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15,472 Dead. COVID is a fabrication. By the Stupid. Recent Rumors. While We Slept.

15,472 Dead, 1.5 Million Injured (50% Serious) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots
By Brian Shilhavy

COVID is a fabrication. It's FLU. All deaths from flu and all other causes recorded as COVID are FRAUDULENT.

Laboratories in US can’t find Covid-19 in one of 1,500 positive tests
BY GREATREJECT · 11/04/2021

CDC sued for massive fraud: Tests at 7 universities of ALL people examined showed that they did not have Covid, but just Influenza A or B – EU statistics: ‘Corona’ virtually disappeared, even under mortality.
A clinical scientist and immunologist-virologist at a southern California laboratory says he and colleagues from 7 universities are suing the CDC for massive fraud. The reason: not one of 1500 samples of people tested “positive” could find Covid-19. ALL people were simply found to have Influenza A, and to a lesser extent Influenza B. This is consistent with the previous findings of other scientists, which we have reported on several times.

Dr. Derek Knauss: “When my lab team and I subjected the 1500 supposedly positive Covid-19 samples to Koch’s postulates and put them under an SEM (electron microscope), we found NO Covid in all 1500 samples. We found that all 1500 samples were primarily Influenza A, and some Influenza B, but no cases of Covid. We did not use the bulls*** PCR test.’

At 7 universities not once COVID detected
‘When we sent the rest of the samples to Stanford, Cornell, and a couple of the labs at the University of California, they came up with the same result: NO COVID. They found Influenza A and B. Then we all asked the CDC for viable samples of Covid. The CDC said they can’t give them, because they don’t have those samples.’

‘So we came to the hard conclusion through all our research and lab work that Covid-19 was imaginary and fictitious. The flu was only called ‘Covid,’ and most of the 225,000 deaths were from co-morbidities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, pulmonary emphysema, etc.. They got the flu which further weakened their immune systems, and they died.’

‘This virus is fictitious’
‘I still need to find one viable sample with Covid-19 to work with. We who conducted the lab test with these 1500 samples at the 7 universities are now suing the CDC for Covid-19 fraud. The CDC still has not sent us a viable, isolated and purified sample of Covid-19. If they can’t or won’t, then I say there is no Covid-19. It’s fictional.’

‘The four research papers describing the genome extracts of the Covid-19 virus never managed to isolate and purify the samples. All four papers describe only small pieces of RNA that are only 37 to 40 base pairs long. That is NOT a VIRUS. A viral genome normally has 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs.’

‘Now that Covid-19 is supposedly so bad everywhere, how come not one lab in the world has completely isolated and purified this virus? That’s because they never really found the virus. All they ever discovered were small pieces of RNA that were not identified as the virus anyway. So what we’re dealing with is just another flu strain, just like every year. Covid-19 does not exist and is fictitious.’

‘I believe that China and the globalists have set up this Covid hoax (the flu disguised as a new virus) to establish a global tyranny and totalitarian control police state. This intrigue included (also) massive election fraud to overthrow Trump.’

CDC itself admits to having no identifiable virus
Deeply hidden in an official document on Covid-19, the CDC ruefully admitted as early as summer 2020 that it does not have a measurable virus: ‘As no quantified (= measured) isolated virus objects of 2019-nCoV are available at this time…’ (page 39 of the ‘CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel’ (July 13) In other words, the CDC, as one of THE leading medical authorities in the world, could not, and still cannot, demonstrate a virus.

About the for this purpose scientifically totally debunked, but still shamelessly abused PCR test, the CDC wrote under the heading ‘limitations’: ‘The detection of viral RNA cannot demonstrate the presence of an infectious virus, or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent of clinical symptoms.’ And in addition: ‘This test cannot exclude other diseases caused by other bacterial or viral pathogens.’

In other words, we cannot prove that the people who get sick and are hospitalized, and very occasionally die, were sickened by a new coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2, nor can we prove that it caused them to develop a new disease called ‘Covid-19.’ It could just as easily be a different virus and a different disease. (And since all the symptoms, including severe pneumonia, correspond seamlessly to what flu can cause historically in vulnerable people… ‘if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck’.

Reward of $265,000 for demonstrating coronavirus
Earlier this year, Samuel Eckert’s German Team and the Isolate Truth Fund pledged a reward of at least $265,000 for any scientist who can provide incontrovertible proof that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been isolated and therefore exists. They too pointed out that not one lab in the world has yet been able to isolate this corona virus.

Yes, systems scientists claim they have, but this ‘isolation’ consists only of a sample from the human body, which is a ‘soup’ full of different kinds of cells, remains of viruses, bacteria, et cetera. With the help of (toxic) chemicals one then searches for some (residual) particles that may indicate a virus that once existed or may still exist, after which this is designated as ‘evidence’.

Canadian team also received no evidence despite 40 Public Access Law requests
In late December 2020 there was a similar initiative to the one in Germany. A team around Canadian investigative journalist Christine Massey submitted no less than 40 Public Access Law requests to medical authorities worldwide with the simple request for proof that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been isolated and its existence can therefore be objectively proven. Not one of the agencies and authorities written to was able to provide that evidence.

‘Impossible to demonstrate that SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called Covid-19’
Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kaufman and Sally Fallon Morell recently published a statement on “the continuing controversy over whether the SARS-CoV-2 virus is isolated or purified. But based on the official Oxford definition of “isolation” (“the fact or condition of being isolated or secluded, a separation from other things or persons, standing alone”), common sense, the laws of logic and the rules of science dictate that any unbiased person must come to the conclusion that the SARS-CoV-2 virus has never been isolated or purified. As a result, no confirmation of the existence of the virus can be given.’

‘The logical and scientific implications of this fact are that the structure and composition of something whose existence cannot be proven cannot be known, including the presence, structure and function of hypothetical spike or other proteins. The genetic sequence of something that has never been found cannot be known, nor can the “variants” (mutations) of something whose existence has not been demonstrated. It is therefore impossible to show that SARS-CoV-2 causes a disease called Covid-19.’

Combined PCR test for corona and influenza ‘because there’s hardly any difference’
Not surprisingly, the world’s largest biotech company, China’s BGI, recently launched a new PCR test that can simultaneously test for influenza A, B and corona. Apart from the proven fact, acknowledged trough various lawsuits, that a PCR test cannot prove infection with any virus whatsoever, BGI’s explanation that both diseases are so difficult to distinguish from each other and that they have therefore made only one test, says more than enough. Maybe there IS no difference at all, ‘Covid’ is just another name for ‘old familiar’ flu viruses, and this is just another clever marketing trick?

Most people have been fooled by fear propaganda
With worldwide, government-controlled 24/7 fear propaganda by the mass media, most people have come to believe that there is indeed a life-threatening virus that makes people sick much faster and more severely than seasonal flu. However, even the latter is demonstrably not the case. Influenza A has been the leading cause of death from pneumonia in the developed world for years.

But send people designated as severe Covid patients to a few ICU’s, put cameras on them constantly, instruct a few physicians that they should only discuss the worst cases, and you have your “televised pandemic. The argument ‘we are doing it because otherwise care will be overburdened’ was undermined by governments itself some time ago, by rejecting offers of additional ICU beds or staff, because ‘it is not necessary’. (Was this perhaps the first and only time the truth was told?)

Official figures: nothing to worry about (yet it never gets back to normal)
Now that also the official figures show that after the normal traditional flu season nothing is wrong, and according to the EU statistics (EuroMOMO) there is even a significant lower mortality, the society – if it really was about a virus and public health – should immediately go back to normal to start repairing the huge damage caused by government policies.

However, as you know, that will never be done, and that is because this carefully planned pandemic hoax is carrying out an ideological agenda, the ‘Great Reset’, which aims to largely demolish the society and economy of the West, and then subject it to a global technocratic communist climate-vaccine dictatorship, in which all our freedoms, civil and self-determination rights will be done away with once and for all.

At least that was their plan.


A Country Run By Stupid People
Paul Stramer Lincoln Conty Watch June 28, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz

This is what I heard about America, repeatedly, this week---- overtly, explicitly, and sometimes with diplomatic tact, too --- but all the same message from friends and foes all over the planet. We are, according to them, a country run by stupid people.
Reading the newspaper this morning, I was struck by it again. The lead story was about the return of the remains of a young Aleut girl who died at an Indian Residential School from Tuberculosis in 1905. The article decried the "cultural genocide" (they finally found a name for it) that occurred especially in the Western United States and Canada for a hundred years following the end of the Civil War.
Oh, wait, the Civil War never "officially" ended.....
Between 1865 and 1965 hundreds of thousands of Native children were stolen and transported anywhere from ten miles to thousands of miles from home and family, to "residential schools" where strangers forced them into the mold of white Christian society and gave them the very distinct message that their native culture was something to be ashamed of and eradicated, their religion was savage superstition, and that they, themselves, were racially inferior and subordinate in every way.
Meantime, their parents were segregated and herded onto reservations, isolated, with no work, no way forward, and only the most meager sort of "government support" to eke out a truncated and miserable existence on welfare, or as factory slave labor, or as piecemeal workers for "charity" organizations.
I saw the tail end of this in Wisconsin. It wasn't pretty.

You would think that we, as a country, would have learned from this experience.
But, look what we are doing now, allowing Child Protective Services Agents --- Foreign Agents of Foreign Governments --- to steal children from parents and grandparents based on "Anonymous Tips" and to indoctrinate the kidnapped children according to "Government Specs" in the same exact way.
Isn't it about time we put our flat little feet down, and told our Public Servants to pound sand? Why wait a hundred years to wake up and say, oh, oops, wrong again? It's not right to take children from their families and indoctrinate them....
In America, tips about suspected crimes have to be substantiated and verified. In America, people have the right to face their accusers. In America, the government pays the costs of an investigation, not the party being accused.
But, now, thanks to a phony, undisclosed, illegal, immoral, and unlawful registration processes, most people aren't living in America anymore.
Instead, most Americans are presumed to be living in "the US" ---- a neighboring slave empire owned and operated by the Pope and the British Crown and a bunch of complicit American Toadies.
Our kids are being kidnapped; their for-hire Mercenaries are charging us between $6,000 per day and $9,000 per day for the service of kidnapping and trafficking our children--- and we are paying for it. Through the nose.
It's hard to argue with the snooty French diplomats, who ask--- who in their right mind would put up with this? Only stupid people would set up such a system, and worse, only stupid people would put up with it.

Here's another very important example.
In the B Section of the same daily news rag, there was an article about the nationwide blood shortage. The blood banks are on the ropes. Surgeons are having to rely on transfusions of saline solution, because there isn't enough blood to go round to the accident victims and those needing routine surgery.
Yet, in that entire article, they didn't tell us why there is a blood shortage.
There's a blood shortage because people who have been vaccinated can't give blood ever again, so the total responsibility for filling the nation's blood banks, including the military blood banks, is on us --- the unvaccinated.
If we don't hike up our sleeves, you'll have to suck wind.
Some time ago, our State Assemblies passed the first Public Law in over a century. It prevents corporations from creating GMO humans via patented mRNA injections and outlaws claims to own vaccinated people as property.
Why were we doing something like that?
Because in 2013, in a US Supreme Court case, Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., it was decided that corporations could create GMO humans by injection of foreign patented mRNA or DNA and could then claim them, living people, as GMO "products" owned by the corporation under patent.
According to the US Supreme Court, a foreign for-profit corporation could claim to own U.S. Citizens and Municipal citizens of the United States---- as in slave ownership--- based on their voluntary acceptance of a patented mRNA product being injected into their natural genome.
And, boy, howdy, guess what just happened?
Now, it doesn't matter to us, Americans, what the US Supreme Court decides about "US" citizenry, because it's a foreign government, and they are all acting as foreign citizens. They are allowed to abuse their citizenry under their foreign standards and foreign laws all they wish.
If you are stupid enough to nod your heads and claim to be any species of "US" citizenry, or line up like cattle for slaughter and enslave yourselves as GMO Products owned under patent by foreign commercial corporations, what can we do about it?
I can tell you what we did....
Our States of the Union passed a Public Law against such patent claims, prohibiting such claims and allowing for the capital punishment of any person or entity exercising such claims against living people.
What this means for the Executives responsible is death by hanging or firing squad. What it means for corporations operating in this country and doing such things on our shores is liquidation down to the file cabinets.

You see, it's not just a matter of being run by stupid, crooked, immoral, insane persons. It's a matter of people so dull and complacent that they put up with it.
If you have been jabbed --- that is, injected with patented mRNA under the pretense that it was a "vaccination" against disease, and you are now finally getting the drift of it, that you've been "claimed" as a GMO Product, owned by a foreign commercial corporation as property---- let's just drum in the obvious:
According to THEM, you are now a slave, owned lock, stock, and barrel by THEM, and they can do whatever they want to do to you and your property assets, including your body, with no limitations whatsoever.
You are not considered "human" anymore, so you have no human rights, and you are not "natural" anymore, so you have no Natural and Unalienable Rights, and you are not owed any "equal civil rights" either, because there is no standard of rights left to be "equal to". Get it?
If THEY want to send you to concentration camps and euthanize you and seize your estate assets after you are dead, they can legally do so.
We have reasonable proof that that is exactly what they had planned for you.
But at the last minute, your old Tin Hat Countrymen, the Unvaccinated, came to your rescue and said --- eh, not on our land and soil.
So now, it's high time that you woke up and supported your neighbors who have protected your humanity and your rights, both civil and Natural, against this onslaught of corporate criminality.
It's time that we, the Americans, took it all back from the Stupid People who have allowed such a situation in the first place.

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Recent Rumors
Reader, link to May 2020 article: "FUNVAX: Globalist Plot to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine Exposes Shocking Satanic Conspiracy | SOTN"
Posted By: hobie [Send E-Mail]
Date: Wednesday, 30-Jun-2021 06:03:34
(Thanks, D. :)
Reader D. writes:

Hi Hobie…
For any readers who are hanging onto the hope that some how our military is going to save us from Biden and the British Crown's NWO of feudalism….please consider this article that outlines the Pentagon’s “FUNVAX”…and how they intend to separate us from God and our souls…..this needs to be fully exposed and stopped now before it’s too late.
FUNVAX: Globalist Plot to Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine Exposes Shocking Satanic Conspiracy
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8:44 video (cc): Candace - "Your Children Are Being INDOCTRINATED and SEXUALIZED"

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Even if you care less about the murdered old folk and foetuses, It's not to late to hang the child and soon to be kitten murderers.

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Magnetic meat

Your cash.

10:15 video (cc): Klavan - "All The Ways America Is Becoming China"

The Difference Between Covid Hoax & Communist Coup? None
June 15, 2021
Communism is the total monopoly over literally EVERYTHING (power, wealth, thought, behavior) by the Satanist (Masonic) Jewish central bankers. What is Communism?
Illuminati insider Christian Rakowsky (Chaim Rakover) told his NKVD interrogator: The bankers created the Communist state as a "machine of total power" unprecedented in history. In the past, due to many factors, "there was always room for individual freedom. Do you understand that those who already partially rule over nations and worldly governments have pretensions to absolute domination? Understand that this is the only thing which they have not yet reached."
"In order that the true meaning of things may not strike the goyim before the proper time, we shall mask it under the alleged ardent desire to serve the working classes..." (Protocols of Zion, 6)
Covid and Communism have this in common: Both require that you pretend to believe a lie. i.e. masks provide protection.

Glen Oliver Muise - Authentic Canadian Defies the Globalist Traitors
Glen Muise, 66, left with cat Clyde,14, sent this letter to his local newspaper in Nova Scotia.
"Now, the delta variant, which has the exact same symptoms as my hay fever which comes every year. You can't make this stuff up. I woke up this morning as I do every June and July with a runny nose and a scratchy throat. I guess I'm doomed."

Makow - Biden Admin's "Inclusiveness" Omits Non-Jews
July 1, 2021
Let me simplify things for you. Obviously, the issue isn't "white supremacy." The issue is (Organized) Jewish supremacy.
How many countries does Organized Jewry (Rothschilds) need? They already have Israel. Clearly from the list below, they have the United States. Apparently they need to own and control every country. This is the meaning of "globalism" aka "the New World Order."
Shades of the USSR, run by Satanist Jews with a dummy front.

Freemasonry: Mankind's Death Wish
July 2, 2021
The source of the world's problems: The Gentile "leadership" has been chosen for its willingness to sell its soul to Cabalist (satanic) Jewish central bankers by joining Freemasonry, which is Judaism for Gentiles. Translated, our "leaders" are opportunists and traitors.
"Freemasonry plays the same role in Western society as the Communist Party did in the Soviet Union. Without belonging to the freemasonry, there is no chance of a fast career, regardless of how talented one is." -Lina
I always wondered why second-raters rose in society. No-talent people need to sell their souls to the devil to succeed.

Talmud Kabbalah Judaism for Gentiles.

While We Slept
Posted By: Liberty_Lady [Send E-Mail]
RMN Tuesday, 29-Jun-2021

On March 20, 1969, an Illuminati insider, named Dr. Richard Day, gave a speech to a roomful of pediatricians. What does that have to do with us today? For one thing, it was one of the first times the Elite had laid out the vision of their New World Order in such detail. Dr. Day was excited to be able to brag about the Elite's plans for humanity.

It is relevant today because, in hindsight, it is a road map of how we got to where we are today. He said he was being allowed to talk about their plans for humanity because they were so well entrenched by now, they couldn't be stopped. Although he forbade taking notes or recording his talk, thankfully someone ignored him and took notes.

Let that sink in for a moment. 1969? Most RMN readers weren't even born yet. So, with apologies for the length, let me hit the high spots. This was originally 96 pages long.

The Elite considers people are too dumb, especially in areas of changing laws and customs. They don't pay attention. They don't ask the right questions. Everything has two purposes. One is the supposed purpose, making it acceptable to people. The second is the real purpose. An example today would be pushing an experimental drug to protect everyone (from a virus they created.) The real purpose is the depopulation of massive amounts of people.

These Eugenicists have convinced themselves that the world is just too over-populated to sustain itself. That is a lie in at least two areas. Observe the whole foods that the Creator provided for mankind. Open a melon and count the seeds. Most fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains, that haven't been hybridized or GMO'd have an abundance of seeds to keep up with a growing population. It isn't a lack of food that is causing famines. It is the distribution of that food. TPTB has to manufacture reasons to dump good food. As for overpopulation, there is hardly a country in the world that doesn't have virgin territory it could use. People are overpopulated in urban areas. That was no accident either.

Most countries, at one time, were pretty self-sustaining, having enough farmers to feed their citizens. A combination of the Industrial Revolution and overregulating of farmers drove off the small farmers. So many of the changes that altered our world were so insidious, most people weren't aware of them until after the fact.

Dr. Day said that eventually people wouldn't be allowed to have children just because they wanted them. And they would be limited to how many they could have. (I guess that doesn't apply to the Elite. Doesn't Ted Turner have five children? And, didn't China try that nonsense to the point where men couldn't find women to marry?) Day said sex without reproducing or even without marriage would be promoted. Contraceptives would be on display and promoted.

Even before Roe v Wade, he said abortion would become commonplace and accepted. Homosexuality would be encouraged, especially in younger and younger children Eventually becoming celebrated.

At some point, babies would be made in a lab, allowing people to pick designer children. Divorce would be common and much easier to get. (No-Fault?) More women would be working outside the home to increase the tax base and to further destroy the family. This would alienate children from their parents. Men would be encouraged to work in other cities, states, and countries, making it even harder for families to bond and stay together. Also increasing the opportunities for infidelity.

Euthanasia would become accepted and encouraged. Anyone seen as useless members of society would be given a demise pill. Medical costs would be artificially hiked so people couldn't afford their own care and insurance would be priced out of their range while being mandated to carry. (ObamaCare?) Younger people would be made to see that keeping the elderly alive was a tremendous burden on them.

All health care would be tightly controlled. No more independent doctors. (MCO's?) Natural healing modalities would be discounted or even banned. Independent doctors would be slowly phased out, forced to become an employee of a corporation. Any doctor who resisted would be squeezed out financially. Forced to join an institute or retire. Their jobs would include execution by lethal injection for anyone considered to be a useless eater.

New diseases would appear, which have never been seen before. (HIV & COVID-19?) These would be used to create fear and promote the vaccine, which was the deadly component. He said they could already cure most cancers (In 1969?) But those cures would remain in the Rockefeller Institute. It is too profitable to cure. Eventually, independent researchers might expose the cures. (I doubt it)In the meantime, it is a useful tool for population control.

He talked about a way to instigate a heart attack that was nearly indistinguishable from a real one. (Didn't Senator Frank Church expose this in Congress many years ago? A gun that could be used to cause a heart attack only the best pathologist could figure out?)

He also said that people would continue to help create their own demise, by not eating right, not exercising, and smoking. Alcohol and drug abuse would increase. People would prefer fast food or processed food cooked at home in the microwave. They were also looking for a way to accelerate the onset of puberty. (growth hormones in food?)

Dr. Day said the old religions would have to go. They would be replaced by a new one, incorporating something from all of the old ones to make it more acceptable to people. The Bible would be re-written. (again?) The language of scripture and the classics would be re-written as well.

Children would spend more time in schools but wouldn't learn as much as they used to. Summer vacation would eventually be phased out. It would take longer to get a degree that would prove to be useless. People would have to pick a career or have one chosen for them at younger and younger ages.

The pressure of everyday life will accelerate. People will need more psychiatric help and drugs to function. Books that contain ideas dangerous to the New World Order would just disappear. Some books, no one would be allowed to own.

Blue laws and gambling laws would get repealed. He said that government would get into gambling. (a lot of state lotteries have popped up since 1969) More state money. Less in private hands and bankruptcy laws would be changed. Anti-trust laws would be changed. Drug and alcohol abuse would be increased. ("Dark Alliance" by Gary Webb) Law enforcement against abuse will also be increased. The increase in drugs will introduce the 'law of the jungle' where the unfit will be selected out. (Chicago and L.A.?)

There will be restrictions on travel. It will no longer be a right but a privilege. (to be earned by obedience like in China today?) Psychological services will be more available and be used to separate the wheat from the chaff. (for the purposes of denying the right to own a gun?) More jails and prisons will be needed. Some hospitals will serve as jails.

Streets would be re-routed and re-named, as well as street patterns changed to make older people feel they can't keep up with things that used to be familiar. Buildings and bridges will be built to fall apart sooner. Roads and bridges in rural areas allowed to deteriorate, forcing people into more tightly controlled urban areas. (Agenda 21, 30?)

American industry would be purposely changed. Different parts of the world would be assigned different kinds of industry. (TPP & NAFTA?) A global system would take over nations eventually. In order to accomplish this, the independence and self-sufficiency of the United States would have to be changed. In order to create a new structure, you first have to destroy the old one.

Our industry would have to be curtailed in order for other countries to build theirs up. Otherwise, they couldn't compete with us. Steel, automobiles, manufacturing, in general, would all go overseas. Things would be made purposely to fall apart, so people would be forced to buy more stuff all of the time.

Patriotism would be down the drain. The U.S. was to be kept strong in information, communication, high technology, education for some, and agriculture. People would be moved around more, looking for work, making them more rootless. Traditions are a lot easier to change in areas with lots of transplanted people with no history to each other or extended families.

We will take control first of the port cities. (Didn't Trump put a stop to that in Long Beach?) If you control the port cities and the politicians in those places, the heartland will have to yield. The most liberal places in America are the east and west coasts. Progressivism. (also no accident.)

The heartland, midwest, does seem to have maintained its conservatism. But, when you take away jobs and people are poor, they will accept whatever changes offer survival. Morals will always give way to survival. Enough heavy industry will be allowed to remain to keep us from going belly up. With this global identity, national identities would be de-emphasized. Each area will be dependent on every other area for some necessity.

We will all become citizens of the world. Not citizens of any one country. (didn't Trump return us to nationalism while respecting other countries' sovereignty?) No wonder the Deep State hates and fears him!)

Gun control is a big element in their plans. They consider gun ownership to be a privilege, not a right. Everybody should be restricted in gun ownership. Hunting cannot be allowed as a good excuse for owning a gun. (two birds? Of course, we wouldn't be able to feed ourselves if the economy went south. We also wouldn't be able to throw off a tyrannical government. (I would remind these jerks that the people who wrote the 2nd amendment hadn't just returned from a hunting trip. They had just thrown off a tyrannical government.)

We will take over sports, Hollywood, and the music industry, over-paying participants and promoting blacks in all three areas, hoping to increase racial tensions. Everyone will need an ID, at first just on their person. Eventually, some sort of device will be implanted under the skin, coded specifically to that person. Included would be all medical records.

Food supplies will come under tight control. Approved people will be well-nourished, but not to such an extent that they could help non-approved family or friends. This will be sold as, "The food isn't safe. It is to protect people from diseases." (real diseases or the ones they create in a lab?) But, the real idea is to limit the food supply. This would be accomplished partly by poisoning the air, water, soil and food to be grown.

We will take over the media so people are told what to think over and over until it is firmly entrenched in their minds, (thank you, Edward Bernays!) When Day was asked how this could happen in America, he replied, "Fear! It will make people more compliant and obedient. First, we will use the Cold War. When that wears off, it will be massive drug use. Drugs pouring into the country. When that no longer works, it will be diseases that we create. After that, it will be terrorism. Once that no longer works, we will stage a fake alien invasion. We have to keep people in fear and off-balance so they can't figure things out for themselves.

Again, this was allegedly planned and being implemented well before 1969. Most of us fell into their trap. At least for a while. But, then along came the Internet and we learned how to research what we were being told, We discovered that the majority
of people around the world aren't much different from ourselves. they just want a decent job, a roof over their heads, decent food on the table, and a chance to give their children an even better life.

Do not allow these Elites to divide us by skin color, race, religion, social standing, military/law enforcement against civilians. If we stand together, their plans for us will fail.


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