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China stands with North Korea and criticises US threats
How does the US respond to its lifeline credit source? It asks them to tell the N. Koreans to behave nicely. N. Korea is allegedly pissed because S. Korea has declared it responsible for sinking the Cheonan with evidence that looks dodgy.

Gore Bull Warming by CO2 Updates

Joe Bastardi: “Severe Event” For Europe with comment by Piers Corbyn(via Climate Realists)
Video  - Europe Gets Hit by Extreme Cold
See also Public Warning: Solar Climate Change for Mid December from Piers Corbyn

Peter Foster: Wikileaks is just the new Climategate
Wikileaks in fact played a small part in spreading the Climategate emails towards the end of 2009, just ahead of the last great climate shindig in Copenhagen. Also, one current Wikileak reveals that President Barack Obama used a combination of muscle and bribery to achieve a “deal” that he could announce at the Danish capital. Nobody should be the least bit shocked by this revelation. It is a prime example not just of political cynicism but of why diplomacy, by its very nature, cannot be “transparent.” But it also suggests how science can be corrupted by politics. That is the fundamental aspect of Climategate that so few people seem to have grasped, perhaps because so few in the media appear prepared to countenance it.

Number of climate refugees overstated
If we are to believe recent reports, the effects of climate change over the next 90 years will make up to 1 billion people homeless, deny 3 billion access to clean water and see the emergence of ''ghost states'' whose governments-in-exile rule over scattered citizens.
Junk Science says: We'd go further than the Associate Professor, we have yet to see evidence of even one "climate [change] refugee".

Controlling the Science: National Academies and Consensus
Former Republican Congressman and former chairman of the House Committee on Science, Sherwood Boehlert, launched an attack last week on the Republican Party and its stance on global warming science. He made great play of the contributions of Climate Scientists and National Academy of Sciences reports on climate matters. It seems he does not have much idea of the make-up of the NAS panels and how they are stacked with activist scientists and NGO’s to deliver the right message, whilst carrying the scientific imprimatur of the NAS.

NASA, NOAA: total climate sensitivity is below 1.65 °C
A team of experts from NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and NOAA, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, has joined the community of climate deniers or, as they are called by Sean Carroll, the Republicans (Carroll notes that the more educated a person who is not a left-wing activist is, the more skeptical he or she is about the man-made climate disruption):
  Quantifying the negative feedback of vegetation to greenhouse warming: A modeling approach (GRL)
  New NASA model: Doubled CO2 means just 1.64°C warming (The Register)
The article by Lahouari Bounoua and six co-authors in Geophysical Research Letters combines their climate model with the feedbacks linked to vegetation, especially evapotranspiration - the sum of plant transpiration and evaporation from leaves.
What is their result?

Cloud 'feedback' affects global climate and warming, says Texas A&M study
COLLEGE STATION, Dec. 9, 2010 – Changes in clouds will amplify the warming of the planet due to human activities, according to a breakthrough study by a Texas A&M University researcher.
Junk Science says: We have already provided readers with several real-world benchmarks against which claims of positive feedbacks and climate sensitivity can be tested. Recall that a quick check of their homework
showed that an already delivered three-fourths of the expected effect of doubling atmospheric CO2 (2.8/3.7 Watts per meter squared) has been concurrent with an estimated warming of three-fourths of one degree C (if indeed that warming is real and not simply measurement artifact). No need for mumbo jumbo or crappy models, regardless of feedbacks, other forcings (land use, black carbon...) the simple fact is Earth's actual response to enhanced greenhouse forcing is equivalent to +1 °C per doubling of CO2, slightly less than raw calculations might suggest and certainly giving no indication of the presence of marvelous magical multipliers.
We noted, also, how quickly
Earth equilibrates its surface temperature in response to the rearrangement of its thermal furniture. Not that there should have been any doubt given the annual cycle of seasonal change but covering the "additional forcing" case of a strong El Niño demonstrates there is no immediately adjacent "tipping point" threshold to worry about.
We have looked at
climate sensitivity quite thoroughly and concluded ?F 1 W/m2 = ?T 0.2 ± 0.1 °C. This is entirely consistent with empirical measures and implies net negative feedback.
Moreover, we have provided you with
script-driven calculators so you can see for yourselves just how implausible are the claims of net positive feedback.

The Dessler Cloud Feedback Paper in Science: A Step Backward for Climate Research
Dr Roy: Unfortunately, the central evidence contained in the paper is weak at best, and seriously misleading at worst. It uses flawed logic to ignore recent advancements we have made in identifying cloud feedback.

At last science is waking up
Important New Paper “On The Coupling Between Vegetation And The Atmosphere” By Angelini Et Al
There is an important new paper that further examines the role of vegetation processes within the climate system. The study documents a complex interaction between local vegetation and larger scale atmospheric circulations. Summary, biomass cools.

Supreme Court to Decide: Is Global Warming a “Public Nuisance”?
Yesterday [6th Dec], the Supreme Court agreed to hear what could be the most important environmental case it will decide this year: Huge power companies like Xcel Energy and Duke Energy are appealing a ruling by an appeals court that they can be sued under public nuisance law. If that ruling is confirmed at the highest level, it could open the door to a flood of lawsuits claiming the power companies’ greenhouse gas emissions constitute a nuisance to the general public.

Cancún climate change summit: Leaked documents reveal alternative deal
Move by Mexican presidency, Europe and Pacific island states to prepare new negotiating text has outraged developing nations

Cancún climate talks risk becoming a 'car crash', says Chris Huhne
Problems are being caused by division between rich and poor countries on Kyoto protocol, says environment secretary (Guardian)

Guest Blogger Roger Helmer MEP: Climate Conference Set to Crash and Burn?
This is the world’s travelling circus; the moveable feast; the great eco-love-in.  We have some 15,000 delegates (including me - I’m accredited for the EU which is a great irony since I am hugely skeptical of the EU as well as the myth of man-made climate change).  Of course 99% of the delegates are paid-up true believers in Al Gore’s Great Climate Myth, so everyone here agrees with each other, reinforcing their opinion that Al Gore’s view is the only sane view to have.  I take a profoundly different view though.

Fiat Currencies (Pork Pie)

Paul Driessen: The Cancun wealth redistribution conference
Alarmists gather in last-ditch attempt to keep the climate change gravy train running

UN Needs New Body to Spend Carbon Trading Revenue, Ex-Climate Chief Says
The United Nations needs a new body to spend revenue from future sales of carbon allowances, ensuring that developing nations build sustainable economies, according to the former climate chief. (Bloomberg)
Another quango costing the public to do what? Sell IOUs drawn against your earnings.

Global bond rout deepens on US fiscal worries
Agreement in Washington on a fresh fiscal package has set off dramatic rise in yields of US Treasuries and bonds across the world, threatening to short-circuit any benefits of stimulus.

'US government's inflation data is a sham'
Leading investor Jim Rogers has blasted the US government's inflation data as a 'sham' that is causing the central bank to massively understate price pressures.

Ireland's austerity budget: key points
Ireland's finance minister Brian Lenihan unveiled a record austerity budget on Tuesday, in a bid to secure the IMF and EU's agreed €67.5bn bail-out.
Because banks with gov't complicity made bad gambles.

How Ireland's boom became bust
A timeline charting Ireland's fall

EU chiefs back budget rise that’ll cost you £450m more
FURY was growing last night after Brussels chiefs backed an increase to next year’s EU budget

The propaganda lie:
Sterling will be strongest major currency in 2011, says Barclays
Sterling will be the best-perfoming major currency next year, Barclays has forecast, as the UK gets its "house in order".
The truth. Sterling may be the least badly perfoming major currency next year. All the fiat currencies are falling in value, that is all that they can do. One slows, another accelerates in the race to the bottom. Like 2 people jumping out of a plane and betting who goes splat first. The falsity is perpetuated by comparing one falling currency against another and suggesting one is getting stronger. It is just a lie to hide the facts.

Petrol price record, and worse to come
PETROL prices set a new wallet-sapping record yesterday – just in time for the Christmas getaway.

Renewable energy industry at risk
Congress is about to turn its back on renewable energy by allowing a crucial Treasury Grant Program to expire at the end of the year. (Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Politico)

Let Ethanol Subsidies Expire For Good

Analysis: EU Biofuels Squeezed By Green Doubts, Tight Budgets

EPA’s Smoke-and-Mirrors on Smog and Soot — Part 1

EPA Regulations May Shut 50,000 MW Of Coal Plants: Brattle
Environmental Protection Agency regulations may result in over 50,000 megawatts of coal power plant retirements and up to $180 billion in compliance costs for remaining plants, consulting firm The Brattle Group said in a report.
Keep an eye on the EPA. Whatever con they get away the UK gov't will try
Reusable Shopping Bags Could be Germ Carriers
Do you wash your reusable shopping bags after using them? If not, you may be putting your family and yourself at risk for food poisoning.

Comedy Cuts (funny if it didn't cost so much)
UN talks in Cancun have reached a deal to curb climate change, including a fund to help developing countries.
[...] The draft documents say deeper cuts in carbon emissions are needed, but do not establish a mechanism for achieving the pledges countries have made.
[...] Russia and Japan have secured wording that leaves them a possible route to escape extension of the Kyoto Protocol's legally binding emission cuts, while strongly implying that the protocol has an effective future - a key demand of developing countries.
Guaranteeing a further expensive pointless junket with even fewer attendees. If there was a milligram of sincerity in any of them, they would use internet conferencing rather than 1st class jet travel and 6 star hotels with its associated enormous CO2 "poison" emissions and all at the public's expense. The counterproductive eco-fascist UN is well past its scrap-by date. Many not so nutty enviros agree.

Thanks Junk Science, Climate Realists and others.

WikiLeaks: US 'lobbied Russia on behalf of two credit card companies'

"We are glad to tell you that is down and it's confirmed"
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