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Cosmic Hoax. Heads Up. COVID injection is a Bioweapon. UK Column 5th July. AVR, Insurance Fraud

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Added a link to proof that the AZ vax has GO in it.
Still no-one has answered the question, were the shed upon swabbed before the symptoms appeared? Are the symptoms consistent with a reaction to lithium and DARPA gel that is delivered by swabs according to this series of images:
Do chlorine based medicines break down the graphene oxide? I expect and hope they do. It would explain the near instant alleviatng of symptoms when used.
Curious that Youtube would delete a sacrilegious video claiming celebrity docs and researchers are associated with the UN via association with Sasha.
Text with the vid at

1.23.05 - The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé
Posted By: Lymerick
RMN 6-Jul-2021 00:34:21
Dr. Steven Greer
Learn the truth from the Father of the Real Disclosure Project.!

This documentary is Dr. Greer’s answer to the current government and media disinformation campaign promoting 3 big lies:
1. We do not know what these UAPs/ UFOs are. WE DO.
2. Humans cannot make craft that can maneuver like UFOs. WE CAN and WE DO.
3. The UFOs are a threat. THEY ARE NOT.

Vid via bitchute due to Gootube age restricting it. (Why?)
Bitchute July 6th, 2021.
Share this film widely for FREE if it is in its entirety and is not commercialized or monetized. (If you wish to use it in another way please contact:
Other Streaming and Download options can be found at:
How you can support The Disclosure Project and CE5

I'm waiting for more test results from other COVID serums by to cement the graphene evidence with concrete wellies, sufficient to sink the virus-vax confidence trick. Fid. Anna has found her way to the intoxication of people with graphene oxide by injection, turning people into living antennas for the telecom, smart cities and eugenics industries.
N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) is a Glutathione precursor.
In the vid 'COVID19 is caused by Graphene Oxide' NAC is recommended to neutralise the graphene oxide. NAC is readily available in health food supplement shops and online retailers. Get some before the scum outlaw it. If enough people get cleaned, it would leave Musk's AI all dressed up with nowhere to go and the whole plandemic project and its insane nonsense an entire waste of time. In my opinion.
There you go, Astra Zeneca is graphinated:
BREAKING: La Quinta Columna shares more photos of graphene oxide detected in AstraZeneca vaccination vial
Just the J&J to test. Can we hang anyone yet?
Head's Up, People
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch July 5, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz
This just in from Nicholas Veniamin ---
“Spanish researchers put the Pfizer vaccine under an electron microscope and found it contains 99% graphene oxide and hardly anything else. [Contained in the serum. Cc]
There is practically NO evidence that this "vaccine" is gene therapy. There is ZERO genetic material:  mRNA or DNA or spike protein. It means this "vaccine" has nothing to do with a so-called virus. This product wasn't developed to avoid an infection caused by a virus. The true purpose of this product remains hidden. No official statement from governments or health institutions has been made. The toxicity of graphene oxide is reason enough to stop the global vaccination program.
Okay, so what are the characteristics of graphene oxide and what are its known health hazards?
Each tiny nanoparticle acts like a knife and cuts through cell membranes, effectively killing living cells.  This in turn causes inflammation, as the body's immune system kicks in to clean up the cellular debris.
If the immune system can't keep up, the graphene oxide creates extremely tiny blood clots that can collect together to form larger clots.
Graphene oxide, like asbestos, is inert, thin, hard, and appears to cause its own form of cancer, similar to the way asbestos is linked to Mesothelioma.
Graphene has no bandwidth, so it cannot be turned off as an electromagnetic conductor a thousand times more effective than copper.
So people are being shot up with this crap and it is dispersing throughout every tissue of their bodies and absolutely nobody is on the string and accountable for this.
Not the pharmaceutical companies, because they got an out of jail free card from "the" U.S. Territorial Congress back in the 1980's, and not the Congress itself, because their corporation went bankrupt and they are now claiming that any responsibility accepted back in the 1980's when they gave Big Pharma their Lack of Accountability Card no longer applies.
Isn't this just wonderful, folks, you've got all these tiny, tiny knives killing cells in all parts of your body, and you are suffering the effects of this, and nobody is responsible for it --- except of course, for you, because you "volunteered" to take the jab.
Never mind that you were lied to.  Never mind that you thought it was a vaccine to prevent disease.
According to the Spanish, this isn't a vaccine and it isn't even an mRNA gene therapy designed to reduce you to being a Genetically Modified Organism, owned under Patent.
It's a kill shot, literally.
Can the nanoparticles of graphene oxide be captured and cleared out of the body?  It's possible that another special carbon form can be engineered to do that--- fullerenes, also known as "Bucky Balls" might be employed as nanoparticle traps to collect the graphene oxide and transport it out of the body.
But someone has to engineer and produce the right size cage to recapture the graphene oxide, and meantime....
If the results of this Spanish investigation are true, you've been attacked, ear tagged, and prepped for slaughter by your own dear Public Employees  --- a fact that both you and they have to come to grips with.
The graphene turns people into wifi antennas.
There is sufficient evidence for there to be posters, wanted dead (or alive if unavoidable) for the principle stakeholders and board members of the vaccine corporations (including the CDC) and their enablers in governments and health authorities.

So far:
O Oysters,' said the Carpenter,
You've had a pleasant run!
Shall we be trotting home again?'
But answer came there none —
And this was scarcely odd, because
They'd eaten every one."

The enemies of humanity rely on the fact that a lie circumnavigates the world several times while the truth is still looking for its shoes. This letter is the starkest of evidence the occupation regime corporation has failed its mandate and so has breached its contract, effectively terminating its employment. I call on those occupying our government buildings to vacate immediately and return all the assets of the country held in trust to the country.
Evidence from Lawyers and Scientists that this COVID injection is a Bioweapon
SOTN July 6, 2021 by State of the Nation
From: Judy Wilyman

Subject: Evidence from Lawyers and Scientists that this COVID injection is a Bioweapon
Date: 5 July 2021

Hi all,
Please see our latest blog from People for Safe Vaccines (PSV). This is the company that has been set up by doctors and lawyers in Australia to challenge the government’s claims about the safety, efficacy and necessity for this COVID19 injection that has not been given full approval by any government regulator.

This is because the clinical trials for this injection have not been done. The PSV blog and letter provides strong evidence from scientists that this injection is a bioweapon and without several years of clinical data, there is no proof of any benefit from these COVID19 injections and there is very strong evidence for the dangers of this genetically engineered drug in human populations.

The lawyers from PSV have provided evidence to the government that this new genetic technology in the injection, is a bioweapon and it will have very serious health consequences for many people who take it.

This will be dependent upon people’s genetics so everyone will react differently to the injection – as is the case with every drug/vaccine that is used.
If anyone feels they have been coerced into taking this injection without full knowledge of the necessity, risks or benefits of this drug, then please use the contact form on the People For Safe Vaccines website to let the lawyers know so that you can join the class action against the government’s coercive medical policies and vaccine passports that will remove human rights.

Here is the PSV follow up letter (2) to the Australian government providing the strong evidence that this COVID19 injection is a bioweapon and the letter also provides significant evidence of deaths and illnesses that are being collected by governments globally after the injection is given.
Letter 2: To the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs Re Biological Weapons COVID 19 Vaccines

Here is a link to a short promotional video of the work that People for Safe Vaccines is doing in Australia and please read this information to protect your family financially from any long-term injuries or death that this injection may cause due to the lack of informed consent from your doctor.

Please forward this letter to family and friends.
Kind regards,

The 1000 lawyers led by Dr Fuellmich and backed by 10,000 scientists, researchers and doctors that has filed a class suit against the WHO and other corporations for crimes against humanity is soliciting and broadcasting oral evidence at this URL:

UK Column News - 5th July 2021

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with today's UK Column News.

00:28 - NHS Thank You Day Happened Apparently

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Notice of Insurance Liability Issued 4 July 2021
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch July 4, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz

Those of you who read my recent articles published as the Blood Money series learned a lot about the history of insurance fraud including the use of Cestui Que Vie trusts following The Great Fire of London which resulted in creating a public interest in private property (the same scam they used here to try to disinherit us) and the Bottomry Bonds Scandal of 1702, which allowed the Dutch East India Company to insure non-existent ships and cargo and collect on the insurance when these "ships" were "lost at sea" (the same scam they have tried to pull on Americans who have been high-jacked and misidentified as British Territorial U.S. Citizens).

What do all these things have in common? Insurance fraud.

So now let me observe that insurance is at the heart of the rot that we have endured, and insurance itself is merely legalized gambling.

What do we expect of gambling --- legalized or otherwise---but corruption?

In any game where big pay-offs are predicated on something happening or not happening at a certain time or in a certain way, one has to assume that efforts will be made to control these occurrences and to profit accordingly, which is precisely what we see happening throughout the last 150 years, and all of it in tandem with the disintegration of society in general.

Everything that we have experienced in the last hundred years has been a replay of The Great Fire of London scenario using World War II as the "disaster" giving the rats an excuse to claim a public interest in private property, even in The United States where the war never touched ground, implemented and expedited by a generous dollop of a replayed Bottomry Bonds Scandal, as millions of imaginary "Special Purpose Vehicles" were created out of thin air and insured in exactly the same way.

Why do you think Prince Philip was paid $950 Trillion USD as "Life Force Value Annuities" by the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA in 2017?

All those "Special Purpose Vehicles" created in the wake of World War II and insured as "property" belonging to the British Government, were lost at sea, just like the phantom ships of the Dutch East India Company----while the actual ships belonging to the Dutch East India Company sailed over the horizon to New York, and were reflagged as American ships.

The fraud artists back home collected the insurance money either way.

Insurance is a big racket, and so is bankruptcy protection, which is just another form of insurance and potentially, a giant source of insurance fraud--- as we have observed in 1907, 1933, and again now.

Bankruptcy is only available to incorporated entities that are insured at public expense.

This is one of the reasons that we can be absolutely sure that our government and our country did not go bankrupt at any time. We are not incorporated, and therefore have sovereign indemnity, but not any kind of bankruptcy protection.

No, the "things" going bankrupt on a regular cycle are all corporations in the business of providing governmental services, and the problem ---again--- is a form of insurance fraud.

These foreign, privately owned and operated commercial corporations operate under names that are deceptively similar to our own, so when they go bankrupt, ignorant people assumed that we, our country, was bankrupted.

Instead, what happened in 1907 and 1933 and what they are trying to pull off now, too, is that the commercial corporations operating "in our names" sought bankruptcy protection and handed off all their indebtedness to the public ---- that is, to us, the hapless victims of this scheme, who unknowingly "accepted" the debt of these fraud artists "as if" it were our own debt, simply because the bills appeared to be addressed to us when in fact they were bills addressed by bill collectors seeking recoupment against "similarly named" franchises of these dishonest corporations.

Bankruptcy is simply a corporate insurance policy paid for by the public, and as you can see, it can be abused like any other insurance scheme.

Now, I am pleased beyond measure, to note that others have begun the Hue and Cry and have identified the Root Cause of the Evil now set before us. Doctor David E. Martin is laying it out, too. Here are just a couple excerpts from his recent expose:

"Because, it turns out that between 1883 and 1893, the largest growth contributor to the GDP of this country was the trade in the fear of death. The life insurance industry represented more than the combined contribution to the economy of the coal, steel and manufacturing – COMBINED. In the ten years from 1883 and 1893."


"What happened in 1914 is an unforgivable mortal sin...It turns out that World War I was good business for life insurers. You know what happened when we sent...young men to their deaths in Europe? Life insurers pocketed a sh*tload of money. Because it turns out that few people knew how to file claims. The Department of Defense didn't have a mechanism to actually process those things and it turns out that, in fact, the First World War, if you look at it from an economic perspective, the biggest winner of the First World War were life insurance companies."

And what happened in 2017, the pay-off of Life Force Value Annuities to Prince Philip was also a Mortal Sin of the same ilk. That credit, backed by our own purloined gold, is being used to finance yet another move by the Parasites, who are trying to kill their former Hosts, and invade a new Host, China.

Recently, the rats have been trying to make amends, however, amends that result in loss of life and cheating to the very end. People are being told that they can "cash out" their Birth Certificate Bonds and Social Security Bonds by filling out a form and applying to All that does is obligate them to pay those bonds back, with interest, back to the insurance companies--- and in the meantime, triggers hyperinflation rendering the "money" worthless.

Just say no. Grimly. With confidence. With purpose. And spread the word. We are the Priority Creditors and we will dictate the terms.

The endlessly corrupt insurance companies and the Pope and everyone else responsible for this boondoggle needs to be aware that they are discovered and that the Insurance Corporations are also in the frying pan. We are not deceived about the cause of this malady, and we are not amused.

Any and all such deceptive and duplicitous "payments" of premiums in exchange for the pre-arranged death of Americans, are hereby accepted as gifts of foreign currency. Nothing that any insurance company can argue is sufficient to excuse their plan to dump trillions of USD on the market and pretend that this is our money or that it results in our debt.
We waive all voluntary and conferred and presumptive benefits of this scheme to ruin what too many people assume is the American "dollar" ---and regardless of any voluntary or involuntary act by Americans acting in ignorance and without the benefit of Full Disclosure, we hold all the banks and all their insurers and their Principal Underwriters accountable to our Public Law and to our Law of Contract and we counter-offer that all gifts of their private currency can result in no new or net indebtedness of individuals and will not constitute payment of any kind owed to Americans.

Neither by constructive fraud nor by destruction of the "USD" will the con artists responsible for this be allowed to prosper. The credit must be returned to the Public Interest from whence it came and moderated by the Lawful Government to which it is owed, and no other accommodation is accepted by the American Principals and Priority Creditors.

This Notice of Insurance Liability has been sent to the Principals responsible, along with a note to Secretary Yellen via the Office of the Inspector General, this day, the Fourth of July in the year of 2021 by:
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

The main objective of the 9/11 crime was insurance fraud. (Other aspects were the theft of gold, insider trading, the introduction of freedom limiting regime corporation regulations and the insane, baseless war on terrorism, notably visited on Iraq and Afghanistan without a shred of evidence (and in Britain, buried in a million page inquiry by the Privy Council that revealed SFA. Blair still hasn't been hanged.)


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