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Huhne Is Deluded, Spy Meters - Just Say No, E.ON rise 9%

The TPA reckons Huhne is deluded. I suggest deluding is the correct interpretation. Deceiving the country and or himself.
Bearing in mind the glut of gas that is likely to endure for generations that competing countries are capitalising on to reduce manufacturing costs, judge for yourself the sanity of wind energy and its implementers.

TPA: Chris Huhne Is Deluded And The Government Is Ripping Off Consumers
This morning, [16 Dec] Chris Huhne has told the Today programme that the idea climate change policy will drive up electricity prices by £500 is “absolutely bonkers”.  That estimate comes from the price comparison website uSwitch, which argues the £200 billion in investment needed will put £500 on top of current bills of around £1,157.  DECC can dispute the figure but to get arrogant about it is a very bad idea.  uSwitch’s estimates are actually quite similar to the numbers produced by market experts like Citigroup Capital Markets.
Climate change policies are already a big part of consumers’ bills.  Here are Citigroup’s latest estimates of the new costs  we are set to face, from their September 2010 report The €1trn Euro Decade – Revisited:
“Taking the higher savings [from reduced fuel costs] figure would give a net additional revenue requirement of £16.4bn. Given that total revenue to the UK electricity sector in 2009 was £31bn, of which £15bn (48%) was raised from retail customers and £16bn (52%) from industrial and commercial. In total therefore we estimate that the UK electricity sector would need total revenue in 2020 of £47bn. If the split between retail and I&C customers were the same as 2009 then retail customers would be paying around £330 per household additional costs (2010 prices). This would represent a 52% real terms increase in domestic electricity bills over their June 2010 level of £500 as calculated by Ofgem. This would take the duel fuel bill from today’s £1,120 to £1,604 per annum.”
Efficiency savings won’t fix the problem:
“The UK government is expected to launch its ‘Green Deal’ program in the next few months. This program aims direct £10’s bn into home energy efficiency over the next decade. The hope is to reduce home energy use, specifically space heating. This would help reduce the impact on the rise in electricity bills for duel fuel customers. If gas demand can be reduced by 15% that should save around £93 pa for the average duel fuel customer. The duel fuel bill would then be £1,511 – which still represents a 35% real increase. And it is worth noting that customers will be expected to fund the cost of the insulation work under the Green Deal, which could off-set the cost savings.”

It is the Department of Energy and Climate Change that is out on a limb here, in not taking the likely costs of a massive expansion of offshore wind and other expensive sources of energy seriously.  With even more support for expensive sources of energy like offshore wind announced (see the BBC report) today’s announcements will exacerbate the problems for consumers.  Last year, we set out how a more realistic climate change policy could save consumers and industrial employers a fortune.  Just stop insisting that we use the most expensive sources of power and pay extravagant subsidies.  The Government are going in the other direction. /continues here

12 January Power giant announces inflation-busting 9% rise in electricity bills
Companies turn up the heat on prices: E.ON is the latest in a spate of companies, including npower, to announce an energy price hike
E.ON said the increase will add 16p a day to its dual fuel customers, adding that wholesale energy prices have soared by 35 per cent since last Spring.
The German-owned supplier will put up electricity tariffs by 9 per cent and gas by 3 per cent – adding an average of £62 to annual dual fuel bills for 4.3million customers.
At the same time, figures from the British Retail Consortium show that food prices are continuing to rise at double the pace of wages.
Annual food inflation in December was 4 per cent compared to a rise of 2 per cent in incomes last year.
This means a family spending £100 a week on food a year ago will have to find an extra £208 a year to put meals on the table.
The increases in the cost of living come as the country struggles to emerge from recession.
Petrol prices are also running around 20 per cent higher than a year ago, while rail fares leapt this month.
The pain is further compounded by the Government’s VAT increase to 20 per cent.
Consumers have been warned by City analysts that the energy price increases are just a taste of things to come.
Experts at Unicredit banks said the switch to green generation, the building of wind farms and nuclear power stations, as well as the installation of smart meters in every home, will send bills rocketing.
They concluded: ‘A typical UK energy bill could rise from the current level of £1,000 per year to over £2,000 per year by 2015. /more

(On petrol, hiked by VAT, Cameron's backtrack on the "fair fuel stabiliser" adds another to his list of broken promises - it could soon hit £6 a gallon for the first time, according to experts, after the price of oil on the world markets climbed higher following an oil spill in Alaska.)

Smart Meters Get Pushback Because of Electromagnetic Field Concerns
[...] concerns are rising over the health effects from electromagnetic waves produced by smart meters, a key cleantech technology to increase building efficiency in homes and businesses.
Meters produce more electromagnetic radiation than cell phones, which have been the subject of extensive research and health concern.
In California, the Marin County Board of Supervisors unanimously passed an ordinance that calls smart meters a public nuisance in some areas. In addition to health risks, the board cited concerns about using meters to invade peoples' privacy by collecting information about their activities. /more

Smart Meters Can Violate FCC Standards- RF Assessment Study
This website features information on the utility wireless radiation Smart Meters and what you can do to help stop the forced installations. Smart Meters are being deployed around the world, despite evidence of serious public health consequences. Also featured is the “EMF and RF World Concerns Summary”
which is a compilation of links to public policy of governments, health agencies, scientists and advocacy groups worldwide. Want to learn about how and why to protect yourself, your family and the environment from EMFs? See Safety Tips.  Learn how to reduce your overall exposures: Electrical Sensitivity. Need help educating a school board, local or state government about wireless radiation impacts from cell towers or wi-fi? Advocacy Support. /web site here

Wind Farms DO NOT Provide Large Economic and Job Benefits (quite the opposite)
One would think that by now Obama Administration officials would admit that “wind farms” do not provide large economic and job benefits. However, recent Administration statements suggest the delusion continues and, perhaps, that officials do not understand why their expectations are unrealistic.
False expectations may be due to the infamous “JEDI” model (Jobs and Economic Development Impact model) developed for DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) by a wind industry consultant-lobbyist. Unfortunately, this “model”( paid for with our tax dollars) has been widely promoted by NREL and DOE and outputs from the model are used by “wind farm” developers to mislead the public, media, and government officials.
conomic models often produce false or misleading outputs because (a) the model itself is faulty, and/or (b) unrealistic assumptions are “fed into” to model, with the result that the models overstate national, state, and/or local job and other economic benefits.
In the case of wind energy models, basic flaws and faulty assumptions often include one or more of the following: /continues with a list of 13 issues

Lunatic Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) News
Carbon injected underground now leaking, Saskatchewan farmer’s study says
By: Bob Weber, The Canadian Press
A Saskatchewan farm couple whose land lies over the world’s largest carbon capture and storage project says greenhouse gases that were supposed to have been injected permanently underground are leaking out, killing animals and sending groundwater foaming to the surface like shaken-up soda pop. /full story

(comment by Posted by: tonobungay
The algal blooms don't prove anything, but the concentrations and isotopic analysis are pretty compelling proof that the reservoir is leaking. It's not the first CCS reservoir to do so. The West Pearl Queen site, a similar EOR experiment, also leaked. You don't need much of a leak to make carbon capture worse than doing nothing. For most processes, sequestering carbon requires extra energy and extra emissions, so even without a leak you usually end up emitting more extra GHGs than you bury.)

Topical and interesting
‘Hey America’: ‘Wonky’ Climate Alarmism Coming at You (Big Science, Big Environment want to scare you into energy, economic retrogression)

Global Warming Missing Energy Row Erupts As New Research Says Oceans Are Cooling
Discussed at WUWT:
New paper on ARGO data: Trenberth’s ocean heat still missing
Four out of five ARGO data studies now show Ocean Heat Content declining

DEA uses drug war to spy worldwide
Vid -

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