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Slaying the Sky Dragon - Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory

Slaying the Sky Dragon (Home)
Tim Ball, Martin Hertzberg, Joseph A Olsen, Hans Schreuder, Alan Siddons, Claes Johnson, John O'Sullivan

From the excerpted chapters at the site:
[...] To some slight degree, CO2 also has the option of acquiring heat by radiative transfer. But, rather ironically, it cannot radiatively transfer this heat to the nitrogen, oxygen and argon molecules which surround it because, as said, they are largely infrared-transparent. As a result, an excited CO2 molecule is obliged to share its heat just like the rest of them do, by bumping into other molecules. In short, there’s nothing special about CO2 in a real-world context. Outnumbered 2500 to 1, CO2’s energy is lost in a busy buzz of collisions, its radiative properties wasted.
Moreover, any heated gas radiates infrared — and in this case 99.96% of the gas consists of molecules other than CO2.
Yet no one seriously imagines that back-radiation from 99.96% of the air has a role in raising the earth’s surface temperature.
Only when CO2 comes up do we lose touch with reality.
Here’s a succinct point: Immersed in the vacuum of space, the earth has but one means of losing heat: radiation. And what does carbon dioxide do? It radiates.

On-site comment:
Harry Dale Huffman
Good, no mathematics, just solid physical insight. In other words, in our gravitationally bound ocean of air, heat always rises, and the infrared radiation (supposedly "trapped" or "slowed down" by CO2, in the "greenhouse" theory) is just another pathway for the heat to go. It is, in fact, not a continuous path, since it depends on the temperature at which it was radiated and the temperature of any molecule it hits. The IR radiation given off at any given temperature level (height) of the atmosphere, must get transformed into additional kinetic energy of the molecules in that level (when they absorb that radiation), which then are convected upward, like the candle flame. The temperature profile of the atmosphere is basically determined only by gravity, which increases the pressure in the atmosphere the farther down toward the Earth's surface you go (just like the pressure increases with depth in the water ocean), and the greater the pressure, the greater the temperature -- the presence of infrared radiation, or infrared-absorbing gases, has essentially nothing to do with it. How long will it take to purge climate science of its belief in the "greenhouse effect", and how long to disabuse recent generations of students (and the general public) of the bad science they have been so determinedly indoctrinated in?

To be absolutely clear, I should add that the infrared radiation emitted from a given temperature level cannot be absorbed by warmer molecules below, which will quickly bounce it back up, while the cooler molecules immediately above its temperature level can absorb it, so that it is quickly transformed into added kinetic energy of those molecules, which are then convected upwards naturally, like the candle flame. There can be no large "backradiation" to the Earth's surface.

Amazon Kindle Edition (e-book)
From the Editorial Review, Product Description
Even before publication, Slaying the Sky Dragon was destined to be the benchmark for future generations of climate researchers. This is the world's first and only full volume refutation of the greenhouse gas theory of man-made global warming.
Nine leading international experts methodically expose how willful fakery and outright incompetence were hidden within the politicized realm of government climatology. Applying a thoughtful and sympathetic writing style, the authors help even the untrained mind to navigate the maze of atmospheric thermodynamics. Step-by-step the reader is shown why the so-called greenhouse effect cannot possibly exist in nature.
By deft statistical analysis the cornerstones of climate equations – incorrectly calculated by an incredible factor of three - are exposed then shattered.
This volume is a scientific tour de force and the game-changer for international environmental policymakers as well as being a joy to read for hard-pressed taxpayers everywhere.

Readers opinion:
Mr. Peter M. Sullivan Aca
This review is from: Slaying the Sky Dragon - Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory
This book leaves the reader in no doubt that those who subscribe to the IPCC's global warming consensus have been well and truly conned. The authors have presented their points in a readily understandable manner, backed with superb reference links. The points presented by the authors are not just very persuasive but, in many instances, they also appear to be conclusive. Readers may find it challenging to appreciate the mathematics and physics expressed by some authors, but nevertheless, somehow the authors do get their points across. Many books have been written about climate change and global warming but this book puts together the key elements that get to the heart of the issue. This book will surely be a best seller.

This review is from: Slaying the Sky Dragon - Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory (Kindle Edition)
THIS BOOK IS NOT MERELY for academics.
THIS BOOK IS NOT MERELY a future best seller.
This book is a series of revelations that will lead to a scientific revolution,
and destroy several presently dominant false paradigms within "science" itself.
This book WILL change UNDERSTANDABLY almost everything you have ever been told regarding the planets, physics and climate.
Problems that Einstein took to his deathbed (and many still struggle with to this day) are openly treated afresh.
This is not merely a leap forward, it represents the first publication of concise understandable descriptions of how
the prevailing paradigms in Climate science, physics, and astronomy will have to change.
The ramifications of the contents of this book are almost beyond comprehension by anyone,
yet those same contents are explained so well as to be easily understood by everyone.
Present climate science is not science. The word science is from the Latin word for "the truth" (I will add to the best of our understanding at present).
You will know and understand why the present climate (pseudo)science is NOT the truth when you have read this book.
If you think this review is a bit OTT, then leave your own review AFTER reading the book.

Around and about:
John O'Sullivan: Book Launch Exposes UN Climate Science in Another Scandal, guest post at Climate Realists
Will latest setback derail Cancun Climate conference?
[It takes more than an avalanche of logic and observation to derail the gravy train and plunder of the public purse.]
Authors of a new book ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ claim they have debunked the widely established greenhouse gas theory climate change. In the first of what they say will be a series of sensational statements to promote the launch of their book, they attack a cornerstone belief of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - what is known as the “carbon isotope argument.”
Mišo Alkalaj, is one of 24 expert authors of this two-volume publication, among them are qualified climatologists, prominent skeptic scientists and a world leading math professor. It is Alkalaj’s chapter in the second of the two books that exposes the fraud concerning the isotopes 13C/12C found in carbon dioxide (CO2).
If true, the disclosure may possibly derail last-ditch attempts at a binding international treaty to ‘halt man-made global warming.’ At minimum the story will be sure to trigger a fresh scandal for the beleaguered United Nations body. /continues

Discussion at Political Divides' Global Warming Skeptics

When it is published in something that doesn't require a battery (hard copy available soon) I'll be after a first edition.
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