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Get Us Out Of The EU-UN Gravy Train, CCNet Update, WikiLeaks

MORE than 100,000 people have signed up to the Daily Express’s crusade for Britain to quit the European Union, it can be revealed today.
The newspaper has received a deluge of our special crusade coupons calling on David Cameron’s Government to organise an orderly withdrawal from the EU.
Support has hit six figures in just over a week since the historic crusade was launched. It is on course to become the fastest growing campaign in newspaper history.
Last night the colossal surge of support was being viewed as a stark warning to Brussels that Britain has had enough of meddling and an ever-growing tax burden.

British Labour peer Baroness Ashton heads the new European External Action Service
LAVISH pay and perks enjoyed by the EU’s army of diplomats were laid bare yesterday, provoking widespread condemnation.
The generous salaries, allowances and time off will add to the anger over appalling waste at the heart of the European Union.
With salaries up to £188,000 a year, generous holidays rising to 15 weeks a year, including 18 bank holidays, and annual bonuses of up to 50 per cent of wages on offer, critics savaged the EU for its “arrogance”.
And the extraordinary salaries and holidays for its staff will add weight to the Daily Express crusade to withdraw the UK from the EU.
Europe’s new foreign ministry, the European External Action Service, was formally launched behind closed doors last week in a low-key ceremony designed to keep it out of the headlines.The body was established under the Lisbon Treaty and is headed by British Labour peer Baroness Ashton.
Critics have claimed it will duplicate and undermine work already being done around the world by member states’ own diplomats and is yet another EU power-grab.Aides to Lady Ashton said she deliberately kept last week’s Brussels launch “humble” out of respect for austerity cuts being made in EU member states.
But yesterday it emerged that the 136 officials who flew in to mark the occasion, only 10 of whom are British and some of whom are stationed in exotic locations, are unlikely to be tightening their own belts.
Analysis revealed they are on salaries of between £128,000 and £188,000 a year.
But they can boost that by as much as 50 per cent thanks to a string of allowances ranging from “living conditions’’ payments depending on the toughness of the post, to grants for living away from home and daily subsistence.

Get Us Out of the UN-EU-UK's gang-green gravy train

It has all been a UN driven con to move earned income from the west to the east with associated benefit to bankers and the UN.
We want out of the Kyoto Protocol and its associated economy killer, the UN-EU-UK's gang-green gravy train that has produced wind farms, recently solar and the truly idiotic carbon capture and "green" levy energy poverty, increased prices for products that are made using super taxed energy, increased prices for products like food that are moved using super taxed petrol, diesel and electric due to super taxes. And reduced income/standard of living across the board due to increased income tax not least due to green subsidies, UN and EU funding, EU legislation, green quangoes and wholesale mismanagement of the economy in caring first about the banks, second about the EU, third about gifting foreign countries aid by borrowing, the aid not to encourage development but to stifle it. The best aid for developing countries has been the export of UK business to countries not subject to kamikaze energy policy lunacy. And economy killer taxes. The EU wants to deal the UK the coup de grace by taking over administration of the financial sector. Either successive governments including the present incumbent party have been one of 3 things. Traitors in surrendering sovereignty to the EU/UN partnership, traitors in putting other interests ahead of the UK's, outright incompetents. Perhaps all 3.

CCNet – 9 December 2010 The Climate Policy Network

Army Called In As Britain Faces Coldest December for 100 years
The Met Office, using data generated by a £33million supercomputer, claims Britain can stop worrying about a big freeze this year because we could be in for a milder winter than in past years. --Daily Express, 28 October 2010

The Army was called in today to help clear away ice and snow as Britain headed towards its coldest December for 100 years. As temperatures plunged to -15c (5f) David Cameron ordered the military to step in and help the UK's beleaguered local councils.—Paul Sims, Daily Mail, 9 December 2010

UK household energy bills could double to £2,500 a year in an “unstoppable” rise driven by the £200 billion fight against climate change, a market expert warned yesterday.—John Ingham, Daily Express, 8 December 2010

It is vital that UK policy makers realise that even if not a single kilowatt hour of shale gas is produced in the UK, there will be significant positive impacts accruing via shale gas extraction worldwide. All current assumptions on UK energy policy need to be revisited and updated according to new realities, not past dogma. But transformational change can be disruptive to some individuals and groups. --Nick Grealy, No Hot Air, December 2010

In a dramatic move that will alter India's climate change policy irrevocably and have potentially very deep impact on the economy, the Government of India on Wednesday told the world that it was willing to commit to legally binding commitments as part of an international climate deal. --Nitin Sethi, The Times of India, 9 December 2010

Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh departed from the traditional Indian position at the UN climate change conference in Cancun saying that there is a need for a legally binding agreement on carbon cuts. He seems to have crossed a red line by going beyond his brief from the cabinet, which is not to submit to any legally binding agreement and that's non-negotiable. Sources say the Indian negotiators are upset with the Environment Minister. Speculation is rife on why minister has opened floodgates by saying what was not written in his speech. –IBN Live News, 9 December 2010

Ralph Hall is poised to become the next chairman of the US House Science and Technology Committee. At the helm of the Science Committee, Hall is expected to be at the forefront of GOP efforts to probe the Obama administration’s climate policies next year. Hall said he does want to question all sides of the issue, including the scientists at the center of the so-called “Climategate” controversy surrounding e-mails stolen from climate researchers last year in England. He said at a hearing last month that the documents exposed a “dishonest undercurrent” within the scientific community. –Politico, 7  December 2010

1) Army called in as Britain Faces Coldest December for 100 years - Daily Mail, 9 December 2010

2) UK Government Is Asking For Trouble - Daily Express, 8 December 2010

3) Ramesh’s Cancun Gamble: Offers to Sacrifice Kyoto Status - The Times of India, 9 December 2010

4) Cancun: Jairam goes beyond cabinet brief - IBN Live News, 9 December 2010

5) China Rules Out Binding Emissions Cap - The Hindustan Times, 9 December 2010

6) U.S. House Science and Technology Committee Likely To Investigate Climategate Whitewash - Politico, 7 December 2010

7) David Whitehouse: 2010 - An Even More Unexceptional Year - The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 9 December 2010

8) Nick Grealy: Can Shale Gas Transform UK Energy Policy? - No Hot Air, December 2010

CCNet updates are edited by Dr Peiser of the GWPF

WikiLeaks' Open Government Project
Hundreds rally for WikiLeaks founder
MORE than 250 people have gathered in Brisbane at a demonstration in support of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Hackers attack Swedish government site
HACKERS have forced the Swedish government'

WikiLeaks may be illegal - Government
THE Government has elaborated on its position on WikiLeaks, saying both the initial leaking of classified documents and their subsequent distribution by the controversial website is likely to be illegal.

Gillard 'handling WikiLeaks issue badly'
PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has shown a "contempt for the rule of law" in her handling of the WikiLeaks issue, independent MP Andrew Wilkie says.
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