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Public Warning: Solar Climate Change for Mid December
This is a first for this site, we are posting a Public Warning for a "Winter" Solar Climate Change. Piers and I have agreed to display this information as there are potential "life threatening" conditions that will be underestimated by the media (inc. Met Office) within the next 7-10 days. With the aid of this forecast we hope to give some advance warning to those of you who are already suffering hardship and warn you of a very real risk of further and even bigger snow storms and blizzard conditions set for Scotland & England and Eastern Europe NEXT WEEK.

More Than 1000 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims - Challenge UN IPCC & Gore 

From the conference hall whose title translates to "bottomless pit":
Cancun Climate Change Summit: Japan, then Canada, Russia and Australia Oppose Extending Kyoto Protocol
Kyoto impasse could torpedo climate talks, U.S. warns
The United States is warning that the Cancun climate summit could collapse over the refusal of a few countries, including Canada, to renew the Kyoto Protocol. At a news conference on Tuesday, chief U.S. negotiator Todd Stern said the United-Nations-sponsored talks are in peril as countries have failed to make much progress in key areas of U.S. concern. (Globe and Mail)

Cancun: islands in the climate storm
If Pacific islands are being washed away due to climate change-induced floods, how come land prices are stable?
(Eero Iloniemi, spiked)

The Sun is setting on the whole of western civilisation due to indifference.
The Abdication Of The West
Monckton from Cancun, Mexico
I usually add some gentle humor to these reports. Not today. Read this and weep. Notwithstanding the carefully-orchestrated propaganda to the effect that nothing much will be decided at the UN climate conference here in Cancun, the decisions to be made here this week signal nothing less than the abdication of the West.
The governing class in what was once proudly known as the Free World is silently, casually letting go of liberty, prosperity, and even democracy itself. No one in the mainstream media will tell you this, not so much because they do not see as because they do not bl**dy care.
The 33-page Note (FCCC/AWGLCA/2010/CRP.2) by the Chairman of the “Ad-Hoc Working Group on Long-Term Co-operative Action under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change”, entitled Possible elements of the outcome, reveals all. Or, rather, it reveals nothing, unless one understands what the complex, obscure jargon means. All UNFCCC documents at the Cancun conference, specifically including Possible elements of the outcome, are drafted with what is called “transparent impenetrability”. The intention is that the documents should not be understood, but that later we shall be told they were in the public domain all the time, so what are we complaining about?
Since the Chairman’s note is very long, I shall summarize the main points: (SPPI)

Cancun climate change summit: glaciers increasing despite climate change
Glaciers in many parts of the world are increasing, according to a new United Nations report, despite climate change.

U.N. nears agreement to curb destruction of world's rain forests
We pay them to destroy rainforests by subsidising production and legislating use of biofuel then we pay them to not destroy rainforests. Woodentops strike again. And again. And again. And again. And again. And again.

(Climate Kooks Dept.)
UN climate kooks want to cripple US economy and ban H2O
The second project was as successful as the first. It was euphemistically entitled “Petition to Ban the Use of Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO)” (translation water). It was designed to show that if official U.N. delegates could be duped by college students into banning water, that they could essentially fall for anything, including pseudo-scientific studies which claim to show that global warming is man-caused.
Despite the apparently not-so-obvious reference to H2O, almost every delegate that collegian students approached signed their petition to ban that all too dangerous substance, which contributes to the greenhouse effect, is the major substance in acid rain, and is fatal if inhaled.

Also see (click pic)

Climate Change ministers may have to abandon key talks (Make that past tense, he didn't)
Chris Huhne, the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, is being pressured not to walk out of key climate change talks to save his party back home.

(Climate Crooks Dept.)
Senators Vitter and Barrasso Introduce Bill to Ensure Open, Accurate NASA Climate Data
Vitter, Barrasso Introduce Bill to Ensure Open, Accurate NASA Climate Data
(Washington, D.C.) – U.S. Sens. David Vitter and John Barrasso today introduced S. 4015, the Public Access to Historical Records Act, which would dramatically improve the transparency and accuracy of NASA’s historical records and guarantee public access to the data.
The reason why this needs to be written into law:
“Recent incidents, such as the investigation showing that the Obama administration manipulated data to justify the drilling moratorium, have raised concerns that some scientists and government agencies are using misleading data to support their favored viewpoints,” said Vitter.  “This bill would open NASA’s temperature records to public scrutiny and establish an objective set of data to ensure that influential climate research is protected from political agendas.” (SPPI)

Antarctic Ozone Hole smallest in five years
Claiming wrongly that CFC reductions are responsible. There is no correlation between CFCs and ozone. Next they'll be claiming CO2 reduction stopped gorebull warming in 1995. If they get to write the history.

Argentina announces huge shale gas find
Argentina has reportedly found a huge natural gas supply in Patagonia, enough to potentially free the economy from the limits of imported gas for years to come.

U.S. Ethanol Subsidy Part Of Tax Deal: Trade Group

An extension of the major U.S. ethanol subsidy "is part of the deal at the moment" in negotiations for an omnibus tax bill, but the size and lifespan of the subsidy are not set yet, a trade group said on Wednesday.

Wind Energy Lobby Kindly Proves My Point William Yeatman
As Chris and I conclude,
Of course, it is only natural for aid-dependent industries to warn that they would suffer without the continuation of aid. Employing this circular logic, taxpayer funded renewable power has remained the “energy of the future” for decades. But American taxpayers simply cannot afford to subsidize industries that are forever-nascent.

Dick and Jane Talk Wind Energy (a teachable moment: Vid I)

Jane Talks About Wind with a Town Representative (Vid II)

The Calculator: Fossil Fuel Consumption, CO2 Emissions, and Costs with Wind (Part I)

Technical Appendix to the Calculator: Fossil Fuel Consumption, CO2 Emissions, and Costs with Wind (Part II)

Ten Green Energy Myths
Windmills reduce CO2 emissions, fosfuel dependence. They don't.
Wind energy is free. £150,000 per year per turbine.
Wind energy is environment friendly. It isn't.
Biofuel reduces CO2 emissions. It increases them.
Biofuel doesn't pollute. It does.(2)
Biofuel is environment friendly. Rain forests don't think so.
Biofuel will help save the planet. By causing death from starvation?
CFLs are environment friendly. They contain mercury that will accumulate and kill your descendants.
CFLs reduce CO2 emissions. Nope, use less energy=use them more.

EU Coal Nations Near Victory In Subsidies Fight
Germany and other European coal-mining countries looked set on Wednesday for a victory over environmentalists by securing an extension of coal subsidies until 2018.The European Commission, the EU's executive, had proposed in July that the coal mining industry should only get four more years of state aid before subsidies are phased out in 2014, the sixth such extension of state aid since 1965.But with thousands of jobs on the line, Germany led other coal-mining countries such as Spain in pushing hard to extend subsidies to 2018, to fit around Berlin's own national laws. That position looks to have won the day. (Reuters)

Global plans still not enough to save the world
CANCUN, Mexico: Scientists have estimated that planned cuts in global emissions will fall well short of the level necessary to cap temperature rises at 2 degrees. The shortfall, about 5 gigatonnes a year of CO2 equivalent, is equal to the emissions of all the world's cars, trucks and buses.
Even then, that outcome is dependent on all countries meeting pledges from last year's Copenhagen summit. Deeper cuts still would be required to hold temperature rises on the earth's surface to 1.5 degrees.The statistic, issued by the UN Environment Program, underscores the monumental task facing the world and negotiators racing to reconcile the disparate needs of 192 nations meeting in Cancun, where world-renowned coral reefs have been endangered by the effects of pollution and warmer water. (SMH)

Junk Science response    We used the UN's own figures to examine the feasibility of CCS and found by the UN's own numbers the world is remarkably insensitive to CO2 emissions. Completely shutting down all coal-fired electrical generation in the US for 90 years (i.e., to the year 2100) can "save" at most 0.15 °C hypothetical warming (it can't really, since that relies on absurdly, magically high sensitivity that should have seen the world warm more than 3 times more than has been estimated since the Industrial Revolution). Almost a century of current US coal-fired electrical generation has a potential to raise the planet's temperature by a paltry 0.05 °C from enhanced greenhouse effect, an effect which declines in potency with every molecule emitted. To even achieve their +2 °C from pre-IR estimates requires driving atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to roughly triple what they are now (always provided there are no negative feedbacks) and we have precious little chance of achieving that. There is no realistic risk of achieving that which they demand extreme measures to avoid. Get real and start dealing with real problems.

Altamont wind energy company to pay $2.5 million and replace turbines to reduce raptor deaths

The largest wind energy producer in the Altamont Pass area of eastern Alameda and Contra Costa counties has agreed to replace 2,400 wind turbines within four years and pay $2.5 million in a legal settlement to reduce deaths of eagles, hawks and other raptors hacked by turbine blades.

Hatfield Colliery owner Powerfuel enters administration
The owner of Hatfield Colliery has gone into administration after failing to raise £635m needed to build Britain's first clean coal plant and £30m to upgrade the mine.

Wind Turbines in Europe Do Nothing for Emissions-Reduction Goals

Big names caught in huge drug bust
Didn't they do well? They caught an OAP! Busted for "speed" :-)

U.K. Goods-Trade Gap Hits Record High
The U.K.'s trade deficit in goods widened unexpectedly in October as imports soared to a record high on purchases of chemicals.

European Commission Must Stop Attacking Generic Medicines That Are The Lifeline Of Millions Around The World
"Even as global leaders speak of scaling up access to HIV treatment and averting needless death, their economic policies, funding cut-backs and trade agreements tighten the noose on access to treatment and public health protections," Zaidi added.

Strictly according to the rules:
EU dismisses maiden million citizens' petition
(BRUSSELS) - European Union officials dismissed Thursday a first-ever call by one million people to change an EU law, with a petition drawing on new citizens' rights aimed at freezing GM crop cultivation. The petition is the first test of the Citizens' Initiative, a new tool in the EU's year-old Lisbon Treaty enabling the public to ask Brussels to change the law.
Environmental campaigners Greenpeace and Avaaz had hoped to hand the list of a million names to European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso in person, but the head of the EU executive refused a meeting, delegating Health Commissioner John Dalli instead.
"The Citizen Initiative is not yet launched, we can't accept any initiative at this stage. It is not yet valid," Dalli said.
"We have agreed to receive the petition today but at this point I can't commit on action taken by the commission."

EU bends rules to help farmers take on milk retailers
The European Commission has proposed a relaxation of normal competition rules to help Europe's milk farmers get better deals from wholesalers and retailers.

Europe to cast its financial net much wider
THE head of Europe's financial regulation, Michel Barnier, has proposed a wide-ranging clampdown on the derivative, bond and commodity markets as part of the long-awaited plan to overhaul market rules.
Mr Barnier unveiled the proposals as part of a public consultation for the European Commission's review of the key regulatory framework for investment firms, the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive.

CFL makers rise to defend incandescent bulb ban
Compact fluorescent lightbulb (CFL) makers Philips Electronics, Osram Sylvania and General Electric are scrambling to defend the looming ban on incandescent light bulbs, according to Climatewire.
Philips has sent halogen bulbs to members of Congress and conservative columnists like George Will in an effort to show that CFLs are not the only option to incandescents. Sure, halogens and LEDs are options, but expensive and inferior ones. Try putting LED lights on your Christmas tree — they’re about as aesthetically
pleasing as a migraine.

Iran 'frees stoning woman'
IRAN has freed a woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, her son and her lawyer, a German-based campaign group said today.

Cardboard cops in minis slow traffic

AUTHORITIES say life-sized cardboards of female police officers in miniskirts placed alongside roads have managed to slow down speeding drivers in several central Czech towns.

Second data war casualty
WikiLeaks: Teenager arrested for 'revenge attacks'
A 16-year-old Dutch boy is facing up to six years in prison after admitting involvement in the cyber attacks against credit card companies that withdrew support for WikiLeaks.

For more cartoons by Paul Thomas go to

Cable Shows Shell's Reach in Nigeria
A top Royal Dutch Shell official told U.S. diplomats that her firm infiltrated "all relevant ministries" involved in its business in oil-rich Nigeria, a leaked cable shows.

Get-Britain-Out-of-Europe Petition

For more cartoons by Paul Thomas go to

Thanks Junk Science, Climate Realists, WUWT and others
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