clothcap (clothcap) wrote,

Liars, damned liars and europiles

Lie 1) The proposed Constitution/Lisbon Treaty wouldn't give more powers to Brussels – in fact, it would return some powers to nation states.
Lie 2) EU member states don't lose their sovereignty, they just "pool" it.
Lie 3) Pooling sovereignty in a supranational union is "progressive".
Lie 4) The principle of "subsidiarity" means that democracy will be preserved.
Lie 5) European politicians represent their country's interests in the European arena.
Lie 6) People today think of themselves not as Italian, German, French etc. but as European.
Lie 7) There is no plan for a United States of Europe.
Lie 8) Eurosceptics just hate foreigners and/or are obsessed with the Second World War.
Lie 9) "Nobody is talking about..."
Lie 10) Britain has more clout as part of a supranational union.

How many Eurocrats does it take to change a light bulb? 25 Heads of State. (On expenses...)

11) Diversity is a core value of the EU.
12) The only alternative to the EU is to be dominated by America.
13) The euro has been a boost to tourism in Europe.
14) Business, then.
15) Harmonising laws spreads best practice across Europe.
16) It doesn't matter that the Commission in unelected.
17) Belonging to the EU is necessary for Britain's trade.
18) EFTA countries have to abide by legislation they played no part in framing.
19) Britain couldn't leave the EU as it is the source of so much of our legal system.
20) Britain would face reprisals if it left the EU.
21) These Eurosceptics have no idea what they'd put in place of the European Union.
22) The EU has prevented war between its member states for 60 years.
23) No other country is as Eurosceptic as Britain.
24) A new EU deal will reduce international air fares.
25) The Constitution is necessary because rules devised for a club of six won't work now there are 27 members.
26) Domestic issues are more important than the EU in determining how I vote.
27) The EU can't be called an empire because it exists with the consent of its member states.
28) The EU must be a good thing since so many countries outside want to join.
29) The EU may have its problems, but the best way to reform it is from within.
30) Sovereignty is a myth in the modern world.
31) The EU stands up for its member states in international disputes.
32) "There are some in this country who fear that in going into Europe, we shall in some way sacrifice independence and sovereignty. These fears, I need hardly say, are completely unjustified."

"You're not going to stop us. We'll go ahead [with the Lisbon Treaty]. There are ways to do it. This is the history of the EU."
I mean god bless the euro.

The mountain range comprised of various summits such as beef, butter, grain mountains and all the other terraforming accomplished by idiots europrats MEPs discussed in this article. A butter hill is currently growing. Perhaps just a river of red tape and an atmosphere of hot air is missing...

Some like it cold:


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