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Inhofe: WikiLeaks climate revelations show Obama’s ‘desperation’
The revelation that the Obama administration used a covert CIA program to dig up dirt on countries opposed to the Copenhagen climate treaty shows a White House desperate to enforce its orthodoxy on global warming, Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Inhofe told The Daily Caller.
Earlier this month, The Guardian newspaper reported that State Department administration officials, acting at the request of the CIA, sent a secret cable on July 31, 2009, asking U.S. diplomats to gather intelligence on other countries’ preparations for the then-pending Copenhagen climate conference. The request also asked diplomats to be on the lookout for indications that countries were not fostering environmental cooperation and for evidence of countries circumventing U.N.-sponsored environmental treaties.
The cables do not make clear whether CIA Director Leon Panetta was directly involved in the request. Panetta has a long, documented history of environmental activism, particularly on climate change, going back several decades.

UN Mulls Plan To Police The Internet
At a meeting in New York on Wednesday, representatives from Brazil called for an international body made up of Government representatives that would to attempt to create global standards for policing the internet – specifically in reaction to challenges such as WikiLeaks.
Our dear leaders protecting public interest. Much. Freedom of speech has always been a problem for liars and deceivers.

Wikileaks: Selection of Global Research Articles (Less edits than NYT and Guardian efforts.)

Wikileaks Beyond Wikileaks?

Documents Confirm US Plans to Destabilize Venezuela

Hill wrestles with response to WikiLeaks
US desperate to hide their past and future skullduggery wrestle with the problem of restricting freedom of information without being seen to restrict freedom of information.

US Collusion with Kosovo's Mafia: Corruption Running Rampant

Climate and its misrepresentation
Remember when we told you that global warming causes *warmer* winters in London?
We meant global warming causes *colder* winters in London
This warm Arctic-cold continents pattern is likened to leaving the refrigerator door open. The room gets colder but the fridge warms up.

17th December London at 6am, temperature - 6C, forecast to warm to a balmy - 2C tonight. Gods bless AGW.

Thames bicycle lanes planned? Mentioned in passing here: A Fox is shot
Richard of EUReferendum takes the piss out of the Guardian's defence of the dogma associated with the global warming by humans' CO2 scam. (9 out of 10 - 1 pt deducted for brevity and paucity of invectives.)

Lessons from the global warming industry Chris Horner
The basic truth is that Enron, joined by other “rent-seeking” industries — making one’s fortune from policy favors from buddies in government, the cultivation of whom was a key business strategy — cobbled their business plan around “global warming.” Enron bought, on the cheap of course, the world’s largest windmill company (now GE Wind) and the world’s second-largest solar panel interest (now BP) to join Enron’s natural gas pipeline network, which was the second largest in the world. The former two can only make money under a system of massive mandates and subsidies (and taxes to pay for them); the latter would prosper spectacularly if the war on coal succeeded.
Enron then engaged green groups to scare people toward accepting those policies. That is what is known as a Baptist and bootlegger coalition. I sat in on such meetings. Disgraceful.
Flashing forward in time, these companies’ flagship agenda item, cap and trade, has passed on to its final resting place. But the global warming industry presses on, joining President Obama in his call to find “other ways to skin that cat” (an inventory of which is found here).

Climate tinkers exposé
What the chart here also clearly indicates are major changes (cooling adjustments) to the global temperature record starting around 1938. The cooling adjustments continue up through 1965. After 1965, the majority of the adjustments made to the old 2009 temperature record are of "global warming" nature.
At last. Genuine proof of man made global warming.

Missing Documents, Unfulfilled Promises
The InterAcademy Council has been promising since August to release documents associated with its examination of the IPCC. There’s still no sign of them.
On August 30, an evaluation of the policies and procedures of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was released. Prepared by the InterAcademy Council – which represents international science organizations – this report officially revoked the IPCC’s halo.

What is to be Done?
[...] There is no question in my view: while it is quite a good idea to produce those stories of wastage and corruption, what we really need to do is go for the central problems, whether it be the EU, international aid or, for that matter, education in this country. Nothing else will get us anywhere. We do miss the likes of the old IEA that changed economic thinking in this country and there seems to be no money around for a eurosceptic think-tank as money tends to go to useless campaigns for referendums or to perestroika organizations like Open Europe or the Taxpayers' Alliance. We do have the internet, of course, and the American example of a blogosphere that became enormously powerful.
So here is my first response to the question of what is to be done - concentrate on the main issues and assume your audience is capable of understanding them and fight through the new media, whether it be the blogosphere (as Mr Towler does as well), other websites or, let's accept it, social media. That might get there somewhere. Anyone has any better ideas?
Mine. A million petition signature presented to the EC head honcho with a simple demand. A membership referendum for every country every week. 
Ok, ok. Every month.

Cameron comic cutz.

Cancun climate change summit: David Cameron 'satisfied'
David Cameron has expressed his satisfaction at a climate change package that will see the rich world committed to forking out billions of pounds every year to stop global warming, but delay plans to cut carbon emissions.
Just another excuse for a Rothschild "green" bank. Why on Earth would we wish to exacerbate increasingly hard winters? It is not just the N. hemisphere. The S. hemi had a really hard winter when we had the spotty summer mid year. Have any of his advisors come up with a method whereby taxation at electorate and economy crippling levels actually results in climate control? CO2 is irrelevant as the climate is demonstrating. CO2 is irrelevant as China will surpass current GLOBAL emissions around 20 years from now. CO2 is irrelevant as CO2's IR radiation to space is increasing, not decreasing as upper atmosphere water vapour volume reduces. More CO2 will radiate more IR to space not less, but even so it is still insignificant. Erm, on that last, 80 bn USD bought us certainty that CO2 increases water vapour levels. Care to tell us why it isn't? I know and I'm not even a fracking computer programmer.

Tuition fees
Funny how Clegg is carrying the can for Cameron's policy. So he's a liar. It's a qualification for the job.
How much is Huhne spending on boondoggles like wind energy, solar and hysterical CCS, just to increase the population's burden because there are NO BENEFITS FOR JOE PUBLIC OR THE CLIMATE from any of them, especially the junkets and aid to avoid developing countries developing. Political con men or just thick?

EU budget freeze
David Cameron today announced he has joined forces with France and Germany to demand a real-terms freeze in the European Union budget until the end of the decade.
[...] They will insist that the Union's budget should rise by no more than the rate of inflation over the period 2014-2020.
That gives them just 3.5 years to party. Think they'll show restraint? Maybe on a cold day in hell.
The following was mentioned in the post "what is to be done?"
Last week, however, the Eurocrats decided to spend our money a little closer to home by hosting a major conference in Brussels. Along with providing lots of European Leftists with cocktails and a dance floor, this promoted “the key role of the European Union” in international development and helped to “improve European cohesion”.
To top it all, as Martin Banks and Gawain Towler report, the conference spent aid money to host a fashion show, showcasing seven European designers and one Moroccan. Apparently, this helped the delegates understand the Millennium Development Goals, but it strikes me that it was just an excuse for a jolly at the taxpayer’s expense.

Government immigration cap ruled invalid
Government caps on migrant workers introduced by the Home Secretary this summer were ruled invalid by the High Court today.
Cuts in immigration match cuts in the number of quangos (around 1200 before Cameron, around 1200 still).

Cameron warns banks over bonuses
[...] today threatened the banks with higher taxes if they failed to rein in lavish bonuses.
Seems the Irish "fond of his tipple" leader has more of a clue even under the 'fluence.
Two issues, why aren't the banks being taxed at a higher rate already?
The banks will pass on any increase to users anyhow and when they go bust again the debts will be "socialised", won't they Dave

David Cameron: Country's electricity supply clapped out
David Cameron said today that the country's electricity supply is "clapped out" as the Government unveiled plans to encourage low-carbon energy.
Danger, genius at work. Square wheels to cure London's grid lock next?

Bummer for Obama and a blow to his NWO demoprats despite his propaganda.
Spending bill defeat sign that Tea Party will have influence beyond election
The UK needs something like the Tea Party but without the lobbyist-owned and career politicians.
US Government Sues All Companies Involved in BP Oil Spill
...except one: [Cheney's] Halliburton

North Korea developing underwater nukes - Washington Times
U.S. intelligence agencies are working to track down an alarming report from inside North Korea revealing that the communist regime is developing nuclear torpedoes and mines
h/t Daily Caller
With a little help from their friends?

Banks can't make good on the funny money they created and lent to governments.
Financial Shocks in Europe and America: Explosion of the Western Public Debt Bubble
The second half of 2011 will mark the point in time when all the world’s financial operators will finally understand that the West will not repay in full a significant portion of the loans advanced over the last two decades. For LEAP/E2020 it is, in effect, around October 2011, due to the plunge of a large number of US cities and states into an inextricable financial situation following the end of the federal funding of their deficits, whilst Europe will face a very significant debt refinancing requirement, that this explosive situation will be fully revealed. Media escalation of the European crisis regarding sovereign debt of Euroland’s peripheral countries will have created the favourable context for such an explosion, of which the US “Muni” market incidentally has just given a foretaste in November 2010 (as our team anticipated last June in GEAB No. 46 ) with a mini-crash that saw all the year’s gains go up in smoke in a few days. This time this crash (including the failure of the monoline reinsurer Ambac) took place discreetly since the Anglo-Saxon media machine succeeded in focusing world attention on a further episode of the fantasy sitcom "The end of the Euro, or the financial remake of Swine fever". Yet the contemporaneous shocks in the United States and Europe make for a very disturbing set-up comparable, according to our team, to the "Bear Stearn " crash which preceded Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy and the collapse of Wall Street in September 2008 by eight months. But the GEAB readers know very well that major crashes rarely make headlines in the media several months in advance, so false alarms are customary!

Tipping Point: 25 Signs That The Coming Financial Collapse Is Now Closer Than Ever
The financial collapse that so many of us have been anticipating is seemingly closer then ever. Over the past several weeks, there have been a host of ominous signs for the U.S. economy.

You Fix the Budget
Today, you’re in charge of the nation’s finances. Some of your options have more short-term savings and some have more long-term savings. When you have closed the budget gaps for both 2015 and 2030, you are done. Make your own plan, then share it online.
Then wonder WTF the government is up to. Note to Telegraph editor, can you do one for the UK?

Madoff trustee gets $7B settlement
It goes a long way to repaying those that got conned into Madoff's scam. But his scam was just small change compared to the ongoing central banksters' scam, the global Ponzi scheme called fiat money and fractional reserve banking that is so endemic and involves multiple governments by complicity that bringing justice to those involved in its operation and perpetuation would be a monumental task.

While Congress tackles all the responsibilities it should have already dealt with this year, Senator Harry Reid (D–NV) is hoping to sneak through legislation comprised of more than 100 bills that couldn’t pass on their own merit. This drastic expansion of federally owned lands has not even been introduced as a bill, but Reid hopes to jam it through before Christmas.The Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2010 is set to designate hundreds of thousands of acres of land under the control of the federal government. Yesterday, Michelle Malkin went on a media tour exposing this secret attempt. The piece of legislation has no official name because Reid has refused to introduce it or give any opportunity for public debate. Some of the highlights of the bill include: Continue reading... (The Foundry)

Thanks to Junk Science
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