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25 December 2010 @ 11:24 am
Wake Up  
So you don't go to meet your destiny in ignorance, a very small percentage of the tax you pay goes to infrastructure like road repairs, fixing leaks in sewers etc. Most of it goes to banks to pay off the interest that the creation of the paper we laughingly call money incurred. The cosy arrangement whereby we choose the bank employees we laughingly call elected representatives are in fact debt collectors. Government prints pretty paper with the word "bond" on it. An IOU where your income is mortgaged. The bank treats a "bond" as capital and gives the equivalent amount as cash to the government. The gov't pays interest on the "bond". Where did the cash come from? It was created to the amount of the "bond". If anyone else creates money, it is called counterfeiting. The only difference between counterfeit and not counterfeit is a piece of paper with the word "bond" signed by a bank employee. When you give a piece of paper to e.g. a shop, you are transferring debt. Think about that. You work hard and the boss rewards you by transferring some of his debt to you. He pays you with IOUs. IOU should read I owe the bank. We call it money. Wake up.

Give a pressie that you made, debt free.
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