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Why This International Peace Proclamation Works
Via Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch September 19, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are frankly astounded by the impact that the recent International Peace Proclamation has had already. They are scratching their heads.
Many people, including President Andrew Johnson, have tried all means at their disposal to end the endless "civil war" that has been used as an excuse to pillage and plunder this country and its people for sixteen decades.
If all those officials couldn't do it over all those years, how is it that a simple one-page proclamation could make such a difference?
It's simple really. Nobody else, including President Johnson, had the standing to make it stick.
Johnson, for example, was acting as the Vice-President and later President of a British Territorial United States Company, soon to be restructured as a Crown Corporation. As such, he was CEO of a foreign, for-profit business. While in that office he could stop it from waging more war, but he had no power to resolve the war itself.
The same can be said for many other earnest efforts the loyal men and women in similar positions have tried to make, only to learn the hard way that they don't have the empowerment to end it.
Only the sovereign and independent Union States and their States of the Union operating in international and global jurisdictions, have the power and the standing and the right and the responsibility to declare the end of a war on our shores.
So, okay, the actual States have been summoned into Session and they have held a Roll Call Vote establishing a Peace Treaty ending The American Civil War, also called The War of Secession.
Are the Federal Subcontractors, two giant commercial corporations, obligated to follow suit, and if so, why?
They are obligated in this case because they are our employees and upholding the peace is now a condition of their employment or dependency.
They are further obligated because although they appear to be under separate direction --- the Municipal citizens operating under the direction of Rome, and the Territorial Citizens under the direction of the Crown and the Queen, both are ultimately owned by the Pope --- what appears to be two completely separate things are both sock puppets in his hands.
That being so and being fully exposed, Pope Francis is not able to pretend that there are any two actual sides to the purported conflict. The Americans have gone home to rebuild, and the two foreign commercial subcontracting corporations both belong to him.
If there is any continued fighting, it's because Pope Francis isn't pulling the plug and telling his respective Boards and Officers to give it up. If he doesn't, he would be guilty of war-mongering, and on top of that, we would happily charge him anywhere from between three and eight hundred times the damages, depending on the nature of the continuing offense.
He would also have to pay the entire cost of any continuing war, quite apart from any damage claims.
War is only profitable, when you can promote it without being caught, and profit from it without accruing the moral taint ---- which the Holy See has endeavored to do, successfully, for over a century and a half ---but no more.
Despite people like Ben Fulford screaming for blood in the streets, those of us who have watched the play from beginning to end are not swayed; this entire false conflict was deliberately staged, carried out with deceitful malice, for material gain.
That being so, we already know the best revenge and we are serving it cold.

Anything but peaceable action would play into their hands and allow them to unleash their venom on innocent people all over again, so instead, we are pressing onward like the force of the tide, keeping our heads. and focusing our minds.

What the End of the Civil War Means For the Military and Agencies
Via Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch September 21, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz

Dear General,
As we look across the split rail fence, and you see mountains and I see lakes, it behooves everyone to take in the larger view.

Abraham Lincoln was never President of The United States of America, by which we mean the unincorporated Federation of actual, physically-defined States of the Union. He was never President of the Federal Republic, either.

Instead, he was President of the United States of America --- the British Territorial Government acting as a Federal Subcontractor. They were allowed to operate in our names because they exercised some of our delegated powers. They were loaned the use of our Title IV flag for the same reason.
But they are not us and we are not them and Abraham Lincoln was never an American President.
We can be sure of this because he was a Bar Attorney and Bar Attorneys were prohibited from holding any public office in our Federal Republic, and that prohibition which was always incipient in the original Constitutions, had been made more explicit and given specific penalties as of 1819. I would be happy to provide you with the documentation and the specific penalties.
Because of the similar names, The United States of America being the actual Federation of States, and the United States of America being our Federal Subcontractor, it was possible for Lincoln to obfuscate the offices, making it appear that he had been duly elected as the president of the actual Federation, when in fact, he was elected to a private corporate office serving one of our Federal Subcontractors.

He knowingly and with malice aforethought usurped upon our public office while occupying a similar-named private office.
Simple as that. A ruse. A contrived and purposeful impersonation that led people to believe that he had powers he never possessed and that he was operating in a public office that he was in fact prohibited from occupying.
Acting in Gross Breach of Trust, Lincoln appeared to declare war on the Southern Confederate States, without the benefit of any Declaration from any Congress, and thus, the Mercenary Conflict known as The American Civil War began.

In the middle of it, in March of 1863, Lincoln took another illegal, fraudulent action, and began issuing so-called Executive Orders. His very first Executive Order became known as General Order 100, and among other things, it put the military in charge --- but in charge of what?
The next day, Lincoln bankrupted the Northern Confederacy. His version of "USA" went into receivership, while our actual Federation of States remained apart from the entire conflict.
It was a "war" without any proper beginning, and at least so far as our Federal Subcontractors were concerned, without any ending, either. No Peace Treaty was signed by any competent parties with standing to take action, and so it dragged on and on and on.
Finally, however, the actual States of the Union woke up, We observed that both our warring Federal Subcontractors--- we will just generally call them the US, INC. and the USA, Inc.--- were owned by the Pope, so that the whole pretense of war was phony from beginning to end.
The American Civil War was was actually a Mercenary Conflict, illegal, conducted in Gross Breach of Trust, in violation of the respective service contracts known as Constitutions, and promulgated by fraud in violation of the Treaties of Versailles, Paris, Westminster and Ghent, by Undeclared Agents of the British Crown.

That, dear General, is what the American Civil War was. And absolutely everything coming out of it is tainted by fraud. Lincoln's presidency and all his fine words---- tainted by fraud. All the results of the conflict --- including the practice of issuing Executive Orders --- are fraudulent. So is the entire Lieber Code and the authorities claimed by the Military acting under it --- more fraud.
There is no recourse to The Law of War, because there is no war.
There is nothing to be addressed but a 160 year-old British Confidence Swindle, and that is the essence of the "Special Relationship" that the Brits keep touting.

So the States woke up, the people declared their birthright political status, the State Assemblies assembled, and the State Citizens took a roll call vote to adopt a Peace Treaty ending the purported Civil War.
The authority to do so resides with them, because the Confederate States were all businesses and instrumentalities that belonged to the States of the Union, which are the actual physically-defined member States of our Federation.

So the only Parties with standing to address the issue have spoken, have abolished slavery in all jurisdictions related to this country, and adopted a Peace Treaty ending the Civil War.
There are no other Parties with standing on the issue, because the Pope is just playing with himself. He owns the US, INC. directly, and owns the USA, Inc. indirectly. Last time we looked, you can't wage any legitimate war against yourself.

So this really is an end to the fun and games. The end of the Lieber Code. The end of Executive Orders. The end of Private Attorney Generals. The end of Public Trusts only presumed to exist. The end of all legal presumptions of war. The end of this entire fraudulent stinko system of things.
There is plenty of blame to go around. The Military bears its share for its part and the only saving grace is that the men actually and directly responsible for this Mess are long dead.

Going forward, the Military owes its allegiance to the American States and our unincorporated Federation of States and stands under our Civilian Government, which is now in Session. The same is true of all Federal Agency Personnel.
The very first order of business is to educate, educate, educate. Obviously.
We can't do that with a bought-and-paid-for foreign media monopoly pumping out propaganda every day. That's why you have been ordered to shut those corporations down and seize their assets in the Public Interest. They have exercised a foreign-based monopoly on our air waves and that cannot be allowed.

As the actual Priority Creditors, we are the natural inheritors of all US and all USA Corporations and assets, bar none. Any corporation engaged in unlawful activity or acting against the Public Good is to be liquidated or, at our discretion, turned over to new management.
Essential services must continue, but any and all anti-American activity by US or USA corporations must stop. This is why you have been ordered to shut down the CDC, NIH, Vaccine Manufacturers, and other entities which have promoted the current attack on our populace, seeking to redefine people as human beings and then to redefine human beings as "trans-human" in an effort to deny them their fundamental and Natural and Unalienable Rights.

This activity has already been outlawed in this country and all these corporations supporting these activities must be shut down. This includes the vaccine manufacturers who have colluded in this dirty business. That's why you have been ordered to take the actions necessary to accomplish these results.

The second order of business is to recoup and redeploy our assets. Almost everyone on Earth owes us both assets and credit, and none of that is "abandoned". That's why you have been ordered to assist us in recouping and redeploying our assets, both to settle debts and to expedite trade and commerce.

Janet Yellen is barking up the wrong tree. The "Congress" that she is addressing doesn't have the authority to access our assets or our credit, and except for very limited appropriation ability, never did. None of them have been elected by us and none of them have a contract. Joe Biden doesn't have a contract.

As would-be Federal Subcontractors, they have obligations. They haven't met those obligations in the past, and they aren't likely to meet them in the future. They're fired. Simple as that. If there is any question, we can make our case to the American People in less than fifteen minutes, and the Pope, who is the only other Principal-in-fact, has already acquiesced.

These are matters of business and crime, and should not be mistaken for or promoted as anything based on personalities, race, age, religion, or politics. It's my understanding that the Military is in fact in control of the Federal Civil Service and the Agencies as part of its former presumed-to-exist mandate under the Lieber Code.
Kindly pass the word. The FBI can stop investigating its own Employers as if we were the problem, and start doing what they were created to do. Ditto the U.S. Marshals Service, which should be working in tandem with our Continental Marshals Service.
There's ten days and counting until Janet Yellen passes the word to bankrupt the United States, again, an action which is totally unnecessary and damaging to our country and to the world at large. Let's finish cleaning up this Mess, once and for all, and get everyone on the same page.

When is the gov. not The Government? When it is owned and operated by private (corporate) interests for those interests. Basically when it operates againsts the public good, like the Johnson regime and every regime preceding it. No sane person that looks at what the illicit Biden admin is doing and has done could claim it has America's interests as the priority.
About "the" Republic -- A Message to Donald Trump and the Military
Via Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch September 12, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz

It's no news to Donald Trump that he is "President" of a commercial corporation in the business of providing essential government services. The fact that it is a foreign, privately-owned corporation that provides (mainly) military infrastructure and personnel for-hire is no news to him or to the General Staff, either.
Okay, when this all got started a couple hundred years ago, it was a simple company, not a commercial corporation --- a joint venture between the new American Government and the British Monarch, initially created so that the British Navy could provide protection for American commercial shipping in the years immediately after The War of Independence--- when we had virtually no navy ourselves.
It doesn't matter how this company was or is organized. It's a company, not a sovereign government.
There is nothing in the Constitutions or any Treaty that I know of that precluded this services company from reorganizing as a commercial corporation, so I am not hanging any hats on that issue of wasting any time debating their decision to incorporate their activities under a foreign government.
Bar attorneys, like mice, are adept at finding loop-holes. I have seen some real doozies and this is one of those. What isn't precluded is allowed. If you leave any blank spaces, they will happily fill them in for you.
What is important is that the military is required to take its direction from the civilian government. They know this.
In the years following the Mercenary Conflict mislabeled as The American Civil War, the civilian government didn't reorganize and reappear. The States were not in Session when Lee surrendered, and via a process of non-disclosure and deceit and abundant sinning by omission, the British Territorial United States Government made sure that it didn't reconvene.
On an "emergency basis" the British Territorial United States Government substituted itself and its agents for the American Government that was "missing" ---or at least that part of the government known as The Confederation and its business arm known as The Federal Republic.
In this way, the British Monarch and His Minions secured a cat-bird place for themselves, and proceeded to collect war reparations from the "Municipal citizenry" and any "presumed rebels" living in the Southern States.
The Military took part in this and expedited it by establishing "special" District Courts and operated them in newly created "Military Districts" and operated them under "Special Admiralty Law".
The Military also, on an "emergency basis", incorporated a Scottish commercial corporation and called it "The United States of America" --- Incorporated, and thereby gained access to our credit, just like any run-of-the-mill credit card hacker/identity thief does the same thing today.
The only difference is that they were impersonating the Lawful Government of this country instead of an individual, and it was 1865, so the nature of the crime was virtually unknown to average people and so, this was completely unexpected and I might say, not suspected, by the Public.
It was fraud, and they can bluster and puff and say that it was "necessary fraud" all they like, but it doesn't change the true nature of what they did here, nor does it change the public record, and the lack of any full disclosure on the public record concerning any of this theft and graft.
It wouldn't have been "necessary" to steal from us if they had simply told their Employers, the American People, what was going on and what they needed.
Strange how history repeats itself ---- if you let it.
I am told that the same military contractor interests have bloated up again and are preparing to announce "the" Republic's "return".
There's just one really big problem, besides the fact that our American Civilian Government is now in Session and they are obligated under Constitutional Contract to obey us, not go ramrodding around on their own ---- and that problem is that they can't legally or lawfully enter the actual Federal Republic without permission from The United States of America. Us.
Instead, they are going to try the old doppelganger trick and present "a" Republic as if it was The Federal Republic, when it's not.
Whoa, there!
Once again, there is no need to steal from us or force anything on us or pretend anything about us. All that "President" Donald Trump has to do, or the military officers with him, is come clean. Be honest. Admit that everything was fubar in the past. Come home, face your Employers.
The actual State Assemblies are in Session now and The United States of America is fully populated by declared and recorded Americans.
We are the heirs and inheritors of this country, together with the rights and responsibilities of the actual American Government --- the civilian government that the for-hire military is obligated to obey under the same Constitution that they have all sworn an oath to protect and defend from all enemies both foreign and domestic.
Okay? It's simple. Stop the fraud. Admit the truth. Come home and talk to your Grandmother. I am not some slavering vengeful madwoman, even if I do live out in the sticks. I am really just an average American who happens to be holding the purse-strings and holding you boys to account.
If you want to get paid and want to have your toys, you have to honor your contract with the American People. You have to take your orders from the civilian Government. You have to work with the People of our States. You have to cut the crap.

And that includes trying to pass your "Republic" off as our Federal Republic.

Any that go against this, that continue promoting the pretend government system which is the incorporated Federal Republic corporation and its even flakier mirror with Ms Goguen as its public face are fighting for the enemy's system.
The real and present danger is the enemy within that includes the Satanist's UN and its collaborators. It needs to be disabled by prosecuting the senior management (they no longer have legal protection) for crimes against mankind, America and the American Government. The Naziesque enemy of sovereignty and tool of the Pilgrims should be dismantled and scattered to the winds. Then go after its policy makers, start with the Clubs of Rome and the Pilgrims' Rockefeller organisations such as the CFR and Bilderberg.

When did the British Government become an incorporated service corporation, committing all the crimes against us Brits the Scottish corporation committed against America?

Keeping Mankind Divided
Australian NWO Nazis Shoot Fleeing protestors in the Back
Posted By: GeorgeEaton
RMN 23-Sep-2021

It is standard procedure by civilized nation's law enforcement, to never shoot a suspect in the back as they are fleeing unless they turn with a weapon and put an officer or others in danger. This is clearly not the case with how the Australian police ran after the fleeing protestors and fired on them with guns.
I don't know how much worse it can get in Australia, but so far it is hard to stomach. A government that forces its citizens to take a dangerous shot against their will, is no longer operating by the will of the people and does not have liberty and freedom in mind.
The lines could not be more clear between right and wrong, and tyranny and freedom.
Rubber or rubber jacketed bullets. Aussies are paying for these creatures of excrement to do this.
IMO. Aussies should use their number, kettle the state security forces, isolate the thugs, there are usually no more than a handful of mercs among the "conscripted" officers, strip them naked to raise them to civilian status, immediately convene a Common Law Court on the spot and try the guilty parties. Terrify them with the real law of the people, by the people.
Punishment could be corporal, caning for example for extreme cases. Eggs and soft tomatoes for the less atrocious offences.


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