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Oi, vaccine industry investors. UKC News 1st & 4th Oct. The war on mankind. Covid Call To Humanity

Dear vaccine industry investors

You have invested in a criminal operation based on the false, fake and criminally sustained germ theory and the virus - vaccine confidence trick promoted by prominent criminals and their foundations.

There is another reason to disinvest, the vaccine industry is controlled by insane, psychopathic megalomaniac eugenicist parasites such as the Black Nobility, (Wettins, Saxe-Coburg Gothas, etc.) Gates, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Pentagon etc. that are performing the cull, a mass murder using injections for profit paid for with your investment.

Institutions investing in the vaccine cull operation are complicit and will be prosecuted. Get your investment out or be a parasitic piece of s*it like the people and politicians enabling the mass murder cull operation.

Professional medical estimates suggest the murder of 2 in every 7 is the eugenecists', (that include Johnson senior) target. How many of your relatives have been injected with the serum that looks to be composed of biolab sink trap waste by human waste?

Think. India, polio caused by a fake vaccine, Africa, sterilisation caused by a fake vaccine, everywhere, brain damage (esp. autism) caused by many fake vaccines and guess what? All three "adverse reactions" are caused by the fake COVID vaccine. Guillain Barre was called polio.

Researchers wishing to know what adjuvants caused the adverse reactions and those wishing to see Gates, Rockefellers, other Pilgrims, Obama, Fauci, etc. hanged in public may wish to compare the COVID (gorilla) sh*t serum with the Gates (Foundation) sh*t serums used in Africa and India.

UK Column News - 1st October 2021

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News
00:33 - Gladys Berejiklian Resigns - Cash For Cuddles Scandal

09:03 - Vaccine Passports

rFi Article: -
DHSC Consultation: -
[Rothschild (Illuminati, now Freemason mafia) was behind (planned, funded in return for the bank) the French Revolution, now it looks like they're the object of it. Cc]

12:57 - FDA Game Playing


15:26 - Pharmaceutical Drugs Promoted & All Off-Label Products Suppressed

Merck Article: -

18:55 - Normalising Mandatory Medication

BBC Article: -
Gov't Bill: -

21:46 - The Fusion Doctrine

Alex Younger Statement: -
National Security Capability Review: -
OHID Announcement: -
[Catherine Austin Fitts informed that COVID is a financial coup against the world. Cc]

28:07 - Canada's Psychological Warfare Against The Canadian Public

21CW Article : -

29:11 - British Military To Officially Spy On the Population

Gov't Announcement: -
HutEighteen: -
[Spying on the population by the Satanist EU military to be made legal using enemy corporation regime rules. Because the foreign Satanist OWG's 5eyes corporation is inadequate? Cc]

34:16 - Are The Government Creating Protests To Justify Their Legislation?

Mail Article: -
The CHICC Act: -
The PCSC Bill: -
The OS Bill: -
The CST Bill: -
[Not the Government, a hostile occupation regime service corporation owned by the Crown global regime corporation (GRC) . Cc]

48:26 - The Military Needed To Replace 20,000 Unvaccinated Healthcare Professionals In New York and To Drive Tankers In the UK

Reuters Article: -
Kwasi Kwarteng Tweet: -

41:45 - Oil Price Increase

FT Article: -
Oil (Brent) Price: -
Bloomberg Article: -

45:24 - YouTube Censorship Of Everything That Questions Authority Including The MSM

BBC Article: -
21CW Article: -
Reuters Article: -
[It has become socially unacceptable. Why do people still use this tool of humanity's enemy? I could say the same for ABC's ZH. Cc]

54:42 - Interference In The US 2020 Election

Politico Article: -
WE Post: -
the NA Article: -
Breitbart Article 001: -
Breitbart Article 002: -
21CW Article: -

01:07:46 - Suddenly Chinese Terror Group Aren't Terrorists Anymore?

21CW Article: -
[Nothing is too low for the corporation dogpile called Chatham House - FCDO - 5eyes. Cc]

01:12:08 - Conviction of People Who Claim they Tried To Rescue A Child

BBC Article: -
NWL Article 001: -
NWL Article 002: -
[Admiralty Law? They should claim their political living status that puts them outside corporation judges' reach. A Common Law Court could prosecute the corporation regime's "judges" for misrepresntation and false judgements. Hanging Judge could take on an improved meaning. Cc]

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UK Column News - 4th October 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

00:24 - There Is No Pandemic

UKC Article: -
[There has never been a pandemic, it has always been about covering up poisoning by corporations like BT, Monsanto (now Bayer) and the militaries and selling snake oil vaccines. Cc]

03:05 - Welsh Government Vote on Covid Passports

BBW Tweet: -
[Assembly. The United part of the nation hasn't been dissed yet. Cc]

04:34 - BBC Propaganda About Coronary Disease

BBC Article 001: -
BBc Article 002: -
The Week Article: -

08:35 - Whole of System Reform of NHS Scotland

Scotsman Article: -

13:07 - Political Corruption Is Reported As If It Were A Surprise But Another Agenda Emerges

ICIJ Article: -
Guardian Article: -
BBc Article: -
ICIJ About: -
the B&P Foundation: -
ICIJ Supporters: -
Luminate: -
Alix Dunn: -
Mirror Article: -
Guardian Article: -
BI Article: -
Mirror Aticle: -
Times Article: -

27:44 - Apparent Corruption At the Fed Goes Unpunished

ZH Article: -

31:42 - UKC Viewers Email Reveals School Takes No Responsibility For Vaccine Consent

34:35 - Data Is An Invaluable Resource Claims the DCMS

DCMS Statement: -

37:39 - Facebook Whistleblower Revealed On Schedule

60 Minutes (Mail Report): -

39:55 - National Crime Agency New DG Appointed

Graeme Bigger Announcement: -

41:57 - GCHQ National Cyber Force

GCHQ Statement: -
Samiesbury HQ: -

46:43 - Murder by Police Used To Advance Censorship Agenda

Telegraph Article 001: -
Telegraph Article 002: -
BBC Article 001: -
BBC Article 002: -
BBC Article 003: -

55:07 - Ministry of Defence Announce Military To Drive Trucks As Brexit Wrongly Blamed

MoD Tweet: -
CNN Article: -
EBR Article: -
UN Article: -
Rishi Sunak Statement: -

59:23 - Trouble In Chinese Economy

FT Article 001: -
Evergrande Trading Halt: -
HDH ltd Buy Out (Reuters): -
FT Article 002: -
[It's a normal cash out, just a lot bigger than usual profit taking. Cc]

01:02:16 - Inflation Driven by Commodity Trading

EuroState Article: -
Gunvor: -
Christine Lagarde Statement:
[And driven by price fixing. The markets are rigged, most know that. Now supermarket stakeholders are in on the act, increasing prices to create rather than respond to inflation for the financial coup currency mafia. Cc]

01:05:04 - Polish MP's Make A Statement Outside Australian Embassy Questioning The Totalitarian State

Polish MP's Statement: -
[The Australian anal products are just following orders and the instuctions in the Rockefeller Lockstep Scenario. Cc]

01:06:23 - Forced Vaccination For Workers

Telegraph Article: -
[Illegal, unlawful. Cc]

01:12:25 - BBC Propaganda Disgrace On Behalf of Pharmaceutical Corporation and the State

BBC Article: -

01:22:14 - Bob Moran Threatened With The Sack

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I wonder why Patrick never mentions The American Government and it's tussle with the Vatican and its Pentagon corporation? It, particularly the Fiduciary has seen off the Anglo Vatican Empire's fake Biden fake government, the contract for a service corporation expired in 2005 and has seen only squatters since, including Mr Trump's service corporation admin.
(March 2021
Note the 9th article, then watch in disbelief as the performing monkeys do everything they can to conceal the reason for the Anglo Vatican Biden residency's ignominous, inglorious, ignoble exit.)

The DoD (Pentagon corporation under Government contract) was intending to present Trump as the President of The United States when all he would be is a service corporation president.
Perhaps it's just too big a topic to fit in.
Without the capture of The United States governance, the OWG is just a really, really bad smell.
The part of the Chinese regime not controlled by the Khazar Jewish Mafia gave the Satanist Jews two fingers by making laws to avoid the criminals doing the same to China as they have done to the West. The Satanists had burnt their bridges and are now in a situation of attempting to retake the "blown away like dry leaves" West.
The creatures' brown tongued servants extraordinaire called the British establishment are as headless as a lanced bum boil and facing an increasingly angry public looking for perps like the parasitic enemy City of London, the Privy Council, the enemy RIIA, the enemy intelligence services and their MsM, the enemy Civil Services, the occupied NHS management and of course the enemy occupation regime corporation on which to exercise revenge. Oh, and the enemy occupied BoE.

HMQUEII's timing of her alleged death was adroit.
The Vatican's preferred replacement, Hallett, likely a 5eyes imposter, is unlikely to find favour with the public when they learn that both the Chair of the Estates and the English throne cannot be occupied by the same person and that Hallet has no claim to the English throne. QEII abdicated the English throne that she in fact occupied illegally for 3 days, to occupy the Chair of the Estates leaving the English throne legally unoccupied.
None of her mixed (Rothschild etc.) brood has any hereditary entitlement to the throne.

Re: The war on mankind. Is our air being tested for graphene oxide pollution?

GO reacts to a wide band of frequencies that stimulate it to emit electrons that in sufficient numbers destroy anything near to the emitting molecule. DARPA hydrogel is a delivery system to get GO into your brain. Read the 2nd sentence again. The higher the frequency and the stronger the signal, the more harm is caused.
EMF radiation alone causes cell damage that produces Common Cold symptoms that are pretended to be caused by a harmful virus that with microscopic examination turns out to be exosomes that are produced by cells every few minutes as a means of communication between cells. Damaged cells produce a lot of exosomes. They alert the immune system that produces a response, either to fix the cell if it is fixable or dismantle it to be consumed and packaged into exosomes by other cells and released to be cleaned up by white cells and other waste removers. "Vaccines" target exosomes that alert the immune system so as to avoid the immune responses such as a runny nose, chesty cough, temperature and pneumonia.
If that's too hard to understand, try this. There is no harmful virus. "Vaccines" target the immune system. mRNA jabs try to alter your immune system so that it sees exosomes carrying particular material as an invader so that the immune response to radiation poisoning is permanently disabled. The gene adulteration jab is and was far from ready for use on the general population, killing or sterilising all the animals it was trialled on. Its use constitutes a crime against humanity.

Swabs inspected by a hospital lab in Slovakia turned out to be nothing like conventional swabs used for obtaining DNA samples in that they contained nanotubes that break off when rubbed against a surface such as the membrane between the nasal passage and the brain. The swabs had lithium and nanotubes containing DARPA hydrogel that is the preferred delivery mechanism for graphene oxide. The gel avoids cells recognising the contents as waste or toxins.

You can't catch the Common Cold aka COVID19, aka SARS COV2 aka coronavirus aka flu. These and many more are deliberately misleading names for the human cell produced exosomes in response to EMF radiation poisoning. Similar confidence tricks have been used where man made toxins such as Monsanto (now Bayer) organo phosphate herbicides and pesticides have caused illness. Ebola describes such intoxication, Zika describes a milder form. Polio is a group of diseases that include GB caused by heavy metal particles and polio "vaccinations", and most recently caused by COVID "vaccinations" but don't tell anyone, it's a WHO secret. Except for polio.
This is what Rockefeller, Gates and the virus vaccine confidence tricksters have been selling with the co-operation of BT, corporation regimes and the UN.


DHHS Whistleblower: COVID vaccines kill 45,000 people within 3 days; lawsuit filed to stop mass vaccinations immediately
July 21, 2021 admin

Alberta, Canada, ends all COVID-19 restrictions after admitting in court they have no SARS-CoV-2 reference virus for their RT-PCR tests
August 9, 2021 admin

Spanish Supreme Court rejects use of COVID passports for entry to indoor venues
August 19, 2021 admin

Indian Bar Association Sues WHO for spreading disinformation about Ivermectin and causing the death of Indian citizens
August 27, 2021 admin

Arizona Attorney General rules vaccine mandate for public employees illegal
September 9, 2021 admin

John Ioannidis: COVID Deaths Massively Over-counted
September 30, 2021 Shell Lorenzo

Archbishop Excludes Unvaccinated from Catholic Mass and Religious Gatherings
September 30, 2021 Shell Lorenzo
Misanthropic homosexual paedophile? One can only pray it's been injected with the real killer serum.

Experts Find Inflammation, Organ Damages on Autopsies of Vaccinated Individuals; Confirms Vaccines Contain Toxic Chemicals
October 1, 2021 Shell Lorenzo

DIVIDE & RULE — The Plan of The 1% to Make You DISPOSABLE
October 3, 2021 Shell Lorenzo

Bank of England propose to use digital money to put “restrictions on people’s freedom”
October 3, 2021 admin
Time for this criminal, foreign stakeholder controlled bank to be defunded and exported or otherwise junked as an enemy of humanity and one of the principles in the global currency ponzi. A real public owned bank can take its place. Hopefully one is being established according to Fid Anna's directions.

AI Analysis from US Department of Defense shows vaccines causing ADE
October 4, 2021 admin

If the excrement wins, all the evil performed by the corporations, royalty and satanic Jews will be expunged from the history books.
Cave drawings, time capsules anyone?


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