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Know This. The Agenda. Graphene Disease Source, Magnetic Meat. Taking a Leak. FR. Condo Collapse

Added Urgent Breach of National Security Interest by Fid Anna.
Know this:
Notice of Status Investigation and Liability
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch June 29, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz

First, no virus related to the purported pandemic has ever been isolated.

Second, there is a set and official scientific protocol used to isolate viruses, and that protocol has never been initiated -- an indication of Bad Faith and deceit and purposeful negligence.

Third, as no virus related to this purported pandemic has been proven to exist, there are no valid tests, no spike proteins, no excuse for masks or any vaccination.

Fourth, the patented scrap of mRNA they are talking about and calling a virus is only a couple dozen base pairs long, while an actual virus has thousands of base pairs.

Fifth, out of 1500 samples from cadavers listed as victims of this man-made plague, none showed the presence of anything but plain old Influenza A and Influenza B.

Sixth, as a result of failure to produce any samples of any actual virus, the Centers for Disease Control are being sued for fraud by multiple Universities.

Seventh, in 2013, in a US Supreme Court Case, Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., 569 U.S. 576, the court ruled that changing the human genome via an mRNA injection creates a new genome that can be patented and owned by the patent holder.

Eighth, everyone who received the purported vaccine is now "patented" and owned as property by the Vermin.

Ninth, everyone who has been jabbed are considered "trans-human".

Tenth, trans-humans are not considered natural, so have no Natural and Unalienable Rights.

Eleventh, trans-humans are not considered humans, so they have no human rights.

Twelfth, trans-humans can have no equal civil rights, because any standard of "equal" rights has been destroyed.

Thirteenth, H.J. Resolution 48 of the 116th Congress, (2019-2020) proposes a Constitutional Amendment that those rights protected by the constitutional agreements apply to "natural persons only".

Fourteenth, read this as a deliberate, malicious, vicious fraud scheme designed to evade Constitutional obligations, to redefine living people as "things" and as slaves, for the benefit of foreign commercial corporations.

Fifteenth, anyone branded as a "trans-human" is protected by actions taken by the American State Assemblies, prohibiting any claims against living people based on ingestion of patented mRNA and making enforcement of any such claim against a living man or woman a capital level crime deserving death by hanging or firing squad.

Sixteenth, people harmed by this same hideous fraud scheme are invited and encouraged to join their State Assemblies.

Seventeenth, those members of the military who have been deprived of their health and their rights and used as guinea pigs in Breach of Trust are invited to join our State Assemblies as State Nationals.

Eighteenth, there is no virus proven to exist, but there is a vicious and premeditated fraud scheme related to the phony vaccine, which is designed to deprive Americans of their most fundamental identities and rights.

Nineteenth, those responsible are denizens in the District of Columbia and are self-evidently guilty of treason and malicious genocide and premeditated crimes against humanity.

Twentieth, we, Americans, are not US citizenry even though half of our population has been victimized by these criminals and millions of Americans have been deliberately misidentified, defrauded, and targeted for genocide by these criminals claiming refuge in the District of Columbia.
It's time for the international community to join the actual American Government in putting an end to these vicious commercial crimes and in arresting and punishing all those perpetuating these atrocities.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
Source PDF -
My emphasis. What are the British regime corporation regulations that refer?
What has the regime done to protect Brits? (Nothing, they have aided and abetted our enemies.)

Could pre-crime regulations be used to allow the perps to be shot and tried post mortem?
Fid Anna implied the DVD agency is a phantom. If not the DVD then who is fronting the Black Nobility's 4th Reich and has created all its assets such as the UK Cabinet and every Civil Service leader, the MI6 led CIA?

The agenda

Bitchute June 29th, 2021

Graphene Disease Source, Magnetic Meat
Bitchute July 3rd, 2021.
Source MAGNETISM - Vaxxed, Un-Vaxxed, Food - What's Happening? Who's Behind 'Graphene Flagship'?
Quote: "The Investigation Continues - Dr. Jane Ruby joined Stew Peters, revealing bombshell information, that seems to have been hiding right in the wide open. The theories about 'magnetism' continue emerge, but what Dr. Ruby found seems to point to where the evil begins and ends. | "
A million in motion | The month the tide turned | London May 2021 Oracle Films
Assembling the kill grid ~ Excerpt: Mark Steele
AV10 : Mark Steele : Stop 5G crime - Let justice be done though the heavens fall
WAW 24 180421 5G plan to exterminate humanity failed thanks to Wikileaks, victims & whistleblowers
More links
On the plan to exterminate, the vaxecution jabbery continues and I haven't heard the 5G roll-out has been stopped. Toxic persistent contrails were evident yesterday so aerosol spraying continues. On that last, if graphene oxide can be found in aerosols, can we get military top brass to attend the "New Nuremberg" trials?

The carbon dioxide conjob ignored all the real science and all the campaigns against the fraudulent science and carried on as if in an insulated universe, imposed the global CO2 tax, performed all the spin off cons like carbon credits (a new currency) and imposed all the privations that continue to this day.
As the COVID conjob is based on the CO2 conjob, expect the same. We'll need real corpses to stop the momentum. Regimes and bureaucracy from the top down have been infiltrated and taken over.
Epstein was a Mossad asset. Remember 9-11, the Israelies that got arrested on their way to blow up the tunnel? The Police were told to let them go. I don't see anything different.

Magnetic meat in supermarkets. I'm looking. Imagine putting your hand over a packet of bacon and it rises to your palm. A whole new way to look at shoplifting. The real question is whether graphene oxide is in our food.
Got (the f**ked up FCDO's) MI6's radio two on, 2 hours no mention of vaccines.

Taking a Leak.
I've been waiting to see where this goes.  It's a fairly obvious fake that categorically spells out the agenda (like the protocols of sion).
SOTN June 17, 2021
by State of the Nation.

Click to see the bigger picture.

SOTN Editor’s Caveat:
Even if the preceding memorandum is not authentic, it perfectly lays out the Covid criminal conspiracy that Britain’s Power Elite is executing throughout the United Kingdom today.  The UK Government has consistently imposed the most draconian restrictions and unlawful national lockdowns of any nation on Earth.  The perfidious British mainstream media has likewise published more outright falsehoods and transparent propaganda about the COVID-19 pandemic and deadly ‘vaccines’ than any other country, often leading the way for the American “fake news” channels and newspapers to globalize/sensationalize the never-ending Covid Plandemic hoax.
The last page looks like an arrest list of the enemies of humanity's puppet conspirators and useful dolts

I first learned about the doc from
Captap RMN's Morgan
Keep current with GrapheneGate (GOLiGate) aka magnetgate here -
With the international legal aspects here -
And with the Dr Fuellmich led "New Nuremberg" global genocide trials here - and at UKC News.
IMO a gallows built outside the BBC edifice would go a long way to persuading the editors and bbc pension fund board to lean towards broadcasting less propaganda. The pension fund should be targetted when the dust has settled a bit. The nest of enemies of Britain and humanity should not benefit into their old age from betraying the country.
On the topic of enemies of Britain, the Privy Council membership needs to be investigated. They command the monarch's consent to pass regime corporation regulations. Such as the deadly coronavirus restrictions. To my mind they are complicit and as guilty of treason as the Cabinet.
Big Pharma owns the vaccine seller CDC corporation. The American NIH is formed of private medical companies, I expect the British NIH is the same. The UK occupation regime is incorporated, does that make the Department of Health a private business too?


My Crystal Ball 2.0 - The French Connection Again
By Anna Von Reitz
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch June 23, 2021
There is a reason for this, and it is very simple. The French have owned and manipulated the British Empire since the 1600's, and have used the Roman Catholic Church to Commonwealth interface to interject themselves at crucial moments.
That's why history seems so haphazard, when in fact, it is not haphazard at all.
We plug along and become inured to the British collusions and malfeasance, but this is only the Raj part of the story, the story of the military and bureaucratic thugs. There is also the story of the French Dominance, which includes most of Continental Europe, and this is the story of the puppet masters, not the puppets.
When the French and the Powers of the European Mainland are pushed out of their perennial crouch, you see just how diabolical things can be.
A few years after Dr. Fauci was being accused of genocide for his brutal mishandling of the AID/HIV epidemic, other voices were raised, as in this case in which a brilliant scientist disclosed the nature of "magnetic vaccines" such as are now being deployed by the Monsters in Suits.
What this French doctor disclosed in 1995 is exactly what is happening now. He knew about the vaccine programs in East Africa. He knew about the beta tests that resulted in the genocide in Ruanda.
All the worst of it has been engineered at the French Pasteur Institute.
Only now, the Plague is in America. The most horrific genocide of the entire age is underway, and once again, the Parasites are killing their Priority Creditors, for no better reason than that they owe all these people money.
Even as millions succumb to this evil, and even as millions receive the Mark of the Beast and are overcome, it isn't passing unobserved. It isn't without a loud alarm being raised.
We are raising the alarm. Our entire government is raising the alarm. No blood will be found on our hands. Our watchtowers are blazing. Our warning is being heard.
Those who have done these things and polluted the blood of innocent people must and will perish; their recompense is due. Let the Lord of Hosts have his way with them, and devour them like chaff in a furnace; may his name be blessed for his vengeance is just.
The French have done this to us; too late, they will realize that they also did it to themselves. The fools at NATO have done this, thinking that they would pit America against China and make a war for profit out of destroying their former Host, but the parasites have slipped up. Their provenance is known.

They can no longer blame the victims. They are on the hook for all that they owe.

By: NaturalWisdom
RMN 1-Jul-2021

Carbon credits were the forged currency of the CO2 con. Here's the forged currency of the COVID con.
Urgent Breach of National Security Interest - Counterfeiting Unit
Paul Stramer Lincoln County Watch June 27, 2021
By Anna Von Reitz

From: Anna von Reitz
Date: Sun, Jun 27, 2021 at 4:19 PM
Subject: Urgent Breach of National Security Interest - Counterfeiting Unit
To: ,

Urgent Breach of National Security Interest - Counterfeiting Unit

To: The Department of the Treasury
Janet Yellen, Secretary of the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20220

From: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

In Re: "Rainbow Currency"

It has come to our attention that foreign Principals and their instrumentalities are again infringing upon the Good Name and Trademarks of our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, and that they have offered to release a series of currency notes popularly known as "Rainbow Currency" because these pieces of paper appear in a variety of rainbow colors.

Examples of the offending notes are attached.

These are private currency notes that are deliberately mislabeled and deceitfully captioned "The United States of America" ---- which is our Proper Name and Trademark ---- giving rise to the False Presumption that these notes are being issued by or backed by our American Government, the States, and the People of this country, which is not the case.

We remind the Crown, the United Nations Organization, and the Queen's Government that they have no authority related to us allowing them to issue credit or currency in our names. We also remind them -- and the Pope -- that their regionalization scheme and this deceptive issuance of the "Amero" under any other name, is an illegal, immoral, and unapproved infringement against our nation and also against Mexico and Canada.

A closer inspection of these paper promises shows that they are being spun off by a wannabe Regional Corporation calling itself "The United States of North America".

This is a counterfeiting operation that must be shut down with prejudice. We are counter-offering not to pay any debts for Mexico or Canada and for the British Crown to pay its own debts for a change. Our objections are being forwarded to all Principals that are directly involved in this latest institutionalized constructive fraud scheme and the International Court of Justice.

As everyone involved has Cause to Know, our Government has a currency, which is our United States Silver Dollar and our gold coinage series which is used for international purposes. And there are no other forms of money or currency issued by The United States of America. Period.

There are no other endorsed and approved American currencies on the market at this time.

We are not issuing any notes or certificates or monetized securities for obvious reasons -- the widespread confusion, dishonesty, counterfeiting, and criminal misrepresentation being promoted by various commercial corporations has resulted in deadlock.

This so-called "rainbow currency" being issued in our names (examples attached) and all charges against it are to be returned to the Pope and the Queen and the Lord Mayor of London and to the United Nations Corporation as charges against them, together with a 250% surcharge for the abuse of our Good Name and Trademarks and as a tariff penalty for willful misrepresentation and fraud.

Americans are warned not to accept these bills as any valid currency and to return any such Funny Money to the United States Treasury together with an international exchange bill for 3.5 times the face value of any of these notes found in circulation addressed directly to the Secretary of the Treasury.

This is full and complete perfected Notice to the Secretary of the Treasury and to the Department of the Treasury, the Principals, their Instrumentalities and Agencies: Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents, Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals.

Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America

Telecom tinnitus, very low Thursday - Friday. Got loud late last night and today it's medium.

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