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CCNet update Feb 4

CCNet  - 4 February 2011, The Climate Policy Network
Europe's Industry May Be Left Behind By Shale Revolution

The head of Dow Chemical Co. said Thursday that the U.S. can become a low-cost leader for the global industry as shale gas production increases and cheap natural gas from the Middle East is diverted to produce power. –The Wall Street Journal, 3 February 2011

1) Europe's Industry May Be Left Behind By Shale Revolution - The impact of shale has the potential, if we are smart enough to grab it, to ripple through the entire European economy. Energy is a key economic marker, and if Europe turns it back on shale it also concedes a significant economic advantage to the rest of the world. This underlines even more how slowing down Europe shale production by looking the gift horse of shale in the mouth will end up shooting the chemical industry and many others in the foot.—No Hot Air, 4 February 2011

2) Peanuts! Europe Faces €2.9 Trillion Bill To Meet 2020 Climate Targets - European firms and governments will need to spend €2.9 trillion over the next decade to deliver the renewable energy and low-carbon infrastructure necessary to meet 2020 emissions reductions targets. That is the stark conclusion of a new study from Accenture and Barclays Capital released today, which aims to quantify the cost to Europe of meeting climate change targets that aim to reduce emissions across the bloc by 20 per cent against 1990 levels. –BusinessGreen, 2 February 2011

3) Ernest Istook: "Green Jobs" Cronyism and Cannibalism - Simply put, the green jobs agenda spends billions of taxpayer dollars to destroy existing jobs and replace them with jobs in politically-favored businesses, raising the costs of energy along the way. The politically-connected win. Existing job-holders and companies lose. Home electric bills go up. It's cronyism that is building a political power structure based on false claims about clean green jobs. It's cannibalism because creating the green jobs requires killing off existing jobs.- Huffington Post, 3 February 2011

4) Michael Graham: Meet The Global Weirdos - For a theory to be scientific, it must be fallible — capable of being proven false. If every weather condition can be used to “prove” global warming simply by being declared “weird,” then it’s not science. It’s a joke. Which is exactly what the environmental movement has become. –Michael Graham, Boston Herald, 3 February 2011

5) New Study: Malaria In Africa Likely To Decline With Global Warming - Science Daily, 2 February 2011

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