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There Is NO EVIDENCE, CCNet Update, Gang-Green Torpedoed. Again

Models cannot predict. CO2 cannot control the climate.
Bearing in mind the climate is a chaotic system and not amenable to modelling, what factors can cause a climate swing that are as unpredictable as the climate itself?
A super volcano or more than one (VEI 6+) and or a series of lower order stratosphere penetrating volcanoes (VEI 5+) cooling the atmosphere by global dimming and the stratosphere by ozone depletion. (Volcanoes)
An increase in underwater volcanic activity (likely played a large role in ending the LIA ~160ya and the last ice age ~11,000ya) warming the currents that flow under polar ice. (Subsea volcanoes)
Solar storms and galactic cosmic rays that include protons and electrons that cause ozone depletion. Ozone destruction causes polar cooling by the down-flow of cold air due to the changes in air currents wrought by O3 depletion cooling the stratosphere (O3 intercepts UV and IR), and the ROW warming by the increase in UV raising the ocean surface temperature and increasing evaporation. Water vapour is, unlike CO2, a potent “blanket” (exampled by humid tropical areas having a low temperature change day to night and arid tropical areas having a high temperature change day to night). O3 volume changes also influence tropospheric air currents, particularly the strength and direction of trade winds that are a major factor in determining the ENSO mood and intensity.
Changes in solar activity and emissions. The Sun increased its radiation emissions throughout last century. At the same time the solar wind strength reduced and the Earth’s magnetic field weakened allowing increasing incursion of O3 depleting GCRs and solar proton emissions.
Synchronisation of some or all major oceanic and atmospheric oscillations, the PDO, AMO, AO, NAO, AO and ENSO.
Changing ocean currents due to such as tectonic activity altering the ocean floor profile (e.g. The Sumatran earthquake in 2004 uplifted part of the sea floor by up to up to 16 feet vertically and 36 feet horizontally), by changing air currents due to O3 volume changes and terrain changes like deforestation, changes such as mountain levelling and isostatic uplift (e.g. by deglaciation) and response as corresponding subsidence such as is happening to the Tibetan plateau.
Variation in albedo that returns visible radiation to space such as sea ice extent, crop colour, cloudiness, desertification, and aerosol volume-type are major factors.
Dust storms such as seen in Australia that reach across the Indian Ocean and from the African Sahel and Sahara that reach across the Atlantic. Fine dust has a number of effects, immediate is the produced dimming causing ocean cooling. Less immediate is the fertilisation effect on amoebae that adds to ocean cooling by reducing the depth of radiation penetration that alters ocean currents and enhances evaporation and so increases cloud formation by condensation on the abundant aerosols.
Storminess with regard to hurricane frequency and daily equatorial thunderstorm strength that determine the volume of H2O in the stratosphere.
These items make modelled predictions as useful as Tarot cards. Ozone, clouds and aerosols dictate the level of solar radiation reaching the surface. Ocean response dictates the climate.
And now, to make complete the nakedness of the lie that models can predict climate, promulgated by criminal and vested interest run UNEP, the IPCC, the EU’s EC, the UK government and just about every begging-bowl prioritised political “charity”, read the following:

CCNet – 21 January 2011 The Climate Policy Network
Indian Government Challenges Western Climate Alarmism

1) Ramesh-Backed Paper Questions Another IPCC Claim – The Hindustan Times, 21 January 2011
…India has once again challenged the UN’s climate science body – the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) — through a new scientific paper. The Environment ministry sponsored paper says that human induced global warming is much less than what the R K Pachauri headed IPCC had said.
…The cause is reduced impact of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCRs) on formulation of low clouds over earth in the last 150 years, says a paper by U R Rao, former chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation, released by Environment minister Jairam Ramesh.

2) Cosmic rays contribute 40 p.c. to global warming: study – The Hindu, 21 January 2011
…A key belief of climate science theology — that a reduction in carbon emissions will take care of the bulk of global warming — has been questioned in a scientific paper released by the Environment Ministry on Monday.
…There is a groupthink in climate science today. Anyone who raises alternative climate theories is immediately branded as a climate atheist in an atmosphere of climate evangelists. Climate science is incredibly more complex than [developed countries] negotiators make it out to be… Climate science should not be driven by the West. We should not always be dependent on outside reports. –Jairam Ramesh, Indian Environment Minister

3) Freezing Winters In Europe Could Be The Norm – Platts, 20 January 2011
Colder winters could become the norm in Europe over the next 20 to 40 years, US-based forecaster Weather Services International said Tuesday. “We have recently noticed a change in [weather] patterns back to what we had in the 1950s and 1960s in Europe… We’ve had three cold winters in a row in the UK,” WSI’s chief meteorologist Todd Crawford told Platts. “We believe there is a strong likelihood that it’s going to hang around for the next 20 to 30 years.”

4) Parliamentary Committee Asked To Probe Met Office’s ‘Conflicting’ Winter Weather Advice – Local Transport Today, 16 January 2011
GWPF director Benny Peiser told LTT the Met Office’s computer models were “all based on the chances of cold winters diminishing.” “That’s what they say because of the CO2 influence.” The GWPF says there have now been three severe winters in a row. It wants the scientific basis of the Met Office’s work investigated.

5) Editorial: Put Up Or Shut Up On Global Warming – The Orange County Register, 21 January 2011.

Thanks to Dr Peiser GWPF.

Honest politicians are as rare as 6 sided eggs. So it is with the board of most major scientific organisations that feature climate science, (RS, NAS, Grantham Inst, ) that are run by political lobbyists and advocates (many with vested interests) and environmental extremists and the same for major journals. Such animals can be found within the discipline, Hansen is a prominent example. Government advisors have either lied (and should be pilloried) or are dangerously incompetent (and should be thrown under a bus). Veracity supplanted by advocacy organisations as the UN, CRU, Brit met, GISS, NOAA etc are no better than Hansen, producing biased data that justifies their existence and massive funding, that is fraud. It is impossible to predict the climate. Every model that has been persuaded to reproduce an approximation of past climate failed completely to reproduce the cyclical cessation of warming since 1995 and the cooling since 2003 seen in both the oceans and the atmosphere.
The IPCC for its promotion of selected and hyped facts and barefaced lies should face criminal charges. Pachauri’s vested interests include such as Deutsche Bank, CCX and TERI, the latter received massive funding via the UN that enabled it to go international, its criminal mindedness demonstrated in the UK by R. North (EUReferendum) including support of it by notables such as Tyndall and Houghton as well as governments and perhaps the Charities Commission. Political advocacies and activists masquerading as charities such as the UN, WWF, Greenpeace, religious, environmental and educational institutions, etc should see an immediate cessation of funding and a demand for restitution of monies wrongly donated. The EC criminals should have been in front of a judge for multitudinous reasons before their abuse of faux green doctrine in collusion with the UN, their promotion, not least by funding of science to support policy direction is just one more to be added to the list of unsettled accounts.
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Enough already. Continuing to penalise the population based on biased speculation is now criminal in that the science has been shown pseudo and the proponents are overwhelmingly those with vested interests.

You have been deceived. There is no evidence that CO2 harms the climate.

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