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GOV UK LIMITED dissolved?

Is the replacement, Participatory Democracy Self Governance ready?
The scum secretly applied for dissolution under cover of the COVID conjob privations. What other skulduggery are these slime creatures performing? Deception and sneak thievery is all the Cabinet members and pretend MPs have.
Boot the busted corporation scum out of our buildings in every city and town. Demand an audit of and return of all assets. Never again sign all your rights over to criminal con artists by registering to vote.
Participatory Democracy is bottom up governance by the people.
Top down representative democracy is ridiculously easy for the Khazar Jews to corrupt, which is why the banks wanted their controlled scum to impose it in every country.
GOVERNMENT UK LIMITED - 05522373 - Application to Strike off on Companies House - DS01
Bruce Lamb made this Freedom of Information request to Cabinet Office
Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Cabinet Office should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.
Bruce Lamb 7 December 2020 (Delivered)
Dear Cabinet Office,
We have noted a request to strike off GOVERNMENT UK LIMITED - 05522373.
It states within the filing history 7th October 2020
the following within the section Important notice for all interested parties.
This company has applied to be struck off and dissolved. The registrar will process unless there is reasonable cause not to, and on dissolution any assets remaining in the company will be passed to the Crown.
Guidance is available on grounds for objection. If in doubt seek professional advice.
Please answer the following questions in context of the afore mentioned company.
1. Please advise on the full inventory of assets without any exceptions that are held within or connected to GOVERNMENT UK LIMITED No: 05522373 or any linked companies.
2. If assets are listed are they not owned by the Sovereign people of the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Islands linked to this nation.
3. Please advise which Corporation (Name) and its Company House ID (number) the UKs asset base resides.
4. Is not the Crown, the Crown Corporation? Operating from The City of London a different country to The United Kingdom?
Any information relating to why this is taking place or should it be linked with a BREXIT strategy would be thankfully received. Further questions may follow based on your responses.
We have lodged an email with Companies House, receipted NUM1851591X and copied to UK Police Chief Constables given the current state of the economy and knowledge held with respect to the root cause as this could be perceived as asset theft should the UK's asset base be subjected to transfer to a third party through a paper exercise.
The final wealth of this nation is in its asset base, land, buildings, contracts etc. Should this be sold, transferred or assigned away from the people then what i discussed with APPG Banking on 16.10.18 in Portcullis House, Westminster is in its final phases. MP Mike Kane, Heather Buchanan, APPG Banking Exec Director and James Ventress APPG Banking present as witnesses.
I had tabled evidence of economic terrorism and asset theft that lead to Kevin Hollinrake MP asking me to speak with Heather Buchanan and Mike Kane MP. As a result Mike Kane did NOT ask the questions of John Glen - Treasury Minister that identified economic destruction of the UK. Hence we are in the position we are in now.
Many thanks in anticipation of a speedy response.
Yours faithfully,
bruce-robert: lamb
Captap DavidIcke
GOVERNMENT UK LIMITED – application to strike off at Companies House with assets handed to ‘The Crown’ (a network of secret societies based in the financial and legal districts of the City of London and The Temple)
Feds never wanted to report this. So if Dirty Dimon's bank has a market cap of 485B and there is no more criminal enterprise money, and they are constantly gouging and fighting against Main Street, then what does that tell you about Dimon and his inept ability to make a profit through honest means? JPM can't show strong balance sheets if his bank never gets another bailout; no covid relief funds; wasn't using JPM ship for cocaine; wasn't laundering money for criminal buddies; manipulating precious metals and gets fined $920M . Without any of this, he is pointless and useless!

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