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In the Matter of the Death of Dr. David Kelly. DEMANDING A NEW INQUEST by Dr. Stephen Frost
via Global research (Also on CC2@LJ)

Deforestation: The hidden cause of global warming
[Hidden? I've been shouting it for years]
Figures from the GCP [Global Canopy Programme], summarising the latest findings from the United Nations, and building on estimates contained in the Stern Report, show deforestation accounts for up to 25 per cent of global emissions of heat-trapping gases, while transport and industry account for 14 per cent each; and aviation makes up only 3 per cent of the total.
"Tropical forests are the elephant in the living room of climate change," said Andrew Mitchell, the head of the GCP.
He makes the mistake of saying CO2 is a heat trapping gas. It isn't. It momentarily delays the escape of IR. In tropical regions, because the IR that CO2 traps has so little energy, it is irrelevant. Forest work their magic via water vapour. They "perspire" to cool and the water evaporates. They do it to excess because the pores (stomata) are also used to take in CO2. As CO2 volumes increase above starvation levels the pores need to be open less to get the required amount of CO2 so less water is lost to evaporation. The volume of WV is a product of solar radiation acting on water and the level of CO2 in the air is maintained the same way, by the warming/cooling of water. Forests then fine tune the WV volume using ground water. That is what makes forests a surface temperature moderator.

Britain on cyber warfare alert as Whitehall prepares for WikiLeaks revenge attacks on Government website
The National Security Adviser said hackers would try to steal bank details as revenge against companies who withdrew services from WikiLeaks.

French WikiLeaks Coverage Reports Cyberattacks on Climate Scientists
Leading French newspaper Le Monde has been delving into WikiLeaks in depth with a growing online section devoted to new revelations. An article posted Dec. 12, titled Pirates informatiques contre climatologues (Computer pirates against climatologists), reveals a few American diplomats’ fears that cyberattacks on climate scientists might increase in the days leading up to the 2009 Copenhagen meeting. One email reveals an unsuccessful attack against the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Oceans, Environment and Science (OES) that has received very little coverage (none that I can find) in domestic press.

Time to end your membership with the American Geophysical Union

Cheyney a crook? [Who'd have thought. /sarc]
Oilfield services company Halliburton is in negotiations with the Nigerian government to keep its former CEO, Dick Cheney, out of prison, according to a news report. Sources inside Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission told GlobalPost this week that a settlement keeping the charges against Cheney out of court could cost as much as $500 million. Nigeria filed charges against Cheney this week in an investigation of alleged bribery estimated at $180 million. Prosecutors named both Halliburton and KBR in the charges, as well as three European oil and engineering companies -- Technip SA, EniSpa, and Saipem Construction. The charges allege that engineering contractor KBR, until 2007 a subsidiary of Halliburton, was among companies that paid bribes to secure a $6 billion contract for a natural gas plant. KBR pleaded guilty to the same bribes in a US court in 2009, and agreed to pay a $382 million fine. The Nigerian charges appear to stem from the US case -- though, in that trial, Cheney was never directly charged. It's not clear from the GlobalPost report if the $500 million figure refers to the amount Halliburton will have to pay, or whether that amount would cover all the companies that have been charged. Further complicating the issue is that the negotiations appear to be an out-of-court settlement, because Nigerian law doesn't recognize plea bargaining.

Revealed: How the CIA protected Nazi murderers

US shielded war-time collaborators to try to destabilise Soviet Union Declassified CIA files have revealed that US intelligence officials went to great lengths to protect a Ukrainian fascist leader and suspected Nazi collaborator from prosecution after the Second World War and used him to stir up trouble inside the Soviet Union from an office in New York. Mykola Lebed led an underground movement to undermine the Kremlin and wage guerrilla operations for the CIA during the Cold War, said a report prepared by two scholars under the supervision of the US National Archives. During the Second World War, Lebed helped to lead a Ukrainian nationalist organization that collaborated with the Nazis in the murder of the Jews of the western Ukraine and also killed thousands of Poles. The report details post-war efforts by US intelligence officials to throw the federal government's Nazi hunters off his trail and to ignore or obscure his past.

Life on the poverty line: Breadline Britain
Special report: Rising numbers of desperate families need charity food aid Thousands of people will be forced to take charity food handouts or go hungry this winter, as poverty hits people across the country. The spectre of families forced to subsist on charity hampers is so widespread that the Government is to provide food vouchers for the most desperate. The number of people needing food handouts has soared by 50 per cent since 2009, according to the Trussell Trust, a charity that runs a network of more than 70 food banks.
[...] has increased from 25,000 two years ago to 60,000, of whom some 20,000 will be children. The organisation estimates that, on current trends, this would swell to 700 food banks feeding 500,000 people by 2015.

Turning wind turbines into dinosaurs
A really neat piece of hybrid organic semiconductor tech generates electricity from light or heat
Paves the way toward widespread energy harvesting, generating self-sufficient power from the surrounding environment

Climate Change Not a Political Issue Anymore Except For Mainstream Media Dr Ball
Most of the public realizes the global warming and climate change due to human produced CO2 deception is over
[...] The argument that permafrost is thawing and warrants exploiting, parallels the sea level rising scare. Both are a function of the general warming trend of the last 18,000 years as the Earth emerged from the last Ice Age. They want to make an issue of the thawing because it can replace the failing focus on CO2 with methane. The 2007 IPCC Report did not consider methane at all. The Huffington Post said it’s because, “awareness of methane leaks from permafrost is so new…” This is nonsense. It wasn’t considered because they only look at human causes. Methane is a greenhouse gas and rather than mention the amount Huffington distorts the picture by saying it is 23 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, which is a questionable figure in itself. Actually, methane is only 0.36 percent of total greenhouse gases.
Like carbon dioxide we have little knowledge of natural sources of methane and how they vary so it is impossible to determine any additions due to human activities. For example, they only recently identified tropical forests as a major source. A few years ago they were blaming cows for increased production, but before that it was an increased number of beaver ponds because of decline in fur trapping. Even earlier it was an increase in termites because of land use changes. All have been summarily dismissed, the latter because they had miscalculated by a factor of four the number of termites. /much more

Do you believe in magic … climate numbers? Paul Driessen
The 20-year late twentieth century warming supposedly justifies demands that we stop using hydrocarbon fuels, halt US economic growth, hold back Third World development, ban incandescent light bulbs, blanket the planet with unreliable wind turbines and solar panels, make recompense to poor nations for emitting CO2 and “causing global climate disruption,” and even consider “geo-engineering” (putting dust particles or tiny mirrors into space to block the sun’s rays) to prevent warming that stopped in 1995. Even though no reliable or factual evidence shows that this recent warming was (primarily) human-caused! These are important issues for the next Congress (and others) to grapple with. But an even more fundamental question is rarely raised, and almost never addressed. How much credence can we give any claim that average global temperatures have risen or fallen X degrees over a certain period, or that this year or decade is “the warmest ever,” or “since record-keeping began” – especially when the alleged difference is measured in tenths or hundredths of a degree? The answer: Not much. The truth is, we cannot trust the hype and numbers that routinely come out of the IPCC, NOAA, NASA, CRU, White House and other branches of the climate crisis industry. Certainly, satellites have gathered arguably reliable atmospheric temperature data since 1980. However, they obviously provide no insights into pre-1980 warming and cooling trends. And for 1850 to 1930, we must rely on scattered land and oceanic thermometer measurements; historic anecdotes, diary entries and paintings that give only general descriptions of climate, heat waves, floods and blizzards; and “proxy” records like tree rings. Even together, this evidence is so sparse, scattered and of uneven quality that it cannot and must not be used to drive major energy, economic and environmental policy decisions.

If there's a god, he don't like moonies:
"Gore Effect" on Steroids: Six straight days of record low temperatures during COP16 in Cancun Mexico – more coming

Crisis of the European Monetary System: The Euro Zone is on the Edge of Collapse
via Global Research
We can assure you that the euro zone is on the edge of collapse. It’s just a question of when. Nothing has been contained nor can it be contained. Like in the US the taxpayers of the solvent countries must bail out the banks and other financial institutions of Europe. The monetary policy created by the European Central Bank and the bankers has failed. Whether this was deliberate or not, we do not as yet know, but the truth will eventually surface. Currently the scapegoats are the citizens of these beleaguered countries, when in fact the real malefactors reside at the ECB and the European Parliament. These same players still do not have solutions other than destroying the Greek and Irish societies in the name of repaying the bankers. Whether you realize it or not, it has been a year since this odyssey began in Greece. We now have Ireland and they will be followed by Portugal and Spain and perhaps even Italy.        The main battlefield that will decide the outcome will be Spain due to its size and its persistent claim that Spanish banks are very solvent, which is symptomatic of denial. Mr. Zapatero tells us the Spanish debt crisis has passed. Our question, is he dumb, naive or a liar? How could he be so out of touch with reality?

Farewell to the EU Superstate
Wednesday's press conference with ECB President Jean-Claude Trichet turned out to be a real jaw-dropper.  While Trichet didn't commit himself to massive bond purchases (Quantitative Easing) as many had hoped, he did impress the gathering with his magical skills.
The Financial Times recounts Trichet's what happened like this:    " Trichet started to speak, his ECB troops stepp ed into the market to buy as many peripheral bonds as they could, particularly Portugal and Ireland. Started evidently in bidding for 10 -25 mln € clips and then moved onto 100 mln € clips … which is very rare indeed."  Nice trick, eh? So while Trichet was somberly reading from the ECB's cue cards, his central bank elves were beating down bond yields to convince investors that the contagion had been contained. Not bad for a 70-something bankster with no background in the paranormal.  And it seems to have worked, too, at least for the time being.
But, unlike the Fed, Trichet can't simply print money. He's required to "sterilize" the bond purchases, which means he'll have to mop up the extra liquidity created by the program. And, that's the hard part. If he pushes down yields in Ireland and Portugal, he has to tighten up somewhere else.   Trichet's critics, like Bundesbank President Axel Weber,  think he's gone too far by buying up the bonds of struggling PIGS. (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) But these countries borrowing costs have skyrocketed and they're quickly losing access to the  markets. The more it costs to borrow, the quicker the slide to default, which is trouble for the EU, because it means a wider meltdown across the continent. So what better time for Trichet to stretch the rules?

How Rahmstorf & Vermeer Grossly Exaggerated Sea Level Rise P. Gosselin
[...] Moriarty finds the paper is riddled with gross errors and false assumptions, read overview here.
[...] RV2009 also used outdated sea level rise data Next, Rahmstorf and Vermeer used old, outdated sea level data from Church and White to model sea level rise for the future. At about the time RV2009 was published, Church and White came out with revised data showing that sea levels were rising more slowly instead, read here. The new 2009 version of Church’s and White’s sea level data extended out to the year 2007.  More importantly, it also had corrections that drastically changed the sea level versus time for the previous 100 years. What do these new sea level, groundwater deletion and reservoir numbers mean? When these new numbers are inserted into Vermeer’s and Rahmstorf’s model equation, and 21st century IPCC temperature scenarios are applied, the resulting sea level predictions are half of what Vermeer and Rahmstorf claim. /more

Anything they can do we can...?
Tea Party Charter: Defense of Property & Revival of Virtues Equals Liberty
It’s obvious that a society highlighting freedom must also honor virtue. For without the cooperation of law-abiding citizens, government devolves into a police state or anarchy. As virtue ebbs across America at every level, from kindergarten to the Oval Office; from pulpit to boardroom, an uprising demands an American revival. This is the Tea Party, a spontaneous lawful revolt demanding a return to our ancestral ideals and constitutional freedoms. Conclusion The Tea Party represents the richest tradition in the history of the United States—an orientation towards our Declaration’s Life, Liberty and Happiness, ie Property. Further, the Tea Party senses the decline in public virtue as represented by rampant public corruption revealing an ax laid at the roots of the Republic. This is best illustrated by the crazy deficit spending which achieves no economic product but threatens to impoverish future generations of Americans. We cannot gain our liberty back without the secret to the Founder’s freedoms, which Vetterli and Bryner describe as virtue, “Christianity and its emphasis on virtue was a central component of the intellectual environment in which the Founders matured and acted.” Today, lying, cheating, sabotage and theft occur regularly at the highest levels of America’s government. This political morass represents a sickness unto death to the American Republic, which if not addressed must kill the host. That the Tea Party is willing to fight this grim battle needs celebration. This selfless, virtuous act of fighting tyranny ought be saluted by every good American citizen as well as generations of future patriots not yet born, if we can but survive our constitutional crisis. You saw through the EU, Boris. When are you going to see through AGW?

Climate Distortions Were Achieved. National Weather Agencies Are The Trojan Horses
Maurice Strong set up the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) through the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) to provide a powerful vehicle for almost complete control of climate science. Each national weather office perpetuates the deception that human CO2 is causing climate change. He controlled the science through the IPCC and the political and propaganda portion under the umbrella of the Rio Conference (1992) and the ongoing Conference of the Parties (COP). By peopling the IPCC with representatives of national weather offices, he attained control of the politics within each nation and collective global control. They’re the Trojan Horses from which funding and research emanate to deceive the politicians and public into achieving his goal of destroying the industrialized nations. Funnel For Funding No surprise that control was through funding of research, which was almost all through government. Canada is a good example of how they bypassed normal efforts to prevent political interference. Most scientific research funding goes through the National Research Council (NRC) or the National Scientific and Engineering Council (NSERC) to reduce political interference. However, virtually all climate research funding went through Environment Canada (EC). An article published on December 2, 2010 authored by Gordon McBean says, “This month, the Canadian Foundation for Climate and Atmospheric Sciences celebrated a birthday that could be among its last. After 10 years as Canada’s main funding agency for academic weather and climate science, the foundation will soon cease to exist if there’s no further support from the Canadian government.”

Student fee 'savings' will fund windmills in Africa
In the short term, the Government’s own projection as to how much it will save is that the funding of university tuition will be cut by £2.9 billion by 2014. As it happens, £2.9 billion is the sum ring-fenced, by the same public spending review, to be given to developing countries to help them fight global warming with windmills and solar panels. It is also slightly less than the £3 billion by which our public debt is rising every week. These much-vaunted “cuts” are not all we are led to believe.

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