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UK Column News 23rd July. PROOF Fauci lied.

Sodium Chloride solution.
Most people know that gargling with salt water eases a sore throat. Does an injection of saline solution, supposedly a placebo actually break down the offending toxins such as graphene oxide and HIV spiked exosomes,  introduced by experimental inoculations and other means?

In America the Vaers data gatherers hid 34,000 deaths within 3 days of injection of the experimental gene therapy (adulteration) serum called a vaccine by liars.
"The US CDC [a vaccine seller corporation Cc] has only granted manufacturers of the mRNA-type inoculations temporary permissions to call them “experimental gene therapy”. They are not to be named vaccines. If governments, the media and the medical community at large does it anyway, they are lying to you."
Source link.
Concealing evidence of mass murder may be a capital offence. If not it should be.

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LJ appears to be in cahoots with the criminal Google corporation in blocking embedded videos unless you are logged in to Google or Youtube. Shame on them, it makes them as misanthropic as Google. It doesn't happen anywhere else.

UK Column News - 23rd July 2021

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today's UK Column News.
UKC MHRA Yellow Card Covid-19 Adverse Reactions Data:
(Because the occupation regime's deceptive data collection and presentation by apparent apprentice nail polishers is as useful as a politician.)
Is COVID-19 A Hoax?
[No, it's a deadly virus-vax confidence trick that has been played on mankind for decades. The polio "vaccine" and herbi-pesticides cause polio, (herbi-pesticide poisoning also causes Ebola, Zika,mad cow and other pretended diseases) the AIDS vaccine (and the Aussie mRNA) causes a test-positive for AIDS and the coronavirus inoculation causes test-positive for coronavirus. Ask yourself why the FoE creatures would be paying vast sums of public funds to biolabs to create an infectious virus.
There are no natural viruses harmful to people.  For well over 100 years not a single one isolated so all sequencing has been guesswork. It's 2021, we should have books filled with real images and sequences derived from the actual germs. Why none? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Cc]

00:21 - The Pingdemic

Wired Article: -
'i' Article: -
BBC Article: -
Times Article (Title Change): -

09:00 - Using Children for Controlled MSM Opposition

Telegraph Article: -

10:37 - Are we Facing A Grim Winter?

ICL Article: -
Guardian Article: -
CDC Advice: -
Sajid Javid Statement: -
[We are still entering the cooling side of the cycle, turbulent summers with heatwaves and lengthening winters with extremes enhanced by FoE creatures' puppets damaging the ionosphere with HAARP that leads to ozone reduction that is also depleted by aerosols particularly from toxic persistent contrails and cloud seeding. Deforestation by forest reduction for beef farms, soy and palm oil is removing the planet's climate moderator.
The FoE military brass and commercial airline executives behind chem trails should all be slowly fed into a wood chipper feet first imo. Pilots that switch the pollution mechanism on and off should continue to be injected with the fake vaccines. Their unions should be jailed to a man for permitting the crime, and inoculated.

18:19 - Vaccines Are Always The Answer

Moderna Statement: -
[The answer to the question what is our enemies' weapon of choice? Cc]

20:15 - Huge NHS Order for Anticoagulants

NHS Contract: -
DFCE Open Letter: -
[Aspirin (a blood thinner) and antibiotics were recommended by Russians that, against the WHO directive to not perform autopsies, performed an autopsy on a COVID victim, because they found radiation damaged bacteria causing blocked capillaries. Cc]

25:59 - World Wide Rally For Freedom -

27:02 - Israeli Vaccine Narrative Appears To shift
Sources: Tweet: -
ToI Article: -
Oramed Statement: -

30:11 - Vaccine App Waved Through By MSM Without Any Scrutiny At All

Telegraph article: -
Nadhim Zahawi Statement: -
Petition: -

36:50 - Propaganda Watch

Express Article: -

41:39 - Chief Medical Officer Discovers That Older People Are At A Higher Risk of Dying

Report: -
[Kindergarten graduate... Cc]

43:04 - Orwell's Australia

NSW Gov't Health Report: -
[Stalin's or more correctly Rothschild Freemason's. Cc]

48:47 - Zero Covid Economic Insanity

SCMP Article: -
[Sanity would be to zero COVID operators and proponents. Cc]

51:37 - COP 26 Will Be So Well Attended

Cop 26: -
Cop 26 Agenda: -

54:39 - Joe Biden U-Turn On Nord Stream 2

TH Article: -
DARPA Information Awareness Office: -
[Rockefeller and DoD inc. puppet Biden... Cc]

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If it happens that new, not associated with the incorporated state, public owned and funded heterosexual police and British military services are formed, unpolluted by Zionist, Jew, Freemason and CP members, volunteers from the vaxecution jab victims and relatives' pool should be given priority.
The same can be done with education. And everything else that's been stolen.

Dr Kaufman and the Ickonic platform came together to demonstrate in a pay-walled broadcast the unprovable false hypothesis that is called the (Rockefeller) Germ Theory on which the virus-vax confidence trick depends. As fake as the AGW nonsense that depends on you believing a 400th of 1% of the atmosphere drives the climate and causes everything bad that has ever happened. The information the good doctor and Ickonic shared for a price is and has been freely available for a while for reading at Jon Rappoport's, fully supported with anecdotal and solid research evidence. It's lucky for us that Jon hasn't paywalled his site.

Welcome to Ickonic The Alternative
Dr Andrew Kaufman - All Viruses Are Fake - David Icke

Dr Kaufman's Bitchute site has many videos on the contrariness of the COVID conjob.
I wonder if Messrs Icke are aware that the original copyright laws were to protect knowledge from being hidden? Satanist film and music mafias aided by occupation regime mafias perverted the rules so that the copyright laws now prevent the sharing of information in the interests of mafia profit and in keeping the public uninformed.
Libraries are being closed and the books are going to landfill and being burnt. More knowledge and history is being destroyed on a scale that makes historical book and library destruction look like a garden bonfire.The record of many books are
in digital form such as in the Library of Congress and can be erased at the click of a keyboard 'Delete' or by an EMP or a malignant enemy hacker. Israeli Zionists and mercenary terrorists have been busy destroying carved stone records for some reason. To erase the remnant records of previous civilisations? And truth about Jews and Khazars? Noah and his family wereso far from being the only survivors of the flood, even local to the Black Sea that the bible story is little more than a fantasy fable. He wasn't brown and the Africans and Chinese didn't suddenly appear after the flood, as an in your face example.

Worth a look:
Checking the Corona "Fact-Checkers" WHO is BEHIND THEM?

Here’s PROOF Fauci lied UNDER OATH during feud with Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci had an extremely heated exchange during a Senate hearing on Tuesday. It all centered on ‘gain of function research,’ and whether or not Fauci helped fund said research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Fauci denies the claims, but as Rand Paul knows, there’s PROOF the elite, lab coat is LYING under oath. In this clip, Glenn presents that proof...


Is Mr Trump a Jesuit? If not why did he not sack Fauci? Maybe so the Rothschild Khazar mafia WEF - Rockefeller Lock Step scenario could be played out using, "we have to let them mass murder millions so the people can see for themselves...".
12% of the population has been inoculated with the experimental mass murder euthanasia lottery injection. No-one else is going to stop them and Dr Fuellmich's trials will be procrastinated.
Fauci's usefulness to the enemy's plan must have expired. Now he'll be used as a delay tactic. All the time they are playing for time until it is a fait accompli (done job). That's why I had a go at UKC. Time is running out. They'll get another dozen or so % this autumn - winter radiation flu season, aggravated by bioweapons, aerosols and flu jabs. I'm quite sure by now the military and the vaccine industry and Pirbright have a greater understanding of which mix of telecom frequencies at what strength will cause cell damage by radiation poisoning and immune response symptoms that are called the Common Cold.
The inmates have been in charge of the asylum for a long time.
Control of the mass media has to be taken out of enemy hands (MI5-6, foreign office, Bilderberger owners and editors). If not, if NASA's Blue Beam goes live, it will rely on mainstream media to sell it as it did with the CO2 con and the covid conjob and so many others, not least regime change-land piracy-resource theft wars and global wars paid for with your grandchildren's taxes.
If Google takes the youtube vid down, they are aiding, abetting and concealing.
Talking about absolute truth, I love the absolute proofs. JFKjr is alive because Robert Kennedy touched his nose.
Hallelujah, let's have street parties.
For Lucifer's sake, gimme a break.

Dear American cousins, you have a Government. The present White House occupants are squatting. They have no legal standing as there is no contract between the occupants and the Government, and the 'Pope', the ultimate owner of Biden's outfit has been requested to get them out and to return all American property to the custody of the actual Government.
The rainbow amero appears to be Monopoly currency as the atempt to illegally use American property as the security for issuing it as a backed currency is called fraud. The Government has called foul and asked International Courts to stop the proceedings as forgery. The new and updated carbon credit scam is called the Amero. Has much of the COVID nonsense has been about ripping off America to the tune of trillions? A lot like 9/11 without buildings being demolished.

Public International Notice - Notice to Vacate

Fraud Alert: "the" Government of The United States of America, etc.

"We are again suffering a rash of wannabe incorporated Fraud Artists, a mixed bag of American and European white-collar criminals who are trying to pass themselves off as the American Government and then wanting to access our credit and other assets in precisely the same way that any Identity Thief does this: by semantic deceit, improper acquisition/theft of information, and by impersonation."
Mr Trump's corporation is the Pentagon (DoD). Some of the brass are pro Rockefeller's sock puppet, Biden. Others are pro Trump, Rothschild associate. The rest are undecided. The third option is to stop playing along with foreigner owned corporations' deceptions. Those that are not officially American due to State identity theft can reclaim their birthright officially.
(I think they are also catering to non American applications for re claiming country birthright status.)
The corporations have got Americans ready to fight each other over a corporation issue that has SFA to do with anything outside the Crown property called DC. The election fraud has SFA to do with anything outside DC. The fraud was a crime, corporation against the corporation, not treason. The public should stand back and let them sort it out without allowing them to harm you because it's not your business.
The governmental services contract is open. Why don't Americans apply for the job and chase the "of the incorporated,
by the incorporated, for the incorporated" incorporated corporations off their turf? Special passports for the Crown's DC residents, with the wall of wire retained? That could also be done with the City (Crown Inc) with their energy sources strictly controlled and cut when bad behaviour is detected.
American should also start their own media news sources in readiness for when the controlled MsM is dead and buried. People need a truthful source of news. There will never be a day when it comes from an incorporated corporation.
Makes a person fear for Britain. Cc

BBC "news" announced that the ping-demic is leading to increasing numbers of wagon drivers being placed under house arrest that is going to cause a crisis in deliveries to supermarkets within 3 weeks. They are already sneaking up prices. A million or two people with pitchforks can fix that in a day.

Elephants have a god. It looks like a mammoth. Not too sure about whales. They probably got along ok without one. Till mankind was interfered with.


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