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Is Mr Cameron directed by CoR? CCNet update, Ice, Gas and profit

Would Mr Cameron be kind enough to arrange an unbiased cost benefit report for climate modelling, IPCC and UNEP funding, wind farm -, PV panel - biofuel, CCS subsidies, climate junkets and donations to African countries to avoid coal to energy plant construction. That is what any honest government would provide.

We were told repeatedly that warming meant longer, balmy summers and wet winters, that cooling would show shortening, changeable summers and increasingly hard winters. Now we are told that the climate is cooling and it is because of human CO2 emissions increasing the average temperature that has caused the climate to change. The story lacks the consistency of truth and it is following the curve of solar - ocean cycles as closely as the climate. Alarming cooling in the low curve period, increasingly alarming AGW in the rising curve, warming period, hysterically alarming weather events due to AGW at the top of the curve as the climate swings ever more rapidly into cooling.

CO2 emitters have been found guilty based on agenda-serving opinion and propaganda for 25 years now. There is still no credible evidence, the human signal has not been found in the climate record. More than that, had GHGs been significant there would have been a tropical warm spot around 10km up. There wasn't and isn't. Even more than that, if CO2 had been in any way capable of significant warming by positive feedback, water vapour would have been/ would be increasing. It is decreasing. Solar and ocean changes have a closer correlation with global temperature than CO2, even ENSO alone has a closer correlation. What kind of scientist modeller chooses the climate component with the weaker correlation as having the greater effect i.e. CO2 rather than solar-ocean influence? Why the bias?

Emitters are not guilty. Clean air regulations have had a much greater influence than the sum of human emissions since the Little Ice Age ended due to solar changes. Removing sulphur dioxide removed a solar radiation reflector from the air. If anyone needs penal regulation for letting in more sunlight it is politicians since the 1950s.

You believe human CO2 drives the climate? Would you care to buy a bridge wind farm?

Mr. Cameron I challenge you. If your acuity lack avoids reason and you choose to believe the AGW dogma then subsidise CO2 emissions and avoid the arriving (possibly and hopefully only a little) ice age that you believe is caused by CO2 emissions warming the planet.

Think of the savings from road salt alone.

CCNet – 3 February 2011 The Climate Policy Network

BBC, Royal Society President Misled Public Over CO2 Emissions

Paul Nurse is the new President of the Royal Society. His predecessor Martin Rees was firm in his insistence on the seriousness of climate science and climate change, and Nurse is equally so. In a striking BBC Horizon documentary Science Under Attack he examines why public trust in scientific theory appears to have diminished, especially in relation to climate change. --Hot Topic, 29 January 2011

BBC, Royal Society President Misled Public Over CO2 Emissions
After the BBC Horizon programme with [the President of the Royal Society] Paul Nurse the other day, eyebrows were raised over one of the claims in the show, namely that emissions from fossil fuel burning dwarfed natural emissions. So in terms of what is interesting us here, the figures in the BBC Horizon show were clearly completely wrong, which I guess we knew. It's good to have confirmation of this though. The question is, what does this mean for Professor Nurse and the reputation of the BBC? –Andrew Montford, Bishop Hill, 3 February 2011
UK Government Was Concerned About Mixed Forecasts From Met Office
The Met Office has twisted itself into so many contortions to provide it with deniability of any forecast that is inaccurate, it has put itself in a position where they are telling the media, the public, bloggers, National Grid and the Cabinet Office that black is actually white. -–Autonomous Mind, 2 February 2011
David Whitehouse, The Temperature of 2010
Contrary to press reports the evidence is that 2010 was a year no different from all of the years 2001-2009 with the exception of a moderate to strong El Nino that elevated temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere’s Spring, and a cooling La Nina later in the year. The standstill seen in global temperatures since 2001 continues. –The Observatory, 2 February 2011
Fred Pearce: Climate Sceptics And Scientists Attempt Peace Deal
Climate sceptics offer a peace deal. Well, no it wasn't quite like that. But in Lisbon, Portugal, last week, I joined a group of 28 climate scientists, bloggers and professional contrarians who spent three days discussing how to encourage reconciliation in the increasing fractious debate about the science of climate change. – New Scientist, 2 February 2011
Gerald Traufetter: Climate War Continues Despite Reconciliation Meeting
Recently, a reconciliation conference took place in Lisbon - but there seems to be no particular interest in peace. The problems start with naming your opponents correctly. Are sceptics battling against alarmists? Deniers against catastrophists? Or realists against warmists? The battlefield of this war, which is fought with graphs, charts and verbal attacks, is usually the digital jungle of the internet. Therefore, it was a little sensation that parts of the warring factions were actually physically meeting in Lisbon last week - and this under the headline "reconciliation in the climate debate." Equally remarkable was the fact that the workshop with about 30 participants was organised by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. --Gerald Traufetter, Spiegel Online, 31 January 2011

Thanks to Dr Peiser, GWPF
World Climate Report - Arctic Ice “Tipping Point” Rejected 
Concerns itself about the findings of a German team published in Geophysical Research Letters:
[...] The latest science indicates that perhaps Holdren ought to rethink this whole line of argument. It is grossly outdated and misinformed.

What natural gas can do to cut vehicle carbon emissions
The use of natural gas as vehicle fuel is something that I've only touched on before but it needs to start comng to the fore.  Natural gas vehicles seem one of those niche markets like biogas that are fine in principle but are not the main event.

Carbon Dioxide and Earth’s Future:
Pursuing the Prudent Path Craig and Sherwood Idso, CO2 Science [pdf Nice cover picture.]
[...] If, then, today's climate models cannot correctly predict what should be relatively easy for them to correctly predict (the effect of global warming on extreme weather events), why should we believe what they say about something infinitely more complex (the effect of a rise in the air’s CO2 content on mean global air temperature)?

The US government shows how much UK consumers are ripped off. [Via EUReferendum]
[...] British Gas Retail charges a standard rate direct debit price of 7.093 for the first 670 kWh per quarter followed by 3.293 ppkWh for the rest.
[...] Centrica paid a price of 1.47 pence per kWh for the Maersk Meridian cargo
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