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COVID BS Recap. Dr Vernon Vid. Essential Rumors. NAC Contra Indications. UKC News 19th & 21st July

Never forget, if you voted for Brexit, this is all your fault. You forced the FoE creatures to accelerate their evil plans for a fascist global government corporation over European, Asian and other regional, communised (enslaved) corporation empires.

Virology is quack science on par with climate "science"
1. COVID19 is the name of the current exercise, the overarching operation is Agenda 21 - 30. The coronavirus, the virus-vax confidence trick industry's patsy of choice is a part of the immune system created by your cells. Its real name is exosome.

2. The "disease" symptoms are immune - defence - repair system (IRDS) responses to cell damage, particularly red blood cells, called the Common Cold, seasonal flu, coronavirus and even COVID. Putting COVID on a flu death certificate is like saying the person died of WW3 or Operation Paperclip.

3. The Common Cold has never been cured by drugs, only the IRDS symptoms can be alleviated by palliatives.

4. The triggering of the IRDS is caused by cell damage that, up to the time electrification of the planet began, was caused exclusively by solar radiation variation, I think trans America telegraph lines following railroad tracks and passing through settlements around 1860 were the first major surface EMF radiation emitters and the first man made cause of sickening by EMF radiation of passengers and residents of track-side towns. I expect Rockefeller ancestors were already selling fake cures for the mild illness.

5. The Common Cold is seasonal because the IRDS is healthy when sufficient D vit from sunshine and fresh air provides plenty of oxygen outside the cool months and we get more exercise in warmer weather. Also we spend less time indoors and so lower exposure to radiation from domestic wiring and electrical equipment.

6. The patenters of exosomes called them coronaviruses and blamed bats (most mammals create exosomes) for spreading the non infectious component of the IRDS. Vast sums of public funds were spent trying to make them infectious. I believe the FoE creatures are still trying. Some suggest a quaternary weapon system was used to kill the elderly in N. Italy, injections, EMF radiation, aerosol delivery of aluminium and other radiation responsive molecules and cell phone antennas that form a grid weapon.
I surmise some of the funding came via the military that wanted a bioweapon that would kill the over 60s, and from eugenicists Soros, Gates, Fauci, Obama and others that pretend the planet is overcrowded, and from the bankrupt insurance and pensions industry that stood to profit from deaths due to cancer and other insured diseases being recorded as something else, COVID19. The other major beneficiaries of the staged pandemic are the global corporatist bank mafia that intends to take over governance of the planet from the partial placeholder, Bilderberg. Bilderberg attendees have outstanding International Common Law warrants for their arrest. They are all wanted criminals. The list does not include the newer criminals that need arrest warrants to be issued, e.g. the WEF attendees. Someone could ask the occupation regime why these warrants made in law that is higher than statute law have never been processed or acted on. There's one apiece for Cameron and Blair.

7. Exosomes (coronaviruses) are always found at sites of damage. They transport DNA, RNA and proteins that are needed for repairs and transport waste material away from the site. Unlike policemen, doctors and nurses at the scene of an accident, they are blamed for the damage and the symptoms. I wonder whether they release their corona bubbles to signal the location and samples of the damaged material. Mission completed exosomes would be cleaned up by white cells or absorbed by red cells. Bits of them add to the waste material that is found in blood, spike proteins, folded proteins, corona bubbles and so-on.
Is the spike a cute way of opening the exosome so the info can be transferred? With normal exosomes, the spike breaks off as the cell absorbs the exosome. With modified (gain of function) or manufactured exosomes, the spike doesn't detach. I further wonder if the graphene sheets coat normal exosomes and avoid the spike from detaching?

8. From the above it is easy to see how Rockefellers and their allopathic drugs industry have profitted from maintaining the mischaracterisation of exosomes.

Exosomes are created and released by cells every few minutes. Exosomes with specific contents are created and released when a cell is damaged. Significant densification of the electromagnetic field radiation is the source of outbreaks of flu and cold symptoms. British Telecom's use of harmful frequencies has caused flu outbreaks every year. The solution is to use buried cables and where towers and antennas are used, to clean up the dirty broadcast signals, there are several methods to do this on the market. The COVFe2 magnet solution can be used on domestic supply sources as well. Putting a condensor in the circuit also reduces the dirty part of the signal that causes the cell damage, most recently caused by 3G, 4G and 4G upgrades. Someone needs to get the answer from the Telecom authorities why a heavy duty cable is needed for a low wattage demand from the transmitter - receiver towers, poles, boxes and antennas? People dropped dead in the street, most probably from clots in the brain when 5G was switched on as an EM pulse in Wuhan. Britain is littered with the weaponisable transmitter antennas, many are concealed. Why? Their illegal installation has continued regardless of the alleged pandemic. Where 5G antenna installation continues, your local council has sold you out. Where they have been removed, it is likely that they are Huwaei brand and they are out of favour with the FoE creatures, perhaps something to do with the Chinese making all kinds of laws to prevent their takeover of bureaucracy, (as they have done in the West) as the FoE creatures intended.
The seemingly daily announced collapse of their planned central banking - corporation global government by devout sinner puppets, inoculation of injected circuitry upgrades every year or more, under which you own nothing and you are artificially happy, with invisible currency and permanently less than 100% well, is always tomorrow.

Morphology. Has anyone been keeping track of how the exosomes, retitled coronaviruses morphed from a natural, not contagious bat exosome into a non contagious folded protein and then an allegedly contagious spike protein and then graphene oxide? All the while moving away from the original source of the flu symptoms called the Common Cold or COVID? The original source is British Telecom radio frequency radiation poisoning and that has been proven beyond doubt.Graphene oxide and other species' biolab weaponised (gain of function) exosomes that don't shed their spike(s) seem also to cause the IRDS symptoms called the Common Cold, flu and COVID, that are intoduced by injection and aerosols along with other toxins that are introduced by aerosols, injection and swabs.
Is much of this effort done to conceal the fraud of vaccines or is it (also?) to hide the harms caused by British Telecom RF radiation poisoning? The FoE creatures need 5G for their smart cities project. The virus-vaccine fraud industry needs dirty telecom signals to provide the "disease".

All this because a few genocidal, megalomaniacal inbred nutjobs with inherited or finagled wealth want to feed their power lust and avoid their victims (all of us) tearing them limb from limb.
Every person in (formerly public now (UN?) service corporation) office that speaks to the public and calls the COVID injection a vaccine is a liar. Calling the experimental gene therapy inoculation a vaccine is deceiving the public in the interests of foreign actors. Isn't that treason under statute law as well? Is the vaccine industry liable because its not a vaccine, is the occupation regime? Are the health advisors and all officials that call it a vaccine liable? Military brass? The UN's WHO, World Bank, CDC, NIH etc?
Btw the UN is disincorporated for failure to fulfill its mandates. Its employees responsible for allowing and aiding the pandemic confidence trick are arrestable. They cannot claim corporation protection and pay a fine from public funds, like the banks.
Has anyone seen dick Hancock? Some rumours suggest he was booked for a holiday in Gitmo. I'd expect he's either still here, he's dumb enough, or in Germany.

How many children will die because of this woman?
Dr Coleman

5th July 2021
More in the text here:
More painful truth videos -

On the celebrity alt news artists, doctors and researchers that may be associated with the satanic UN and its Luci(fer) department, could any of them be acclaimed for denouncing the coronavirus - vax confidence trick? Are they sustaining the virus myth so that the FoE creatures' 5G grid weapon infrastructure installation can continue without significant objection? It is noticeable that (Freemason-Communist Purpose?) councils are running interference to 5G grid weapon installation objectors and even UK Column still talks about exosomes as harmful coronaviruses despite abundant evidence demonstrating they are the reverse, beneficial "viruses" and calls experimental gene adulteration inoculations "vaccines".

About the legendary DoD heist of Vatican gold, proven by some old photos of a military gent playing in a skipful, why would the FedRes need to use American property to back a multi trillion budget that includes the backing of homosexual coloured currency being used for NESARA-GESARA, an apparent case of forgery and fraud by an illicit occupation regime?

Essential Rumors
Monday, 19-July
Video - French Mad Lads Are Burning Down "Vaccine" Centers - Language Warning
Of The Liars, By The Liars & For The Liars
CGI's BoldFenianMan: Lawsuit Filed Today Accusing Government of Hiding More Than 45,000 Dead Americans from the Jab
X22 Report Ep. 2531a&b - [DS] Trapped, All Assets Deployed, We Are Witnessing The Destruction Of The Old Guard (59 min in two parts)
Judy Byington:... (You Need To Know) Special Restored Republic Via A GCR Report as of Monday 19 July 2021
D'ya think Judy might be becoming aware she may be aiding and abetting a massive fraud against the American people? Could she let us all know when an independent audit of the gold alleged to have been taken from the Vatican has been conducted? (They could borrow Fort Knox's holograms.)
Tuesday 20th July
Huge! Whistleblower Says At Least 45k People Have Died From Experimental COVID Jab In New Lawsuit
Swarm Drones - Killer Weapons Better Than Nukes That Can't Be Stopped (video 1 m)
Over peak weapons and now heading down hill to bows and arrows.
34:02 video (no cc): Peters - "Dr. Bryan Ardis Exposes Fauci! Premeditated Murder With Multiple Cocktails For 'Treatment'"
9:42 video (cc): Beck - "UK holds family ‘HOSTAGE’ for health care. Here’s how YOU can help Alta Fixsler."
Put the whole effing regime in jail.
Collasping Dams in China Could Cause Massive Chaos and Deaths (video 1 m + more)
It's always about killing the public, never generals, regime leadership or bankers.
They Knew: Tom Clancy's EndWar World War 3/Pandemic/Riots/Martial Law (video 3 m)
New Statement From Trump: No military Coming To Save The Day And No Coup
Paris Clinics Offering Fake COVID Passes For £250 as Black Market Surges
If the FoE creatures manage to make (have made) a contagious bioweapon and deliver it by injection, we'll be needining a way to identify ourselves as not inoculated. Much of all the blather so far has been just noise and misdirection to cause fear and confusion. The
CGI's PhantomsMonsters: Manifestation of Skinwalker-Like Entity After Years of Nightmares
- CGI's PhantomsMonsters: 'Feral Human' Sightings & Encounters Reported to Police in Appalachia Kentucky
Turkey Lays Hands on US Nuclear Bombs in Incirlik - Provides information to Pakistan
I wonder if Erdogan will stay in NATO? He doesn't need it now. He saw what happened to Khaddafi. He knows who ordered the hit.
Politicians’ Biggest Anti-Marijuana-Legalization Talking Point Just Got Thoroughly Debunked: New Study
The council  use hemp waste food bags, assumedly . Why can't the print industry use hemp and free up the timber for building?
Mapping Tyranny: The Countries Where Vaccination Is Mandatory - PIC
Illegally mandated.
DHS Training Course: Prepare For MASS PUBLIC Quarantine Of Unvaccinated 'Rural' Americans
SORCHA 7/20: "Trump Terror Causes Biden To Force Girls Into Military Draft As More Die Of Vaccines Than Covid"
Mike Adams' Situation Update, July 20th, 2021 - The "Borgification" of humanity: Self-assembled magnetic nanostructures described in science paper (1hr 18min)
How zinc disables graphene oxide
Here is what's happening to your brain - First AI-Powered Graphene-Brain Interface
AndiV 13:58:55
According to two Moderna whistleblowers, mRNA shots not only make spike proteins, they also contain mutated proteins that diminish estrogen & sabotage tumor suppression
Chicken feed? Do they make them magnetic at the same time?

I've been pushing N Acetyl cysteine. Here is what you need to know.
NAC Contraindications: Do Not Take NAC if...
NAC Contraindications or the reasons you should not take NAC if...? Here are NAC cautions or NAC restrictions. Note, we are not considering the IV complications. We are only looking at the potential problems from oral form of NAC.

N-acetylcysteine, also known as NAC, acetylcysteine, and mercapturic acid is considered a non-essential amino acid (although we believe it to be essential for treating numerous health issues) used in treating asthma, bronchitis, mercury poisoning, aging spots and has been studied in treating and resulting in beneficial results in over 60 other diseases or conditions. With all of the benefits, there are some important NAC contraindications.

You Should Not Take NAC If...
There are actually several contraindications or reasons you should not take if.....
If you choose to take any supplement on your own...and especially NAC, there are a few things you need to be aware of.

Do Not Use NAC if...
you have an organ transplant unless you get doctor approval
you have a stomach ulcer
Before Using NAC, Consult Your Doctor if you are...
using any medicine or if you are allergic to any medicine including supplements.
pregnant or plan to become pregnant while using this medicine
breast feeding
suffering with asthma
suffering with liver disease
suffering with asthma
managing high blood pressure
managing heart or blood vessel disease

Drug Interactions / NAC Contraindications
Always speak to your doctor or pharmacist before taking any N-acetylcysteine products and especially if you are or will be taking any drugs but especially any of the following....
Activated charcoal
Carbamazepine (Tegretol®)
Cephaloridine (Loridine(®)
Cloxacillin (Cloxapen®)
Methicillin (Staphcillin®)
Nitroglycerin (Nitrostat ®, Nitro-Dur ®, Nitro-Bid ®)
Isosorbide mononitrate (Imdur, Monoket, ISMO) used for the prevention of chest pain (angina)

If you take NAC with nitroglycerin or Imdur, there is an increased risk of side effects including headache, dizziness, and lightheadedness and low blood pressure.
Penicillin G
Any Chemo Therapy
Radiation Treatments

Large doses of N-acetylcysteine can be dangerous to nerve cells. While it helps nerve cells regrow, in large doses, it can do the opposite.

Many websites erroneously indicate that NAC is safe even in large doses. In one test of healthy men, when given a large dose of NAC, severe health problems arose.
The nerve damage when used in large doses is in addition to the negative results in the high dose trial.
It should not be used if you have a stomach ulcer.
It may cause kidney stones. It should be supplemented with vitamin C to help prevent stones.
It should not be used if you have an organ transplant.

Potential Side Effects:
Immediately stop use and inform your doctor if you have...An allergic reaction such as itching or hives, swelling in the face or hands. If you have swelling in your mouth, throat, chest tightness or trouble breathing, it should also be discontinued and if necessary, emergency medical care.

Other Side Effects:
Rarely NAC may cause other side effects. Inform your doctor if you have side effects that you think are caused by NAC. These would include but are not limited to....
Fever or chills
Nausea (upset stomach)
Vomiting (throwing up)
Cough, nose congestion, runny nose
May make asthma symptoms worse

For those with Asthma, it may make it worse. While we have not seen this, literature suggests it may be a problem for some.

It is important to keep NAC away from children.
Keep all medicine locked up and away from children. This is especially true of NAC.
It is not approved for children.
Store NAC away from heat and direct light. Do not store NAC in the bathroom, near the kitchen sink, or in other places that could be exposed to dampness.
Heat and or moisture may cause the NAC to break down and not work effectively. As with all medicine, dispose of any products that are out of date or that are not needed.
In view of the NAC contraindications, never share your NAC with others to help them. They may have one of the above conditions or medications and not have told you.

Note that it has a very noxious odor that comes from the bottle when you open. This is normal.
Boost Glutathione Guide
NAC Side Effects
NAC and What it Does
Go to Home
Foot Notes
Info on Treating Stable Renal Transplant Patients with NAC (Beneficial).

Doses of up to 1,200 mg per day (generally taken in divided doses) have been used safely in adults.
I'm using half a 1200mg a day. Vit C avoids any likelihood of it causing kidney stones.

UK Column News - 19th July 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News
[Program info not available.]

UK Column News - 21st July 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson with today's UK Column News.

MHRA Yellow Card Covid-19 Adverse Reactions Data:

00:28 - JCVI Decide Not To Routinely Vaccinate Children

June Raine Statement: -
JCVI Advice: -
They are not vaccinations. The vaccine corporations admitted they do not cure and they do not avoid illness because COVId is the name of the project. The disease is mainly the Common Cold statistics with deaths from other causes fraudulently recorded as COVID, a black op. to cull mankind.

03:44 - MSM Mislead Following Vaccine Related Death

WT Article: -
MsM is a City of London - Crown Inc intelligence operation run by the public enemy foreign office.
Vaers faud outed -
If you are at optimum idiot level, (due to fluoride, aluminium, soy, sweetners and assorted other poisons, maleducation and hostile governance) you'll believe the yellow card system.
08:43 - Dr Alison Cave MHRA Chief Safety Officer

Alison Cave Statement: -
Reminiscent of a crisis actor or a dedicated traitor..

10:34 - Let's Talk About SIN (Science and Innovation Network)

Gov't Press Release: -
BBC MA Article: -

17:15 - No Animals or Non Covid Pass Holders

Wera Hobhouse Statement: -
Christian Calgie Channel: -
Hansard: -

24:10 - No Smoke Without Fire On UK Column: -

26:26 - Event Details: -

27:03 - Policing At Parliament Square

LetMeLookTV: -
Resistance GB: -
The Freemason and Communist Purpose infested Police, military, local bureaucracy, health services, supermarkets and shop keepers
have been weaponised against the public, e.g. masks are harmful. Harm yourself by wearing a mask or no entry. They are also liable for harm caused by coercion. Insurance companies don't pay out for criminal actions performed by sellers.

33:22 - UK French Collaboration On Relocating People From The Sahel

BBC Article: -
IGA Article: -
Do Article: -
Ice Age Farmer: -
Adapt 2030 Channel: -
Equivalent to the US Pentagon corporation keeping most of its military abroad, or the UK occ. rgime doing the same as well as defunding to reduce the home guard so that the liklihood of an internal coup against the corrupt brass and occupation regime corporation is reduced. There is also the Satanist Jews and Jesuits long term objective of coffee coloured people as the demonesque Jew's Spectre is happy to inform.

40:32 - European Green New Deal

EU Fit For 55: -
ETV Article: -
Luigi DI Maio Statement: -
The colour of institutionalised rot and corruption. Gangrene of the state.

43:14 - RT Exposes BBC and FCO Anti Russian Propaganda

RT Article: -
BBC Article: -
UKC BBC Media Action Articles: -
RT Article: -
Zinc Network: -
Janet Baker Profile: -

55:39 - Future Commando Force Brigadier Reveals "Treacherous" Operations

Times Article: -
Ben Wallace Statement:
MGen. Mark Carleton-Smith Statement: -
Wallace Statement: - improve integration across all domains
MoD Statement: -

01:06:53 - Who Are The Gulf Advisory Group?

DM Article: -

01:08:47 - NSO Group Revelations Expose the Secure Communications Myth

NSO Group: -
WH Statement: -
Guardian Article: -
DARPA Information Awareness Office: -

Latest News:
News archive:
Northern Exposure:
Public comments: Odysee:
Public comments: Bitchute:
Apple Podcasts:
SM Twitter:
SM Telegram:

If you would like to support UK Column, you can do so here:

Some thoughts on UK News presentation.
Playing ping pong with the enemy Satanists' assets while WWIII is waged against the world's ordinary people.
There in no such thing as COVID19, that is the name of the black operation being used to cull our numbers for no reason other than power lust, to make us more easy to control and fear of retribution in the criminal elite FoE creatures.
The pretended harmful virus is called coronavirus and is in fact an exosome that is part of the immune system. "Vaccines" target your immune sysem. The "vaccines" target exosomes bearing specific DNA and RNA sections and proteins that alert the immune system to cell damage. Like blaming fire alarms for causing fires.
The latest "vaccine" is not a vaccine, The vaccine industry was allowed to call it experimental gene therapy (adulteration) not a vaccine. The vaccine industry is therefore not protected from liability. Assault by inoculation causing GBH and death is what quack doctors and health officials.are guilty of. The occupation regime corporation and all other Rothschild and Bill Gates' assets are guilty of incitement to murder.
The enemy's UK assets are closeted in the Cabinet and particularly in the Foreign Office, and throughout bureaucracy and mass media like a disease or wet rot.
Vaers reports between 1% and 10% of the true numbers due to failure of victims and health workers to report. And by inappropriate use of the wastepaper basket. 45,000 documented deaths were ignored by Vaers FoE creatures, only 11,000 were included in the stats. A prosecution of the fraudsters has been initiated.
Starvation and induced inflation assisted by supermarkets, airlines, online shops and other corporation entities controlled by the Satanist FoE creatures. Roads will be closed and infrastructure (roads, bridges, tunnels, rail services) taken out of service fror trivial reasons to hike up delivery prices. it is in progress in America and likely in severely oppressed Commonwealth countries like AU, NZ and CA. Arranged power and other utilities outages to follow, definitely by false flag hack attacks and possibly by a 5th column military nuke EMP
Sorry team but you are more palliative than curative or informative if the present rinse repeat programs continue. The plunder, murder and land piracy continues in Syria and other countries. The Rockefeller - WEF objectives continue to be ticked, mass murder by inoculation, introduction of digital and cancellation of physical paper fiat, destruction of the health system and economies, destruction of small business, communisation of the inoculation survivors and refuseniks, incorporation and conversion of the public protection agencies to corporation state protection, eventually to corporation global government protection,,
There is no COVID disease, the statistics are those of the Common Cold and other diseases that have been fraudulently recorded as death by a covert operation called COVID that is being performed by the state on the public. There is abundant anecdotal and physical evidence.
The WHO got almost every regime to agree to keep secret the fact that a pandemic exercise was being conducted.
The WHO reduced the qualification to call a pandemic to include the Common Cold. They corrected their sleight of hand a couple of months ago.
The WHO in league with the EU Commission recommended the PCR test that is not capable of detecting any specific virus and particularly not a virus that hasn't been isolated and sequenced,  and whose output of results is infinitely variable according to political requirements.
The WHO issued a directive ordering no autopsies to be performed on COVID victims.
The vaccine is not a vaccine, the industry confessed, at best it is a weak palliative.
The annual flu jab targets the immune system to reduce your immune system's ability to fight disease.
Every significant increase in electromagnetic field radiation has caused a Common Cold outbreak by EMF radiation poisoning. British Telecom is responsible for recent decades' flu outbreaks.
The COVID operation has objectives apart from reducing the population that include the destruction of the global economy, blamed on an unprovable harmful virus to enable the imposition of pretend, invisible currency, to enable the enslavement of the entire planet (communisation) under Fascist control and the transformation of people into electronically controlled synthetic humans.

5G and maybe 6G are essential as is poisoning people with graphene oxide that reacts to harmful British Telecom frequencies that  the regime's frequently retitled and leaders changed Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport that permitted BT to use harmful frquencies against the public's health interests based on the ridiculous, unscientific ICNIRP maximum safe level. Australia's limit is 10, find out what the occupation regime's is.

Chart from the article at Stop5G

In 2010, ICNIRP produced new guidelines.
But these do not automatically take effect in the UK.  The UK policy remains based on 1998 ICNIRP until Government decide otherwise.

Because your occupation regime corporation and chairman Johnson love you, OBEY.
Masks and chocolate teapots avoid COVID. USE THEM.

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