'd make better public servants as door stops.

The Standard Oil link is to an essay, a narrative that outlines base parasitical business practices by the anachronous corruption that is seeking ever greater power and control, it ends thus:
"As for the ethical side, there is no cure but an increasing scorn of unfair play -an increasing sense that a thing won by breaking the rules of the game is not worth the winning. When the business man who fights to secure special privileges, to crowd his competitor off the track by other than fair competitive methods, receives the same summary disdainful ostracism by his fellows that the doctor or lawyer who is "unprofessional," the athlete who abuses the rules, receives, we shall have gone a long way toward making commerce a fit pursuit for our young men." - link

Commerce and governance is continuously corrupted by self interested scumbags. Rothschild, Rockefeller and their bankster cartel head the field in this area. The changes made to copyright by the mafia entertainment industry via corrupt national representatives and
enforced by the voracious legal industry of equally base morals that has gone the extra mile to ensure the flow of money from the poor to the rich is maintained is an overt demonstration of the way the shadowy globalist scum's scam works.

All it needs for the corrupters to succeed is for honest people to do nothing.
Or partake of the feast that is made of their own flesh.
How long have representatives known that fiat money and fractional reserve banking were a financial scam, a means to transfer wealth from the poor to the criminal classes for doing no more than printing paper or creating currency in cyber space, and kept it secret? The scam continues with the creation of new currencies like carbon credits and the euro and new ways continue to be found to separate a person from their earned income, the carbon credit VAT fraud is a perfect example, enabled by the creation of the fraud instrument in the first place and by corrupt officialdom in the second.

Until currency is created debt free and proportionate punishment of representatives bowing to lobbyist, gangster and other scum dictates against the interests of those that gave them their position happens, until charity means charity rather than an alternative income source for the misbegotten "upper classes" and monied and demented political activists the decent place to live this planet should be will never exist.

Those aiding and abetting the system twisters to the disadvantage of the masses are as contemptible and guilty as the scum. They know who they are don't they Mr Cameron? Cutting the strings of the globalist bankster puppeteers and their EC and staking their umbilical, debt currency is the only option. Those whose family, financial and political loyalties are not in the national interest have no business being in charge.

It is legal to use alternative payment methods. Gold, silver, exchange of goods or service, personal IOUs are just a few examples. Let the faceless chase their valueless paper.
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