clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

Dear Fiduciary Anna. Ignore this.

It's unfair to put it on you.

October 2nd 2021

Dear Great Grandmother and America's Head of State,

A request.

Due to the fact that the British Police Force has been compromised and is aiding and abetting treason against Britain, is  it possible for one of the Continental Sheriffs to arrest the criminal that is impersonating the Prime Minister of England and Britain for crimes against the British public?

A program designed to kill off a large proportion of the British public has been instituted by this psychopath and his collaborators.

He recently sent a consignment of dangerous, allegedly lethal serum to the tyrannical Australian administration to be used, I believe to kill Australians.

I believe this former(?) MI6 operative is no friend of The United States people either.

We need all the help we can get.

Ian Clothcap

A not lost at sea, living, deeply ashamed and angry for my country, England, and nation, Great Britain natural native.

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