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Killer Cold - Energy Ripples - AGW Still AWOL - Darling, Bail Out - CCNet Update

WikiLeaks will release encrypted 'doomsday file' if site blocked
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has circulated across the internet an encrypted “poison pill” cache of uncensored documents suspected to include files on BP and Guantanamo Bay.
One of the files identified this weekend by The (London) Sunday Times — called the “insurance” file -- has been downloaded from the WikiLeaks website by tens of thousands of supporters, from America to Australia.
Assange warns that any government that tries to curtail his activities risks triggering a new deluge of state and commercial secrets.
The military papers on Guantanamo Bay, yet to be published, believed to have been supplied by Bradley Manning, who was arrested in May. Other documents that Assange is confirmed to possess include an aerial video of a US airstrike in Afghanistan that killed civilians, BP files and Bank of America documents.
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has circulated an encrypted 'poison pill' of uncensored documents, and will release them if he's arrested. /more
Whatever next? Swedish rape case mysteriously dropped, Assange appointed head of US security? /sarc

Fraud Begets Fraud or Fraud Enables Fraud
The $7-billion carbon scam
[Aka carbon credits, carbon offsets, carbon indulgences, CER certs, IOUs, fake currency etc.]
Aided by lax rules, the Danish emissions registry became the world’s largest, with 1256 registered permit traders, most of them fake. As one example, a registered trader used a London parking lot as his address. Following the discovery of the scam, some 1100 of these have been de-registered, leaving scant few traders in the Danish market.
The Danish Minister of Climate and Energy who oversaw the illusory growth in the carbon market, Connie Hedegaard, has since been promoted to the post of EU Climate Commissioner. She is now in Cancun, representing the EU’s interests and arguing for steps that the global community needs to take for the carbon industry to regain credibility.
[Perhaps the elitist woodentops can arrange a nobble peace award...]

– 6 December 2010
The Climate Policy Network

Warmest Year On Record? The Truth Is Global Warming Has Stopped

But buried amid the details of those two Met Office statements 12 months apart lies a remarkable climbdown that has huge implications - not just for the Met Office, but for debate over climate change as a whole. Read carefully with other official data, they conceal a truth that for some, to paraphrase former US VicePresident Al Gore, is really inconvenient: for the past 15 years, global warming has stopped.—David Rose, Mail on Sunday, 5 December 2010
Looking more closely at the Met Office data reveals a different picture. 2010 will be remembered for just two warm months, attributable to the El Nino effect, with the rest of the year being nothing but average, or less than average temperature. There is no evidence whatsoever that the lack of warming seen in the global average annual temperatures seen in the last decade has changed. --David Whitehouse, The Observatory, 3 December 2010

Middle class families are among millions of Britons who cannot afford to heat their homes this winter, as elderly ride on buses all day to stay in the warm. After a week of snow and freezing temperatures a shocking picture has emerged of the bleak months ahead for 5.5 million households. --Tracey Boles, Sunday Express, 5 December 2010

At least 400,000 extra British families will find themselves in “fuel poverty” this Christmas, as the big freeze adds to the impact of imminent price rises from Big Six energy companies. Research produced for The Times shows that by early next year, 5.5 million households, or 21 per cent of the 26 million total, will be in fuel poverty — spending more than 10 per cent of their monthly income on energy bills — the highest level in 15 years.  --Rosemary Bennett and Robin Pagnamenta, The Times, 4 December 2010

BRITISH households will have to pay an estimated £450 a year each to fund the Government’s ambitious green power plans according to calculations by, the price comparison service. – Sunday Express, 5 December 2010

The global warming scare may have been fun for the children while it lasted. But the time has come for the joke to be declared well and truly over. –Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph, 5 December 2010

Just as cheap fossil fuels will remain the life-blood of the world economy, stability and growth, we cannot give up on anaesthetic gases just because they are very potent greenhouse gases. The sooner people begin to accept the hard realities of what drives modern society and secures modern medical treatment, the better. –Benny Peiser quoted in Daily Express, 3 December 2010

1) 'Warmest Year On Record?' The Truth Is Global Warming Has Halted - Mail on Sunday, 5 December 2010
2) David Whitehouse: 2010 - An Unexceptional El Nino Year - The Global Warming Policy Foundation, 3 December 2010
3) Britain is Freezing to Death - Sunday Express, 5 December 2010
4) Green Britain's Shame: Millions Face Cold Christmas As Fuel Poverty Soars - The Times, 4 December 2010
5) UK Households to Pay Price For Green Plans - Sunday Express, 5 December 2010
6) Christopher Booker: The Warmists' Last Mexican Wave - The Sunday Telegraph, 5 December 2010
7) The Green Energy Collapse - Financial Post, 3 December 2010
8) And Finally: What A Gas ... Surgery Now Being Blamed For Global Warming - Daily Express, 3 December 2010

CCNet updates are edited by Dr Peiser of the GWPF

Energy Ripples

China Rescues U.S. Coal Industry 
Coal pit in Powder River Basin (photo: Sierra Club)
Coal is becoming an increasingly unpopular source of energy in the United States because of its danger to workers and to the environment. But the Chinese government considers these factors irrelevant. And so, China is poised to become a big investor in the economies of Wyoming and Montana. These two states sit atop the Powder River Basin, home to an estimated 800 billion tons of coal, or 20% of America’s total supply of the fossil fuel. With China having switched from being a coal exporter to a coal importer, due to its voracious energy appetite, the Asian giant is looking to buy lots of the non-renewable energy source and ship it across the Pacific.
[Funny how the coal carrying ships are queuing up at the ports of gang-green riddled western countries.]

Motivated Tiny Minority Perpetuating Natural Gas Travesty in U.S.
Echoing President Barack Obama’s recent statements, U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar hosted a forum in D.C. this week to discuss the important role natural gas stands to play in America’s energy future. At the exact same time the meeting’s participants were detailing the economic and environmental advantages of cultivating this vast resource, the New York State Assembly was voting to ban the drilling process to extract gas until at least May 2011. These two events illustrate a growing political divide in what should otherwise be a straightforward issue.
Much of this wedge is being driven by activists who oppose all fossil fuels and lobbyists for other energy sources eager to make natural gas less competitive. The situation suggests that this fight is about politics and money rather than consumer safety, as natural gas opponents claim. In fact, the EPA declared the hydraulic fracturing drilling process safe as recently as 2004.
You see, this is not a debate about whether to use hydraulic fracturing instead of an alternative process. No viable alternative exists.
Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” as it’s more commonly known, is the process necessary to liberate gas deposits from pockets of shale rock formations thousands of feet below the earth’s surface.

JS notes.

A new dark age for Germany? [and the UK and other energy challenged countries]
Offshore wind power projects pave the way to frequent blackouts
Thousands of bureaucrats are preparing for another cushy climate confab in Cancun — while U.S. Senators Bignaman, Brownback and Reid are contemplating how to ram renewable energy standards through a lame-duck session of Congress. If they’re wise, American voters and congressmen will pay extra careful attention to the awful dilemma of German climate and energy policy, as exemplified by recent events and make sure their country doesn’t make the same “green” mistakes Germany did.
Barely two months after the inauguration ceremony for Germany’s first pilot offshore wind farm, “Alpha Ventus” in the North Sea, all six of the newly installed wind turbines were completely idle due to gearbox damage. Two turbines must be replaced entirely, the other four repaired.
Friends of the project, especially Germany’s environment minister, Norbert Roettgen, talked of “teething problems.” The problem is far more serious than that, for wind turbines in the high seas are extremely expensive for power consumers, even when they run smoothly. When they don’t the problem intensifies. Germany could face blackouts — a new dark age. (CFACT EU)

Who is Charles Koch? (A builder of business and critic of political capitalism)
[ Note: Robert L. Bradley Jr.'s book review of Charles Koch's The Science of Success (New York: John Wiley & Sons, 2007) appeared in the August/September 2008 issue of The New Individualist (Atlas Society). It is reprinted below to better publicize the worldview of the individual who has been behind a number of free-society initiatives across the country for several decades--and is now a target of Al Gore and the Left].
While falsely portraying it as a David versus Goliath event, the Institutional Left has been caught in an orchestrated effort to attack Charles Koch, while creating a public relations event around California’s ballot initiaitve, Prop 23. Koch openly supports the cause of Liberty and we know how much today’s left hates that. Not only that, sources have now confirmed that, while portraying itself as covering this story, a writer at the Huffington Post has actually conspired in the making of it. There is no room for credible journalism for such a practice.

Global Warming Hoax Weekly Round-Up, Dec. 2nd 2010
e.g. Greenpeace routinely invades private property and interferes with legal business activity, but when firms try to investigate the green terror group they run to the courts seeking protection.  Typical bullies, no?  Greenpeace Canada has the silliest web site on the Internet, including a count of how deaths were caused by ‘climate’ since Cancun started.  A challenge to the hippies – care to tell the world how that figure is calculated?

Climate deaths are up
And by climate deaths they mean anything vaguely weather related that can be used to scare you senseless enough to believe that a trace gas essential to life on Earth is plotting to kill you.

Pachauri was humiliated when he was dropped from the list of the
world’s top 100 thinkers.  Last year he was number five, this year… nowhere.  The question is did 96 people get that much smarter, did Pachauri suffer a head injury, or did Climategate expose the ‘thinker’ as a fraud?  That was rhetorical, in case you wondered.
GWH hottie pic Paz Vega
(reminds me a little of Ziva in NCIS. More Paz pix here )

Governors Should Follow House Lead in Disbanding Global Warming Committees
House Republican leaders have decided to disband the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming, a special committee set up by outgoing Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Republican leaders pointed out the Committee was symbolic in nature, had no authority to initiate legislation, and served solely as a platform for Pelosi and her allies to devote scarce government resources to publicizing global warming alarmism. Disbanding the Committee will save taxpayers $2 million per year.
[Imagine that happening in the UK. "MPs pointed out the government was symbolic in nature, had no authority to initiate legislation, and served solely as a platform for the European Commission. Disbanding the government will save taxpayers £7.9tn"]

Wettest spring in 111 years carries into damp start to summer
AUSTRALIA has recorded its wettest spring in 111 years of records as the Weather Bureau warns of heavy rain on Saturday for much of Queensland's southeast.
The nation recorded an average 163mm over spring, up on the previous record of 140mm set in 1975.
It comes as Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority chairman Russell Reichelt raises concerns about the impacts of the wet on the reef.

Another Climate Change Scare Is On Thin Ice
Arctic Ice A Classic False Scare
Melting Arctic ice grabbed attention and became a major part of Gore’s propaganda movie An Inconvenient Truth. Dying polar bears grabbed emotions and rising sea levels flooded fertile land inhabited by much of the world’s poor people. Context quickly appeared as historic reconstructions of Arctic temperatures and the natural annual variation of ice amounts showed everything within normal variability. Polar bear experts, like Mitch Taylor, debunked the endangered polar bear claims. What to do? Everyone is familiar with the dangers of thin ice so spread the claim the ice is thinning rapidly and as usual intimate it is unnatural.

Icecap notes.

“Green” Climate polices:
Probably unnecessary
. Certainly ineffectual. Ruinously expensive. (Audio link Helmer on climate policy)
Our Green Climate Policies are Probably unnecessary:
In 1975, serious scientists were warning of Global Cooling and the coming Ice Age. They were wrong. Today some of the same scientists are warning of Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW). I think they’re wrong again. If you imagine that the world began in 1975, you could be forgiven for buying into the AGW theory. But the moment you take a longer view, it’s clearly untenable.
/text continues

Video source

2010 - An Unexceptional El Nino Year
2010 will be remembered for just two warm months, attributable to the El Nino effect, with the rest of the year being nothing but average, or less than average temperature.
Warming Underestimated - Does It Matter?
It’s a curious phenomenon that examples of climate ‘forcing’ always seem to occur just before big environmental summits, and that the forcing only ever goes in one direction. The UN Climate Change meeting at Cancun this week is no exception. The UK’s Met Office, among others, released a series of statements and in the Met Office’s case a brochure about climate change. Their conclusion is that things are probably worse than we thought, and in their opinion, is worse than the current science is telling us.

Al Gore’s Ethanol Epiphany WSJ
He concedes the industry he promoted serves no useful purpose.

Nothing worth noting in the hurricane zone
The 2010 Global and Northern Hemisphere Hurricane Season: A wrap up
If alarmists are to be believed and 2010 is the warmest year for mill-yuns, seems warming quietens at least one beast.

Nothing worth noting in the polar zone
Antarctica Melting Down In The Heat
He must be talking about a different Antarctica. The one on this planet is experiencing record cold and ice. (Icecap Note: ice extent over 2 STD above normal or as Steve posted 30,000 Manhattans)

Turn out the lights, the party’s over
Scams die hard, but eventually they die, and when they do, nobody wants to get close to the corpse. You can get all the hotel rooms you want this week in Cancun.
The global-warming caravan has moved on, bound for a destination in oblivion. The United Nations is hanging the usual lamb chop in the window this week in Mexico for the U.N.’s Framework Convention on Climate Change, but the Washington guests are staying home. Nobody wants to get the smell of the corpse on their clothes.

Realists note.

From Nopenhagen to Yes We Cancun
Thanks to Wikileaks, everyone here in the Mañana Republic of Mexico now knows just how much bullying and arm-twisting the administration of Barack Obama in the United States applied to various countries around the world so that they would (and did) sign up to the Copenhagen climate accord.

Science Deteriorated into Corruption Due to Lack of Accountability to the Public
People tend to assume science is impeccable, but it has become extremely corrupt because of very little accountability to the public. The corruption of science used to be in the background where it could be ignored. Now the corruption prevails, while real scientists are marginalized or shoved out.
The significance of scientific fraud is overtaking military force in bankrupting society and creating its problems. Fake green based on carbon dioxide fraud is destroying economies, destroying the environment and wasting resources on an unlimited scale. Unlike old-fashioned environmentalism, there are no improved standards or benefits. All is being sacrificed to combat a fictitious plague contrived through scientific fraud. Cancun Article

Global temperature 'still warming' an interview with Dr. Vicky Pope by John Humphrys: Updated by Piers Corbyn
[8 dead in UK and 16 in Europe due to warm snow!]

P. Gosselin: Conference Recap And My Big Disappointment

Opposing Views: Are we freezing because of global warming?

The scales start to fall from the eyes of some. Is DT's "bought the package" Louise becoming aware?
Met Office halves 'worst case' sea level prediction by Louise Gray

University Bans Professor for Discussing Global Warming Skepticism

Global Warming Claims Against AEP, Utilities to Get U.S. High Court Review

Booker bites
Three years ago, David Cameron knew just what to do about Learco Chindamo

In 2007, David Cameron was sure the Human Rights Act should be scrapped.
Now he's strangely quiet
Forced adoption: another win for the child snatchers

The case of Tony and Debbie Sims illustrates the cruelty of our child protection system
The European 'dream’ has finally collided with reality

The drive towards a European superstate has had its flaws exposed at last
Mr Cameron is in no position to lecture the Chinese on democracy

The government of Europe is scarcely more accountable than that of China
Refugees flee the tyranny of social workers
Cyprus has proved a haven for a family fleeing forced adoption

Ambrose tells us China's credit bubble on borrowed time as inflation bites
The Royal Bank of Scotland has advised clients to take out protection against the risk of a sovereign default by China as one of its top trade trades for 2011. This is a new twist.

Darling on why the EU is on life support, he thinks the public should shoulder the burden:
Europe’s Piecemeal Failure NYT
WHEN I look at events in Europe today, with Ireland getting bailed out and talk of crises brewing elsewhere on the continent, I am reminded of the weeks leading up to the banking crisis in 2008. As the credit crunch began and banks found it increasingly difficult to get access to funding, policy makers faced a choice: deal with the problem in a piecemeal way, or address the root causes immediately.
For too long many policy makers opted to fudge their approach; they dealt with the problem bank by bank and refused to recognize the system’s fundamental flaws.
As a result, we saw Lehman Brothers go bankrupt, Bear Stearns bought up in a fire sale and a major British bank come within hours of collapse.
During that summer I realized that unless we put a firewall in place to prevent the crisis from spreading, we would face a catastrophe in the banking sector and the wider economy. That’s why I took the controversial step of injecting billions of pounds into the banking system to stabilize it. By tackling the fundamental problem, the lack of capital in banks, we stopped a meltdown. It was drastic action, but I have no doubt that it worked.
The same approach is now urgently needed for European economies. It is not enough for the euro zone nations to bail out each economy as it falls into a crisis — they must address the root causes of the continent’s problems.
This hasn’t been the approach so far. In May, Europe eventually faced up to the fact that it had to help Greece, which was finding it increasingly difficult to borrow to cover its debts. But the rescue was far too long in coming, and the United States Treasury deserves a great deal of credit for forcing the issue to a head.
Thanks to the bailout, the immediate crisis was resolved; we bought some time. But that time was not used to put in place a more fundamental approach that would deal with overly indebted European economies. /continues

Why does he advocate debt socialization?
Does Darling not realise he and similar are part of the problem?
The problem is that debt money - fiat currency can only move in one direction, down in value and competing currencies speed the descent, an open door for traders to step in and game the system. Banks lacked capital because they were operating a "fractional reserve" scam with the complicity of the gov'ts and they gambled on derivatives, likely still do.
The only solution is to get rid of fiat currency and stop the trading of gov't bonds and currencies which is just a complicated way of reducing income without the earner being aware, a backdoor tax called inflation, QE etc. that profits the few at the head of the
Ponzi scam. Outlaw fractional reserve banksterism and dangerous gambling that is done with invented money, another source of uncontrolled inflation.

Asian and Middle Eastern countries are trading in holdings of foreign bonds and $ and € currencies for metal and backed currencies. Once China, the $ and € prop sees the light or if US warmongering due to bankster expansionism is inflicted on Korea, their euro stash and dollars will be dumped and we can happily (sadly for the
set up war target) kiss the uninvited, unwelcome, unnecessary EU parasite goodbye.

The whole currency scam began with Fed Res banksters separating gold and the dollar. The dollar's value plunged soon after and currencies pegged against it were thrown into turmoil. Effectively the banksters dumped massively on most of the civilised world
for short term profit and bankster leverage against the US gov't through loans. They deserve nothing. The dominoes are banks, not countries. Let them fall as they should.

Bet your bundle on 3 legged horses (e.g. euro PIIGS) and when they come in last, you take the losses. If the banks want to continue the debt currency scam, they should do it with their own money. The cartel has more stashed away than the UK or Europe, it is better placed to save the bankster system than anyone.

Let me put it succinctly. The UK plc employed the BoE to manage the economy. It mismanaged it. Sack it and create an honest currency controlled by honest financial advisors who don't have an agenda and who are kept remote from handling public cash, p
ublish full accounts regularly. Use the UK public assets as a capital, create a fractional reserve in the public owned N. Rock Bank and pay off the banksters with it. Then outlaw fractional reserve banking. (The banksters are afraid of this hence the sell off of state owned property.)

Tell the cartel run BoE to clean its own mess and lay off looting the public and its descendent generations. Put the BoE building to better use (soup kitchen?) or sell it to the cartel. Reserve the BoE title.

No chance of anything like that happening. Gov't of the people by the banksters for the banksters. Osborne will sell out the UK too, by borrowing from banks against descendents' income to save the banksters from using their own money to rescue themselves. It won't rescue the euro, only consolidation can postpone its demise.

A stop-gap time buyer, re-routing
UN donations that rarely reach the needy (e.g. TERI using UN money to expand its profitable charity scam, UN loot for new offices to house the burgeoning world gov. wannabes while needy starved)? The UN is an anachronism that few see as useful and many see as harmful (the latest episode being cholera in Haiti and avoidable shooting of demonstrators). Incurring debt to support it is against national interest. Especially as it has written anti sovereignty intentions that makes it an enemy of the state similar to the EC/EU.

"The budget should be balanced, the Treasury should be refilled, public debt should be reduced, the arrogance of officialdom should be tempered and controlled, and the assistance to foreign lands should be curtailed lest Rome become bankrupt. People must again learn to work, instead of living on public assistance."

Cicero  - 55 BC
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