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Ordered to Commit Treason by Enabling, Aiding and Abetting Mass Murder? UKC 29th. Rumors 27th, 28th

Added: Latest on the Plandemic
Contract Approved to Use TOXIC Graphene Oxide for Water Treatment in UK
We're all Palestinians now
All the lords and ladies, senior church leaders, everyone in uniform, "journalists", all civil servants, all politicians, Bilderbergers, think tanks, Jews, Freemasons and Common Purpose  and all the gold plated excrement participating in this mass murder failed to understand what, "it has to be indiscriminate" means. 2 in every 7 people is the target. Ask Lord Rothschild.

GO is in the food, air and likely the water. DARPA must be testing different delivery systems and likely different formula hydrogels that survive being in the air and water and don't dissove till they are in blood. If so they'll be patented.
Violence plays into their hands. What is left? It's not possible to just frog march the regime to a secure facility and stop the insanity. A global strike is out of the question I suppose.

A tent could be set up outside our government buildings and Chatham House and as the traitors emerge they can be individually injected with the same shit they are openly forcing the public to take. It'll need a large number to avoid any escapees. No excuse for refusing, same as the excrement is trying to  impose on the now unbelievably still trusting public at large.
Perhaps dart guns... No, the Police state security thugs would respond with the military grade weaponry they've been equipped with at our expense.
Assassinations? SPIB and the rest of the excrement advising the regime have earned it but through Common Law Courts is the civilised way.
It is becoming beyond urgent we do something that is not violent but is effective.
Footbal supporters are a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps they could close down the treacherous, lying dipshit MsM? They rely on energy, my friends. Use your nous.

Every BT director (they have their finger on the 5G - GO  kill switch) and MP has a home. Every MP is complicit. Protest outside their front door in numbers, let them know we can get them and their family. Every mayor and local and regional council upper management and every Common Purpose P o S is complicit. They have homes too. Bring it to the traitors' front doors, make it as real for them as they've made it for us. I don't condone breaking windows that would cause terror to the terror inflictors and their families.
Their cars should not be targetted, despite that spray paint is cheap. Individual police officers should be shamed by their neighbours. "Shame" is neither the right word nor effective. "Traitor," "Murderer," "Collaborator" and similar are much more accurate and I would think more effective.
Save the P o S Freemasons for dessert if they don't turn on their Satanist grand masters themselves.

On the menu? Starvation by huge price rises and empty shelves, freezing by huge energy bills, the excrement practiced in America already, fuel prices artificially driven sky hugh and fuel shortages, already in progress. Supermarket stakeholders (not local managers) are complicit, they are deliberately raising prices. "Inflation" is deliberate.
Energy companies, even the water companies are complicit. The not for profit DWR sells bonds instead of shares, they're looking to sell £8 billion this year. I wonder if it's being used as a tax dodge for their buddies? What are they doing with the money whose repayment will be via water bills?
Billboards can advertise individual traitors, their address, email and home phone number with the words,
"Representative" can be replaced with doctor, pilot, judge, police inspector, grand master, councillor, mayor and anyone in authority that is helping the enemies that are occupying the City and OUR government and council buildings, OUR police stations, OUR hospitals, OUR utilities and so on.
Australia called for help. F*ckwit P O S Johnson scooted off to America where he acted the clown. Don't buy it. The P o S is neck deep in the mass murder.

Every institution that has aided and abetted the mass murder needs to be publicly identified and neutralised where possible.
Chatham House, the regime and bureaucracy down to local councils, and hospital management are top of the list, BT second, airports and military airfields third, bulldozed runways can be effective,
A call out to retired military, especially leaders should be made. We need a British Army to be established, somewhere where ground floor regime soldiers can be re-employed. They have nowhere to go at present when they resign.

This is a rough-out written in anger as to what we can do to retaliate. The rot runs deep, for example the Freemason lodge leaders in the City of London that control the councils need to be captured, and injected.
I'll refine it to something more coherent.


Are the UK Corporation Regime's State Security Thugs and Our Police being Ordered to Commit Treason?

Commit Treason by participating in the regime's efforts to mass murder as many of us as possible? It sure seems to be that way.

The serums falsely called vaccines have been demonstrated to be harmful and deadly. The strong arm coercion by civil authorities using threats of fines and imprisonment without full disclosure of the ingredients, analyses of the mRNA injections have shown undeclared toxins as graphene oxide in harmful volumes in the serums and nanotubes of DARPA hydrogel, GO and lithium in PCR test swabs and without full disclosure of the harms already identified and still being discovered whilst remedies proven harmless at recommended dosage, both prescription and over the counter have been available since long before the proven unjustified and pre-planned pandemic was unleashed on a trusting public using deception and unjustified regulation changes by corrupt medical authorities, particularly the WHO, the CDC Ltd,. the NIH in both the US and GB and by deceit by regime health officials that have been criminally altering data to add substance to claims of harmfulness of a relatively harmless case of immune response to radiation poisoning variously called the Common Cold, flu, COVID19, coronavirus disease, SARS, SARS COV2, MERS and so on. It is also called the virus vaccine confidence trick with proven justification, not least the total debunking of the germ theory by Dr Lanka, that all allopathic symptoms based diagnoses and (chemical) medicine is based on.

The German Coronavirus Investigation Committee has been accumulating verbal evidence against the criminals responsible for the fake pandemic and associated fake vaccine program, videos are here:
Not all are in English.

There are studies that have proved densification of the EMF, especially in the frequencies allowed by the regime's Sports Dept., 2G to 5G cause harm to human cells. If the Dept. is unaware of the studies it is criminally incompetent or simply criminal. 5G is a special case. The frequencies in that range not only damage cells, they also harm the atmosphere by splitting oxygen molecules. Military and commercial airline radar have been using it for years. (This link leads to a Dutchsinse vid, a segment showing a floating military "radar" - HAARP as an example). I'm not sure if a particular frequency or the rapidly modulated frequencies wherein faster info transfer is achieved by rapid switching between all frequencies that are available to find and use the fastest connection speed, that is a provable live experiment on the public, that is causing ecocide in Europe on the bird population.
There is no such thing as a 5G phone afaik. It is simulated as described. 5G phones don't have 5G chips. According to what I have read, graphene oxide is responsive to a wide range of frequencies. That means it vibrates and releases electrons. With sufficient energy input, e.g. by 5G the number of electrons fired off by the GO would destroy anything near it. My crude impression was of a multi directional Uzi or AK47 firing shotgun cartridges. Imagine tens of thousands of them in your brain delivered by DARPA hydrogel.

Cold'n'flu type capsules that contain phenylephrine hydrochloride reduce the less harmful immune system responses to cell damage by EMF radiation poisoning that is both non ionising and ionising, (if the information shared by proves correct). Ivermectin (that ungates the chloride channels) and hydroxychloroquine relieve the more serious immune responses. So called vaccines work by directing the immune system to attack exosomes that, as part of that system alert the immune system to cell damage.

The artificially imposed affliction is caused by increasing densification of the EMF radiation particularly by telecom broadcasting 24-7-365 in harmful frequencies permitted by the occupation regime corporation's Sports Dept. It worsens in winter when the immune system is depressed by reduced exercise, reduced exposure to sunlight, (compounded by persistent contrail cloud forming and house arrest) reduced intake of oxygen due to more time spent indoors, (compounded by masking and house arrest) and increased use of electrical and electronic equipment increasing exposure to EMF radiation .

Neither the criminal corporation regime nor its justice system functions to protect the public. As such the whole regime corporation structure needs to be defunded, disincorporated and prosecuted for failure to serve and for becoming a deadly public menace, sued for restitution of misallocated funds and replaced with a system outside of external corporation lobbyist control with all current members banned for life from participation in public service at any level. The Civil Service needs to be beheaded for similar reasons, and if incorporated, treated the same as the hostile occupation regime.

Members of secret societies e.g. Freemasons and Common Purpose graduates must be forced to resign, those that don't must be punished as accomplices to the ongoing genocide by fake vaccine injection and by deliberate malpractice and abuse of patients and the elderly that are in care. Is anyone checking on those institutionalised due to mental health issues and political reasons? They must be particularly at risk of murder by psychopathic state policy. Those societies must be banned from Great Britain, including from the City and members banned from any public office and especially from health services in which they behave like a deadly disease.

It's about time to get back at Rothschild & company's secret army and their CP collaborators. Is there any evidence that Rothschilds were given the City by the Romans other than hearsay? If there is, is such a gift to a traitor from a hostile invader worth a carrot?
Is that anti semitic?
Turns out DC doesn't belong to the Crown, it was leased, not sold or given.
hoppe the state.jpg
Not supposition.

UK Column News - 29th September 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Gevorg Virats with today's
UK Column News.

00:33 - Plan B Consultation

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12:33 - COVID Passports In South Africa

15:55 - The Coronavirus Act

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19:16 - End of Furlough As Madness Continues

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26:07 - The Staging of Biden's Booster

AJ (Reuters) Article: -
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27:10 - MSM Propaganda Misleads On Nature Of Protests

'i' Article: -

30:22 - UKC Viewer Reveals School Letter Alleging Peaceful Protesters Are Terrorists

34:42 - MSM Lie About Fake Consent Form Campaign

Ruth Moss Tweet: -
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41:41 - UKC Viewers Emails

45:34 Taylor Hudak Harassment

Taylor Hudak tweet:

47:12 - Germany Seeks To Censor Telegram

ZH Article: -

51:09 - CNN CIA Inspired Propaganda

CNN Article: -

53:14 - Georgian Secret Service Reveals It Has Been Spying On Embassies

Eurasianet Article: -

58:12 - Extremely Convenient Death of Israeli Witness In Netanyahu Case

ToI Article: -

59:19 - Youth4Climate Event

Greta Thunberg Speech: -
WEF 15 Minute City: -
Global New Mobility: -
UKC Article 001: -
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01:06:51 - Far Right Fears Promoted By the MSM and Bodies Connected To Government

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Monday, 27-Sep-2021 00:03:12
COVID-19 appeared in the US before Wuhan, claim Chinese scientists. EcoHealth Alliance Peter Daszak Gain-of-Function research. Doomsday virus hinted – created by US researchers
It probably first appeared in a UK military biolab in Libya, 2 prongs.

Lionel: "Lying: The American Political Pastime" [48:05 video (cc)]

Klavan: "Why Did Jesus Say Love Your Neighbor?" [8:46 video (cc)]
Some say he was the first hippie.

Judy Byington:... (Need To Know) Restored Republic Via a GCR: Update as of Monday 27 September 2021
All it takes is participatory democracy aka bottom up self-governance that removes politicians & lobbyists and so, corruption.
The election fraud is an internal corporation dispute and of no interest to ordinary people who have no stake in the outcome other than who gets to be head citizen slave master. It's a super hyped dog and pony show, or in English, a Punch and Judy show between 2 corporations ultimately owned by the Vatican.
I wonder why no-one is asking whether Dominion was used in the 2016 election or in the Brexit vote that should have been a huge landslide victory?
On the 27th page of War and Peace you can find the letter F, on the 9th page you can find the letter T and on the 2021st page the letter W. Applying the reverse Hebrew brain wipe you get WTF.
The Three Gorges Dam destruction would be a crime against humanity. Still, what's another one considering how many have gone before, financed by you know who.
"GESARA/NESARA would launch." I somehow find it hard to believe The US Government will allow American property to back it. China's in no condition, Bitcoin may be zeroed. Perhaps Mr Putin? As if. The elites behind all this sh*t? Of course they'd be willing to invest all their billions. And roses have been found growing on the Moon. It's probably landscaping for the area where the new Fort Knox is to be built.
Anna said it politely, if it was up to a scouser, they'd advise that, "you can shove the (Navy Intelligence's or maybe the Club of Rome's?) fake fed republic up your nose."
I suggest to stop rubbing the bottle, to drink the contents instead. No currency genie is going to appear. Deposit receipts for precious metals are the only globally acceptable currency to my mind. All other options appears to be faith driven fairy tale fantasies like crypto and other pretends like the fiat currencies ponzi that has reached the final destination of all ponzies. QFS is a banksters' conjob to run the fraud all over again. The fake pandemic is to avoid the public going after the currency ponzi perps en masse.
Did anyone mention the American "Civil War" has been ended and the military corporation no-longer has justification to run the country?
For the mentions of actual news among the surmise, thanks.

Military medics take note of her observations and apply to your situaion accordingly.

Reader, 9-min video: "Message From Former Officer Alexander Cooney To All Police Officers In Australia"
- Must See Video Above & Why I Said To Take Off The Helmets

2001 - LIBERA, "LUMINOSA" (based on "Claire de Lune")

FKTV: 'Headwind "21 Full Documentary'

The US Government Is Doing Everything They Can To Collapse The System - Before They "Build Back Better'
Anna said the Pope acquiesced hence not a shutdown, simply following the command from the real Government to theVatican to tell its fake government to piss off.
Canadian nurse whistleblowers say many people are dying after getting vaccines while hospitals are filled with the fully vaccinated

Fresh Calls for Fox News to Fire Tucker Carlson Over ‘Replacement Theory’
- Vatican Trillion$
- Dems Who Opposed Pentagon Cuts Received Nearly 4x More Donations From Weapons Makers
Very complex.

The Big Tell
"Is that what a “vaccine” is supposed to do? Enhance disease transmission?"

An Industry Insider Just Revealed The Truth About What Is Really Behind The Shortages At Our Local Supermarkets
"The middle class is slowly being destroyed with these prices hikes."
- Reader: Sounds like mostly stuff I would never buy or eat anyhow
- Reader: "Take a look at this list of drugs/medications in shortage.... almost all of them."

Open for Military Business - - Ebola Research at Canada’s Only BSL-4 Lab & it's Wuhan Connections
"Ebola research" is likely a cover story, the "disease" is the symptoms of herbi-pesticide poisoning and nutrient deficient diet.

From A Scientist: COVID-19 The Spartacus Letter - A Mandatory Covid Vax Must End Now
- CGI's Henry: Looking for the PDF version of the Spartacus letter on COVID? Here it is
Doesn't mention G.O. so likely some symptoms' assignations are incorrect.

Over 3,000 Doctors and Scientists Sign Declaration Accusing COVID Policy-Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’

Mike Adams' Situation Update, Sep 27, 2021 - The Dark Winter DIE-OFF: Vaccination, starvation and bioweapons activation (69 min)
- Mike Adams: Globalists are betting on 90% of humanity being EASY to kill (13 min)

SORCHA 9/27: "Putin Convenes War Council While World Maintains “Thunderous Silence” On Eve Of Conflict Outbreak"

Fulford preview 9/27: "“Biden” controllers sue for peace after secret East/West agreement"
Biden Asks Supreme Court For Permission To Destroy Gun Rights
- From Reader Charles.... Stupid Is As Stupid Does!
Link-Video 19.09 This Explains A Lot Of Whats Happening To Us Now.. (Video)
There is no "advance warning",  the septic think tanks get their inspiration from movies, they don't give it. These septic tanks are senile ex presidents and prime ministers with barely a shared brain cell between them.

John Hinckley, Who Shot President Reagan, to Be Granted Unconditional Release (views: 666)

LINK-VIDEO - DHS Chief Mayorkas Admits More Than 12,000 Haitian Illegals Have Been Released Into US – No Vaccine Mandate, No Covid Testing (VIDEO)
Because the vaccine is as fake as the virus.

LOOK at Australia. That is coming here soon. Here are some simple things we can do to stop it.
Become a living American national.

CGI's PhantomsMonsters: 2nd Photo Confirmed As 'Ultraterrestrial' By 'The Unseen Ones'
CGI's PhantomsMonsters:

Era of Deception: Scammers and deceivers targeting the truth, conspiracy, & patriot communities

GOP Prosecutor Threatens Felony Arrest Against Truckers Protesting Vaccine Mandates

4,600 Doctors & Scientists Sign Declaration Accusing COVID Policy-Makers of ‘Crimes Against Humanity
4,600 Heroes, How Many Doctors and Scients are there? About 18 Million--the Rest are Lacking Stones! *NM* CrystalRiver

Clif High: Wave Woo (Video)

Canadian Official: Those That Don't Get Tested For Covid Will Be Counted As Having Covid...

dutchsinse LIVE STREAM: 9/27/2021 -- La Palma Update -- Europe M6.0 in Greece (Crete) - Seismic Unrest spreads international
- Bushcraft Bear: The danger is real! The volcano is active again. It's going to be a tough night. Live News La Palma [6 min video]

Even The MSM Is Now Warning 'Thousands More People Are Dying Than Usual, But It's Not From COVID', As Deagel's 2025 Forecast For Massive Depopulation Is Unfolding Before Our Eyes
24th Sept, 150k vaxecutions.

Power Supply Shock Looms: "Global Markets Will Feel The Pinch Very Soon" Of China's Next Crisis
GeorgeEaton -- Monday, 27-Sep-2021 17:07:10

Aaron Russo’s Warning To The World Is More Accurate Than Ever With The Globalist’s Exploitation Of The Pandemic (video)
Exposed! Magnetism Intentionally Added To 'Vaccine' To Force Mrna Through The Entire Body
Magnetised particles. The numerous CDC Ltd deceptions concerning the fake vaccine could lead one to believe the company is run by false Jew politicians.

2020 - LUCAS & ARTHUR JUSSEN, "VAN" by Kulenty (7 mins)
1934 - Anita Siegel & Babeth Leonet, Faure's "DOLLY" Piano Suite for 4 Hands (~15 mins)

9-27-21: Michael Jaco interviews Mel K: Prison Camps coming for some states & provinces just like in WWII Germany (64 min)
Using a pretend infectious virus or pretend spike protein whose existence has never been proven, whose communicability has never been proven.
Q. Where are the judges, where are the lawyers?
A. Directed by Rothschild controlled Kabbala-Talmudic Freemasons.
The satanic Pilgrims'- visibly, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are making war on mankind. The Satanist UN is a Pilgrims controlled gang and an enemy of mankind.

BREAKING: Johnson & Johnson’s COVID Vaccine EXPOSED - Project Veritas (video)
5 links to keep up with the #CovidVaxExposed series.
I haven't found Veritas' exposures much more than a lot of arm waving lightly seasoned with evidence, but every little helps.

Tuesday, 28-Sep-2021

Is COVID-19 a Bioweapon? Dr.Richard Fleming Discusses His New Book With Dr. Joseph Mercola (VIDEO 1.07.50 & Transcript)
There is no such thing as a harmful virus called whatever. They (false Jew controllers of the fake vax industry) try to pass off exosomes, part of the immune system, as harmful viruses for military and eugenicists, they've been trying to make them harmful and infectious. I'm fairly sure they haven't succeeded yet, otherwise the living excrement wouldn't need to put poison in the serums.

ET: "Texas Governor Vows to Hire Any Border Patrol Agent Fired by Biden Administration"

FDA in their virtual meeting: "the vaccines are killing two people for every one life saved”.

FKTV: "A War for the World"

Beck: "Financial Overreach: Why it’s VITAL your money is in a LOCAL bank" [7:35 video (cc)]
Didn't some unreliable source tell us the Philippino IRS corp had been closed down? If you don't wish to pay income tax, become a living American National here:
PragerU: D'Souza - "Benjamin Franklin and the Self-Made Man: Making America" [5:53 video (cc)]
- PragerU: D'Souza - "John Adams and Virtue: Making America" [5:50 video (cc)]

Rubin: "Dems Pass Extreme Abortion Bill That Is Even Too Radical for Their Base | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report" [5:20 video (cc)]

Rubin: "Fox Host Stunned by DHS Secretary's Admission About Illegal Immigration | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report" [8:43 video (cc)]

Beck: "Australian reporter details CLASH between police & blue collar workers" [10:48 video (cc)]

Klavan: "Gabby Petito and The Case of Missing White Woman Syndrome" [13:41 video (cc)]
- Tweet: "Gabby Petito was in 2013 'Irreplaceable' music video for Sandy Hook"

1993 - JIM HALL, CHET BAKER, GROVER WASHINGTON Jr., et al., "ALL BLUES" (10-1/2 mins)

Part 2 - Doomsday virus hinted – created by US researchers. Governments separate the vaccinated and the unvaccinated – a form of discrimination
Researchers or PC Lego program users?


NEA Teacher Union: Waging War on US, Freedom

CRITICAL UK: GOV PLAN B, MANDATORY vaccine certification - Autumn and Winter plan.
- Reader: THE PLAN - 4 min video that everyone needs to see
It's called the enemy within.

SORCHA 9/28: "Russia Issues “Red Line” Warning As Biden “Virus Bomb” Ignites Trump Terror"

Pro-Vaxxx Ex-Notre Dame Professor That Viciously Attacked "Anti-Vaxxers" on Social Media Dies After COVID ‘Booster’ Shot
- Reader: Irony Abounds!! Note the woman's FIRST name!

FU$K Fentanyl ! — 1+min. Video
Imported from China by?

National Science Foundation Grants $7 Million to Universities Developing Anti-‘Misinformation’ Tools (More Ways To Bury The Truth & Undermine Critical Thinking-CR)

Nestle is a Jesuit operation... completely criminal and a product of Fidel Castro's ancestors (the House of Farnese)

Bloomberg Media Blames White Minority for South Africa’s Vaccine Hesitancy (Nah, Think They Are Smart Enough to know about Tuskegee)
- Yesterday I was Informed of Incidents Taking Place In Mexico--Forced Innoculations, Many Young Folks Dying & Police Stealing From The Dead and Mourning Families--Heartbreaking! *NM* CrystalRiver
- One Other Thing The Police Are Doing Is Delaying Flights & Buses Which Caused Family Members to Miss Seeing A Brother Before He Passed,

Wake Up! The FDA Has NOT Approved ANY COVID19 "Vaccine"!

UK hospital data shocks the world: 80% of COVID deaths are among the vaccinated… COVID deaths up 3,000% after vaccine wave
As the living excrement can't prove such a virus exists, how can any death be called COVID? It is in reality no more than a political and geopolitical tool for the living excrement.

(Good News) Italian court sides with nurse wrongly suspended for refusing COVID-19 jab

The Vax Wipes Out Your Immune System - The Boosters Finish the Job (video 4 m)
- Not Very Logical: Re: The Vax Wipes Out Your Immune System - The Boosters Finish the Job (video 4 m)

CGI's PhantomsMonsters: Terrifying & Mysterious Humanoid Encounters
CGI's PhantomsMonsters: Startled & Bewildered: Strange Night At Home

CGI's BoldFenianMan: INTEL UPDATE WITH GOOD NEWS - video link *NL*
- Reader: When I first started buying silver 50 years ago

Nobody Is Coming To Save Us!
At last peeps are seeing through the bovine excrement.

"A Wealthy Elite Reveals the Covid Pandemic Endgame"
Basically the Rockefeller Lockstep in brief. They were waiting for the impossible harmful, infectious exosome that never materialised.

Pfizer is developing an oral therapeutic based on…..
Camel piss? Cold'n'flu?

Bizarre Plasma Orb Interacts With Electrical Rails & Lines . . . What The Hell Is That Thing??
I vote for ball lightning, if that’s real


Mike Adams’ Situation Update, Sep 28th, 2021 - Federal court condemns all NYC schoolteachers to death by lethal injection (vaccines) (1hr 13min)

Monkey Werx Overwatch SITREP - 9-27-21 (Video)
"America is Under Siege"

Saratoga Ocean: 5 Steps to stay on an Ascension Timeline 👈 [27 min video]
All rise? What happens to them that are banged up behind bars?

2009 - BLACK DYKE BAND, "IMMORTAL" by Paul Lovatt-Cooper (10 mins)

X22 Report Ep. 2588a&b - Tide Is Turning, How Do You Prevent This From Happening Again, Prosecution Is The Only Way (a, 16min; b, 51min)

Start spreading the news!

La Palma Volcano Lava Reaches the Sea, 3 vents of eruptions ongoing (videos)
Maybe the bit that was expected to fall into the sea and wash away Al Gore's sea front property will fall into the caldera when it has emptied? Of course all the volcanic activity is down to man made CO2. Ask Greta, satanic UN crime syndicate climate expert.

Pelosi Reveals Obama Is Running the Whitehouse Agenda (video)

Mother and Daughter Break Down In Tears Over Vaccine Injuries, Doctors Tell Them Tough Luck - You're On Your Own (video)

New York initiates medical martial law rollout with troops to take over hospitals where unvaxxed health care workers are being fired en masse

You Will Own Nothing & You Will Be Happy--Video

A Baby was Given the Vax and is Now Paralyzed from the Neck Down. Enough is Enough!
- Amazing Polly: Wonder why you suddenly can’t get a medical exemption from the COVID ‘vaccine?’ [38 min video]

From an anonymous source: PRO-VAXX restaurant owner DOESN'T CARE if NO ONE DINES at his establishment because the STATE PAYS HIM to STAY OPEN. It's all a BIG SHOW.

Latest on the Plandemic
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch September 17, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz

The "vaccine" is the "Delta variant". Don't believe it? Watch this.

There is no "variant" ---- there can't be a "variant" of something that hasn't ever been isolated and identified and sequenced.
We are watching the deliberate genocide of the human race by commercial corporations masquerading as governments.
These corporations have begun a kind of war against people, because they owe you a vast amount of money and they don't want to pay.
It's really quite obvious and simple.

You must organize and you must educate others and you must make use of the laws that exist to protect you and the "remedies" that they provided themselves.
If anyone tries to force you into taking the jab, reply that you are allergic to it.
That's how Bill Gates and his kids avoided the jab.

The great promoter of "vaccines" that killed over 40,000 children and left 750,000 children maimed in India with fake polio vaccine, and who killed 27,000 people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with a similar campaign, was ALLOWED by people like Joe Biden to begin a very similar only worse campaign in this country.
Have you noticed that all the Royals have disappeared and all the chief actors in all the horrible things that have happened in the past twenty years? When is the last time you saw the Queen and any of her brood? How about the members of "your" Congressional Delegation? How about G.W. Bush? Or Dick Cheney? The Pope? Mr. Gates? Mr. Bezos? All the Hollywood "Stars"? Where are they?

Dead at the hands of Military Tribunals? Or are the Parasites hiding out in their new Host, China? Or, even worse, have they simply taken advantage of high tech age reversal programs and "disappeared" by becoming young again?
I've told you before that they were well-advanced in such research and pouring vast amounts of money into age reversal research fifty years ago.

Isn't it obvious that they have succeeded in creating a "Fountain of Youth" and think that because people can now live much, much longer, the "herd" has to be culled and prevented from reproducing?
It's the only scenario that makes sense.
They live "forever" and you die to allow that. So the Earth becomes populated with madmen and psychopaths. And the good decent people are disposed of or enslaved.

We know how to see them, because we know how they looked as young people.
They cannot hide. Even those in space will be destroyed.
They will be imprisoned forever in the heart of the sun they worship.

And those who have loved the True God and their fellow man will live in peace at last.
Be of good cheer and shine like a thousand stars. This is a Spiritual War and your spirits are strong. Make them stronger every day. Go into your "closet" and pray.

Take time to rest and imagine being in your Happy Place.
Speak to everyone you can and spread the word. Share this information far and wide.

Let the Australian Government know that their Treaty with "the US" is meaningless and all their corporations will fry for the harm they have done to their own people.
Even now, the wheels are turning and the weapons of the True Lord are forming.
Paul Stramer commented September 18, 2021
From Chris Robideaux
"Another airtight, effective way people can opt-out of the "Covid" vax is to point out that the FDA itself has banned one of its main ingredients, graphene oxide, for animal or human consumption. Badda-boom. Done deal."
A quick search didn't reveal the ban. I'll dig around the FDA site tomorrow.

Contract Approved to Use TOXIC Graphene Oxide for Water Treatment in UK – The Same Substance Found in Covid-19 Vaccines
The Expose
By captaindaretofly on August 3, 2021

G2O Water Technologies, a UK technology business, has managed to get its first commercial contract approved for the enhancement of water filtration membranes with graphene oxide.
This contract makes it the first commercially successful application of the recently developed material for water treatment.
Allegedly, the advantages of using graphene oxide for water treatment lies in the enhancement of membrane performance, as it mitigates the effects of “fouling.” Fouling is apparently one of the biggest challenges operators of membrane-based water filtration systems face.
What's in your water? | Clean Water Action“Enormous doses” of graphene oxide have been reportedly discovered in the Covid-19 vaccines.
“Fouling” describes the presence or accumulation of unwanted material in water including scale, general dirt, and debris, dissolved metals, or biological matter, and bacteria. Fouled water can cause a variety of problems if left untreated.
In collaboration with Hydrasyst Limited, G2O technologies managed to coat membranes with graphene oxide which they state will improve operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption and decrease chemical usage.
The UK technology business has anticipated that the graphene oxide coating will extend the lifetime of the membranes, as well as reducing the cost and environmental impact of water treatment.
Hydrasyst, the earliest adopter of the technology, is a British provider of advanced membrane technology systems. Managing Director Kyle Wolff said: “We’re thrilled to have been closely involved for some time now with the piloting and application of G2O Water Technology’s graphene oxide coatings.
“With the graphene oxide coating, our ceramic hollow-fibre membrane systems deliver significant operational advantages, enabling end-users to enhance the efficiency of their water usage, whilst delivering significant savings in energy costs.”
Chris Wyres, CEO of G2O Technologies, said that the company will be working with Hydrasyst to roll out Nanopulse systems for a range of water treatment applications. The tech company envisages a “wide-scale deployment” of the graphene-based treatment, which will “contribute to addressing the challenges of water scarcity and climate change.”
Graphene Oxide is Toxic
Recently, we reported on a study released by Spanish researchers which revealed that the Covid-19 vaccines contain “enormous doses” of the nanoparticle graphene oxide.
Graphene oxide, which is a material formed from graphite, is known to cause dose-dependent toxicity. The compound can cause liver and kidney damage, spur on the formation of granulomas in the lungs, decrease cell viability, and trigger cell apoptosis or pre-programmed cell death.
The nanoparticle can also cause blood clots as it coagulates the blood, and also alters the immune system by disrupting the oxidative balance in the body’s glutathione reserves.
The substance can cause a whole host of other health issues including pulmonary fibrosis, which can cause lung cancer and pneumonia.
Researchers discovered the substance in doses of the Pfizer vaccine – they found each dose that they examined contained around 747 nanograms of graphene oxide, meaning that more than 99 percent of the Pfizer vaccine was reportedly made up entirely of the toxic substance.
Of course, this research was not reported by the mainstream media and would simply be dismissed or censored if it was. However, taking what we know about graphene oxide into consideration, it is disturbing to know that UK water is set to be treated using the very same toxic substance.
We shudder to think about what the long-term health effects of washing with, using, and drinking graphene-treated water will be.

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