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Germany wallows in 'golden autumn'
The article is a good description of how Germany has suffered due to the euro and how prudent local financial management counts for nought in a shared currency administered remotely and debased not least by local financial imprudence.

One telling sentence :
wants treaty changes to allow for the voluntary departure or enforced expulsion of nations from the euro. In any case, Ms Merkel seems absolutely determined that Germans won't be made to pay for the folly of the periphery.

People who want out of the EU should vote against such an amendment if Deceptive Dave, the UK's EC nanny,  doesn't wriggle out of a referendum with doublespeak.

Sinister stuff, even without the Stasi accent
This man on the right is Sven Giegold, a German member of the European Parliament and a member of the left-wing Green party. Of course, you didn't vote him in and you can't vote him out, but he is one of the Strasbourg heavies controlling these new financial regulations. In other words, this left-wing German has more control over the fate of Britain's financial services industry than any member of the British Government or the House of Commons.
So you might want to listen to what he has to say about the right of any EU member state to control its own taxes and finance. Short version of what he has to say: 'No right at all.'

Batten warning on EU police state
UKIP's London MEP Gerard Batten was joined by those who have suffered at the hands of the EU's police state ambitions as he delivered his speech at Torquay's annual conference.


Mentioned in the previous post,
Wikileaks putting a US bank in the crosshairs, that has to be the Federal Reserve. No other bank has information as accessible as that one if articles all over the web are any indication.

We were advised that the confidential US gov't info was open to public perusal. The situation appears similar to the climategate affair. It is hard to see how criminal charges could be brought for improving readability of documents freely available from a servant of the people, a government dept.

At Free Republic
Brace for the post-WikiLeaks information big chill
The Obama manifesto "open government" is shown to be vacuous. In the UK, only the IQ challenged believed Cameron's empty rhetoric along lines similar to Obamas' pledge.

'Potential threat' to UK security stressed
Meanwhile, Prince Andrew had “verged on the rude” in 2008 during a lunch in Kyrgyzstan, when he criticised British anti-corruption inquiries which, he said, threatened trade relations with Saudi Arabia, US ambassador to Kyrgyzstan Tatiana Gfoeller said.
He described an inquiry by the Serious Fraud Office into the sale of military equipment and training as “an idiocy”. The prince denounced “those journalists who poke their noses everywhere”, to cheers from British and Canadian businessmen in the capital, Bishkek. Guardian journalists had led an investigation into the Al-Yamama deal.
One of the guests said operating in Kyrgyzstan was “like doing business in the Yukon in the 19th century”, where pay-offs were necessary, and the prince said: “All of this sounds exactly like France.”

Gang-green Propaganda versus Reality

Climate Realists' recent selections:
Opposing Views: New energy sources vital to tackle climate change by Pallab Ghosh, Science correspondent, BBC News
In support of the real coalition - banks and government - Lord Rees of the reputation challenged Royal Society reported by propaganda central:
The president of the UK Royal Society, Lord Rees, has said that it is "essential" for governments to prepare for the worst effects of climate change.
"The concentration of carbon dioxide is rising inexorably," said Lord Rees, "the science is firming up and that tells us that there is a risk of serious climate change in the next 50 years.
(The hydra consensus resurrected from the grave. Despite there being no evidence of CO2's relation, the man insists on linking it. Such is called post normal science or fact determined by opinion.)
"Even though there is uncertainty, I think that it is essential to prepare for the worst case".
The worst case is what we are experiencing, turbulent weather in summer with brief hot spells and lengthening, cooling winters. Evidence of a cooling climate as stated by "authorities" when it was warming. You don't see headlines that robins and other small birds are threatened by the cold.
Part of that preparation is to invest more in developing more diverse and cleaner energy technologies, he said.
"If you look at the R&D level in energy compared with health and medicine, it's very very low and I think it's important to increase it because we are going to need new sources of energy to replace coal fired power stations around the world".
The government currently spends about £600m a year on energy research whereas the figure for medicine is £1.4bn.

The brazenness of the man. Investment of public money by gov't in energy R&D has brought us such wonderful bounties as counterproductive and hugely expensive wind farms, toxic and muderous biofuels, hopeless solar panels, the comically lunatic if it wasn't so goddamn expensive CCS, a big contribution to the unrepayable, burgeoning national debt and vast profits for the banks
that wouldn't go near faux green energy without the guarantee of public money.

Rees promoted nuclear. We can neither afford it nor will it be ready in time to avoid devastating power cuts.
With the prospect of brown outs because of bank benefitting - standard- and cost of living and energy security withering investment by successive gov'ts it is clear where Rees' loyalties are focussed and it ain't towards the welfare and benefit of the general public nor the electorate.

The government should be investing in efficient coal - and gas of which there are centuries worth in shale gas under the UK and across Europe with a high probability of there being oil with it demonstrated by oil extraction in the burgundy wine region.

The gov't should not listen to biased advice especially from gang-green shill central, the Royal Society board.
KCA DEUTAG awarded multimillion Euro shale oil drilling contract by HESS in France
Energy crisis is postponed as new gas rescues the world
Natural Gas For Europe

Christopher Booker: There are black days ahead for the carbon industry: Updated by Piers Corbyn
[...] None of the lobbying has been more telling than a statement issued by 259 investment organisations, controlling "collective assets totalling over $15 trillion" – including major banks, insurance companies and pension funds. These are the bodies calling most stridently for "government action on climate change", because they are the ones who hope to make vast sums of money out of it. They are desperate for a treaty of the type they failed to get at Copenhagen – even more so since the collapse of the US cap and trade bill – because they see their chance of turning global warming into the most lucrative fruit machine in history dwindling by the month.
(Climate Realists linked rather than the DT for Piers' comment)

Dr. Tim Ball: Time For Economic Restoration Now That Climate Change Deception Exposed
Problems are only problems if you are unaware of them. Once identified you’re over halfway to resolution. American voters rejected the Obama administration’s policies of increasing government control through energy, environment and economic policies. They voted for cessation and reversal. Now the new politicians and chastened survivors must act accordingly. Debt and deficit are serious problems and the solution depends partly on reduced government spending, but mostly on a vigorous growing economy and that depends on energy. Maurice Strong’s plan to collapse the industrial economies recognized this with his focus on fossil fuels and CO2, so that’s where the solution must begin.

(Maurice Strong’s plan)

Opposing Views: Deep pessimism on climate change issue by Frank McDonald[...] it has barely registered in the public consciousness. And in any case, people are preoccupied by more pressing issues.
Such as -

Global Warming news (in inches...)

SIBERIAN temperatures will blast Scotland this week with the mercury set to plunge to a low of minus 20ºC (minus 4ºF)
Forecasters said the "brutal" cold snap gripping the country was about to get worse, with blizzards bringing snowdrifts of more than 16ins (40cm) in some areas.
School closures, flight delays and travel chaos lie ahead with roads and rail lines expected to be made impassable by snow and ice.
The coldest place in Scotland overnight on Saturday was Loch Glascarnoch, in the Highlands, at minus 15.3C.
Michael Dukes, the forecast manager with MeteoGroup, said the picture across Scotland was "horrendous". He added:
"This is one of the most severe November cold spells we've ever had."

Excellent photographs and video of the global warming experience
DT Across the UK
DT London

Arctic Ice
Nov 2007 v Nov 2010
Nov 1979 v Nov 2010

Other news
Japan hit by 6.9-magnitude earthquake, swaying buildings in central Tokyo
No damage or injuries were immediately reported, and Japan's meteorological agency said there was no danger of a tsunami.

Geoffrey Lean: Cancun climate change talks: 'last chance’ in the snakepit
[...] Cancun means “nest of serpents” in the original Indian language.
Now that's what I call investigative reporting!

Cancun climate change summit: scientists call for rationing in developed world
Global warming is now such a serious threat to mankind that climate change experts are calling for Second World War-style rationing in rich countries to bring down carbon emissions.

Motl's POV - Cancun

Oh to be a climate con merchant.
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